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Posted Sunday February 16, 2014, About: Richie Incognito deletes Twitter account
I always thought former NFL players Twitter accounts were a popular thing!
Posted Friday January 31, 2014, About: Faulk still hammering away at Spygate Pats
And how many coaching positions has Eric Mangina had since this scandal? The patriots lost a first round draft pick and the coach got fined $750,000. Thats it. No suspensions for anyone. No suspensions equals no real evidence. As for the Patriots being cheaters. How many of pissed off ex-Patriots have come out and said they used illegal video footage to their benefit? The people that continue to talk about Spygate are a joke.
Posted Wednesday January 22, 2014, About: Patriots have become the '90s Braves
Punched in the mouth? They beat Indy by 20 and held Denver to four field goals and lost by 10. The only one that got punched in the mouth was the author of this story, or should I say needs a punch in the mouth...
Posted Tuesday July 16, 2013, About: Jets toying with Smith in the Tebow role
The Jets didn't use Tebow in the Tebow role, what makes us think they will use somebody else in that role?
Posted Thursday July 11, 2013, About: Cooke has blessing of Boogaards to wear No. 24
I thought the Goon wears #69
Posted Sunday June 30, 2013, About: Patriots void money owed to Aaron Hernandez
The state of Massachusetts cannot seize his income to offset the cost of being jailed. The only instance where they could do that is if the money was earned while creating the crime in which he is being jailed for (like drug trafficking). Aaron Hernandez was in a legal domestic partnership with his chic, whom he has a infant baby girl with. All of his assets will belong to her by default, however they will be subject to civil suits by his victims. Truly a sad set of events. He should have consulted with Ray Lewis on how t kill someone and get away with it...
Posted Friday June 28, 2013, About: A-Rod plotting return-and-retire before suspension
What a cupid stunt. As much as I hate the Yankees, it's unbelievable and classless of ARod to do this to them!
Posted Friday March 08, 2013, About: Most likely to land RB Steven Jackson
Confused as to why someone from Idaho doesn't like the Patriots. It's usually a Colts fan, a Jets fan or a Pittsburgh fan. There really aren't any other fans of teams out there that the Patriots have destroyed the dreams of, repeatedly.
Posted Thursday February 28, 2013, About: The NFL's most-hated team
Does anyone care what Terrell Suggs thinks? First off, he'll probably be either in jail or dead within 5-years of retirement from football and second off the guys just a plain old cupid stunt.
Posted Tuesday February 12, 2013, About: Pats ready to let Welker hit the market?
Let him go. RB & WR's just drop off the charts. Look at T.O., Ocho Cinco, Chris Johnson, do I need anymore examples? PLUS excellent point. Welker has dropped huge catches in both SuperBowls he's played in and one this past AFC Championship game where he clearly heard footsteps. Offer him a one-year or let him go!
Posted Sunday January 27, 2013, About: Marv Albert thinks Celtics use artificial crowd noise
Those stars are referring to a single word that begins with a "B", commonly used when someone is having her period
Posted Sunday January 27, 2013, About: Marv Albert thinks Celtics use artificial crowd noise
Coming from someone that wears women's underwear I think he's acting a little ****...
Posted Sunday October 28, 2012, About: LeBron James: I want to be the best of all-time
First you have to be a nice guy everyone likes, second you have to play a sport where there is more than one of you who have the ability to do what you can do, and actually beat them at doing it. LeBron, you might be a good basketball player, but most other guys your size & athletic ability are playing pro football, none of them are playing pro basketball.
Posted Saturday June 23, 2012, About: Thomas allows Bruins to seek trade
Why would anyone was an aging quiTTer?
Posted Thursday March 08, 2012, About: Manning worth more than $200M to Colts
Manning is no longer on the team, and the team isn't for sale. Does the current value have any relevance?
Posted Sunday March 04, 2012, About: Dungy: Saints weren't only team paying bounties
Somebody please tell Dungy that "you play to win the game"...
Posted Tuesday January 24, 2012, About: Cundiff rushed by Gillette scoreboard error
What did Baltimore expect when they signed an impact player from the Dallas Cowboys?
Posted Monday December 26, 2011, About: Epstein, Cashman embrace trade talk
The Yankees don't have anyone worth anything to trade for. Most of their contracts are not tradable. It's got to be Zambrano for prospects.
Posted Monday December 26, 2011, About: Time to worry about Peterson's future
Yeah and neither was Wes Welker going to be the same. Don't count out hard work & determination during the rehab process. It's the key. The one's that don't come back were either too old to or lost the determination.
Posted Saturday November 26, 2011, About: Mallett making progress with Pats
Why is it that every story I went to today did I have to read this dumb post first. Is your life really that awesome that you have the time to wait for SI to post a story online and be the first one to comment with this dumb reply?
Posted Tuesday October 18, 2011, About: Garrard's agent rips 'sorry' Jags
Classic response!

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