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Posted Wednesday August 08, 2012, About: Steelers won't shop Wallace, holdout irks Tomlin
Dwayne Bowe won't report to Kansas City and has a good working relationship with new Steelers OC and former Chiefs HC Todd Haley. Trade Bowe for Wallace straight up, allowing both teams a few days to negotiate a long-term contract. It would work great for KC, who now has Jon Baldwin to be the big, physical receiver they need to replace Bowe, while adding a deep threat in Wallace.
Posted Sunday July 01, 2012, About: Can Brewers land SS for Greinke?
Because he'll quit on the team now that they're out of the race like he did in Kansas City. That and his contract is up at end of the season and he'll want ridiculous $. Just trade him to Texas and be done with it already.
Posted Thursday June 28, 2012, About: O's on the hunt for veteran outfielder
The Royals could move Jeff Francoeur. He has a rocket for an arm and guns a lot of guys out at the plate. His bat isn't terrible and he normally does well the second part of the season. Right now, the Royals don't have one pitcher on their staff that's guaranteed to be in their rotation for next year. Their starting pitching is just that bad. I'm not sure what the Orioles could offer, but Francoeur would be a good get, especially since he's under contract through next year. The Royals have top prospect Wil Meyers tearing up the minors. He's just waiting for a chance to play.
Posted Wednesday June 27, 2012, About: Brewers 'definitely' moving Greinke if ...
The Brewers should move him. Greinke quits on teams that aren't winning. That's why KC dealt him. He publicly said that he doesn't see the point of pitching his best when they're not winning. He was really hated in the KC clubhouse at the end. I'm telling you, if the Brewers kept him and the losing continued, he'd be no good to them in uniform the second half of the season. Might as well try to get something in exchange for him.
Posted Monday June 11, 2012, About: Mizzou lands first 2014 commit
The NCAA has investigated Haith and hasn't been able to connect the dots between him and the scum ball at miami. They are closely watching him now. He's not being dirty in his recruiting. Simply put, Missouri is benefitting from a season where they won the Big 12 Tourney and switched to the SEC. There's a lot of buzz about this team.
Posted Sunday June 10, 2012, About: Questions surround Bradley-Pacquiao decision
Fix! Fix! Fix! Fix! Fix! Fix! Fix! Boxing only continues to be relative as long as HBO, ESPN, or someother network picks it up. This should be the end for boxing. HBO should drop boxing and pick up MMA. This is the next logical step for Dana white and MMA. Boxing may have given us great champions, but the last 20 years has been a farse! Leave boxing for the versus network or USA.
Posted Friday June 08, 2012, About: LSU AD shoots down Sherrill's Thanksgiving game claim
Haha... Well, I can't let this go...

Walt Disney... The original dream maker Born in Missouri
Harry Truman... presidnet of the U.S. and the man who dropped the big bomb... Born in Missouri
Budweiser... Born in Missouri
Sprint Mobile Phones... Born in Missouri
Hallmark Greeting Cards... Born in Missouri
Brad Pitt, Jon Hamm, Sheryl Crow...Mizzou Alumni

I'll stop there. I think you confused our state for Kansas. Lol
Posted Friday June 08, 2012, About: LSU AD shoots down Sherrill's Thanksgiving game claim
Exactly. How do you keep a Kansas fan off your lawn? Put a goal post in the front yard.
Posted Friday June 08, 2012, About: LSU AD shoots down Sherrill's Thanksgiving game claim
I believe that they've probably talked about it. It kinda makes sense. If they did an A&M / LSU Thanksgiving game, I would suspect that Arkansas would then play Mizzou Thanksgiving weekend. A marquee game to end every year would make this rivalry between Arkansas and Mizzou something pretty great. Mizzou, of course, is missing their thanksgiving opponent ever since Kansas decided to end their 120 year rivalry.
Posted Thursday June 07, 2012, About: Jamison still lacks cash to buy Coyotes
I would be ecstatic if that was true, but we still don't have an ownership group in place. We're a more likely candidate for relocation with a current, stable ownership group. That being said, George Brett is a big hockey fan and I could see him putting an ownership group together. Then again, he might be saving his money to buy the Royals when they go on sale in two years. People here think that the Glass family will put the Royals for sale since they only do what's best for business and they could make a $500 million dollar profit if they sold the team for the current estimated value. Is there any projected buyers that would consider buying the team to relocate it to KC or Seattle?
Posted Thursday June 07, 2012, About: Jamison still lacks cash to buy Coyotes
That's all?
Posted Tuesday June 05, 2012, About: QBs struggling to win Chiefs backup job
Just sign Dennis Dixon already!
Posted Sunday June 03, 2012, About: Is Brooklyn option for Islanders?
I'm just saying, if we can sell out 19,000 seats to a soccer game and have had businesses committed to buy all suites if the NHL would come to KC (and we've had that commitment since 2007), then supporting a NHL team would be no problem for Kansas City. Oklahoma City makes no sense with their current NBA franchise playing in the exact same season. Also, Kansas City is losing something pretty special... The loss of a 120 year college basketball rivalry that stems back from the Civil War (Missouri V. Kansas) leaves a huge hole in our winter sports routine. If there was ever a time for the NHL to cash in our city, now would be the time.
Posted Sunday June 03, 2012, About: Is Brooklyn option for Islanders?
Kansas City is still waiting. Our elite arena could be ready to house the islanders tomorrow. And for you people that say Kansas City could do it, we are consistently selling out the 19,000 seats at the brand new Live Strong Park for the Sporting Kansas City Soccer games, we sold out almost 100 straight games for the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Royals still get good attendence numbers despite having an apathetic owner and a team that has finished miserably in the standings for 27 years straight. Hockey would succeed at a high level if the owner took an active interest in the community and was committed to winning. The sporting KC owner just paid a million in fines for showing replays the MLS didn't want him to show,but he came out on record saying it was the best million he ever spent because it riled up the fans and helped his team win games. Personally, I don't want to take an NHL team with an established tradition and market, like the Islanders, away from their fans. However, whatever team comes available next needs to sop flirting with my city and just get a deal done. No, we will not show up for exhibition games. We are tired of being jerked around by everyone who wants a new arena. We've been used by the Penguins, Predators, and even the Islanders during their stadium pursuit. Stop skrewing around and give us a team to support already! We would have natural rivalries with St. Louis, Denver, Minnesota, Dallas, and Chicago. Make it happen!
Posted Friday June 01, 2012, About: Did Missouri land the best transfer class in history?
Not yet, but their transfer Alex Oriakhi was a very important piece to the UCONN team that won the title. Some called him the MVP of that team. Now the Tigers get the big man they've lacked. The article didn't mention Dennis Dixon, who's a good ball handler, 3 point shooter, and assist man that returns to the Tigers. I'm telling you, this team is pretty loaded and should go a lot farther than they did last season. The Kentucky - Missouri basketball rivalry could be born this year. It'll be fun to watch.
Posted Saturday May 26, 2012, About: Cubs most likely to be traded
Hey, if I'm running the Royals, I would definitely take a long look at Matt Garza. Sure, this season is almost certainly lost and Garza is signed for only 1 year, $9.5 mil., but the Royals need top of the rotation pitching and they'd have a better chance signing this guy long term if they brought him in now. Thy already know that the Yankees or any other high payroll team will outspend them, so bring Garza to KC and get him to believe in this youth movement. Make him a leader and then lock Garza down for five years or more. The Royals could easily send some good prospects the Cubs' way to make it worth your trouble. Heck, I'd give them starters Jonathan Sanchez and Luke Hochevar for a couple of bats and a bag of baseballs. Whaddya say?
Posted Thursday May 24, 2012, About: If they're out, Brewers will shop Greinke
I completely agree. Did you read my post? I said the same thing.
Posted Thursday May 24, 2012, About: If they're out, Brewers will shop Greinke
He wasn't well liked in the Royals clubhouse. Greinke's last days there were filled with insults and a lack of effort. It wouldn't make sense or the Royals to give up a boatload of prospects for a four month rental of Greinke. They're still building for the future and aren't to the point where one player will help them make a deep run into the playoffs. In fact, the only thing the Royals might do would be to sell a veteran like jonathon broxton or Jeff Francouer (if Will Myers is ready for the bigs and the price is right).
Posted Thursday May 24, 2012, About: If they're out, Brewers will shop Greinke
He needs to stay away from big money markets that are filled with big pressure moments and high number of media requests. Greinke's is a good hitter and would have more value in the NL. I actually think Miami and Greinke's home state of Florida could be a good landing spot for him. The Marlins are only 2 games out of first place and they will want to go all out to win their division this year out of all years. Josh Johnson has been struggling with a 2-3 record and a 4.82 ERA. I wouldn't be surprised to see Miami make a play for Greinke if Johnson's numbers continue to slide or if there's an injury down the road. Still, Miami has to continue to play good ball and stay in the race to be considered buyers and not sellers. I would think that any deal with milwaukee would headline third base prospect Matt Dominguez who would likely replace a lack luster Aramis Ramirez and his .231 average.
Posted Sunday April 22, 2012, About: Royals owner unhappy with poor start
Rumor is that our owner, a former big wig at Walmart, Always Low Prices Always, is rumored to be interested in selling the team. The Royals are worth five times what he bought the team for and it's all about business to him. The guy grew up a Cardinals fan, used to be a rival, and he doesn't even go to the games or live in our state. Our GM has done wonders building through the draft, but our cheap owner hasn't done us too many favors. Hopefully, a local company like Cerner or Sprint will buy the team, put George Brett in charge and give him whatever is needed to get the job done.
Posted Sunday April 22, 2012, About: Royals owner unhappy with poor start
I just sat through their 9th straight loss. The team's pr slogan is 'our time' and they claimed that this would be the year we compete. It's been 27 years and no playoff appearances with only 1 winning season in 10 years. I hate to say it, but if they go winless during this , meaning that they lose Sunday, then I think the manager, Ned Yost is out. Of course we're all hoping that our young talent might attract a guy like Terry Francona, but we're used to being disappointed. Francona did the impossible with the Red Sox, winning it all... Twice and we can only hope he could do the same here. Anyways, the patience is gone in KC. We just want 1 good year to make all of this losing somehow worth it. Thanks for letting me vent.
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