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Posted Thursday July 07, 2011, About: Joakim Soria
I read today that a deal for Soria might include Yankee catching prospect Austin Romine. That would make sense since that is one of the few positions of need with their upcoming prospect group. I think its now or never for the Royals to deal Soria. He hits arbitration the next three years and is due big money. The Yankees would be happy to spend it if that gives them their closer for the next 10 seasons.
Posted Thursday July 07, 2011, About: Realignment
No way! The Brewers have great rivalries with the Cards and Cubs.
Posted Wednesday July 06, 2011, About: Possibly the stupidest team in baseball...
I was three when the Royals won the World Series and last went to the playoffs (and am almost 30 years old now). I love the Royals, but don't really know if they'll ever be successful when I'm actually around to enjoy it (aka - the next 50 years). Im beyond frustrated and just hope that they can finally develop a nucleus that our crappy ownership won't break up.
Posted Wednesday July 06, 2011, About: Realignment
Keep the divisions. Put the Astros in the AL West with the Rangers. Then, swap the Reds and Royals. Put the Reds in the AL Central with the Indians and the Royals in the NL Central with the Cubs and Cards.
Posted Friday December 31, 2010, About: Expansion
You're missing the point lady bird. Sure, Houston is a bigger market, but how many people in that market actually watch Houston play? MU, KU, and K-State are large programs with huge fan bases. Also, don't forget the addition of TCU, gives the Big East a team in the state of Texas. If they can expand their market and recruiting base to a different area, they should do it.
Posted Friday December 31, 2010, About: Expansion
I forgot about Providence. There would be no need for Creighton. I would put Providence in the East and move West Virginia to the west in basketball.
Posted Friday December 31, 2010, About: Expansion
St. Louis and Kansas City are pretty large markets that are completely untouched by the Big East right now.
Posted Friday December 31, 2010, About: Bad officiating in the KS vs Syracuse game.
The other thing to know, is that Kansas State sports teams have military patches on their uniforms. Each sport has one patch, which pays tribute or acknowledges a unit serving at Fort Riley. I don't see anything wrong with saluting, especially when the team teaches the players to pay tribute to the military men and women that serve this country. The referee made an absurd call and it cost them the game. Put the hanky away and let the kids play ball. The game should be decided by the play on the field and not the opinion of a referee.
Looks like it might be Chiefs v. Jets in Kansas City. That's a winnable game. The Chiefs can run the ball down the Jets' throats and Hali should be able to pressure Sanchez relentlessly. It could be an interesting playoff run for a team that most "experts" picked to finish fourth in the league.
Posted Saturday December 11, 2010, About: NHL Expansion (Kansas City & Seattle)
Who do you think would be the next team to move? I only ask because Kansas City is now being rumored as a potential landing spot for an NBA franchise (the New Orleans Hornets). Ever since the NBA took over the team this past week, rumors have spread that they might relocate to KC. Not sure we'd support them the same way we could an NHL team, but KC will land only one more franchise. So, personally, I hope there's a NHL team ready to relocate fairly soon because the NBA appears to still be an option.
Posted Saturday December 04, 2010, About: NHL Expansion (Kansas City & Seattle)
If the NHL doesn't want to grow, they could shrink their league, take away the majority of the American franchises and move them to Manitoba, Hamilton, Quebec, Winnipeg or wherever you would like. I'm sure your nation would rejoice. However, you would be sadly mistaken. The popularity of the sport would plumet even further than it is now. The youth leagues and college teams in America would close quickly close down, especially with the economic times we are in now. American players would be fewer and fewer. The American dollars would also leave the league fairly quickly as well.

The NHL isn't even available on TV in most American cities right now. The NHL's first priority should be to make up with ESPN and put games back on TV. They should relocate some of the poor attendence teams and move them to new American and Canadian cities. I think KC, and Seattle are good locations. Quebec City and Winnipeg would be great. I still say no to Hamilton because it would kill the Buffalo Sabres.

I live in KC and can tell you that we're more than ready for hockey here. I couldn't watch the NHL finals on TV because we don't get the versus network, but we're ready for hockey. We built a state of the art arena, developed an entertainment center across the street and have youth hockey leagues all across the metro. We have already pre-sold corporate suites to companies like sprint, cerner, garmen, bushnell and more. We support the Chiefs win or lose, having more than 77 sell outs in a row at a 79,000 seat stadium. Hockey is physical like football and fans will be excited for the toughness hockey brings. We've been used by Pittsburgh, Nashville, and even New York (islanders). We're ready for our own team now. We've been waiting five years now (06) and want a team. The NHL would be dumb not to put a team here. Period.
Posted Monday November 22, 2010, About: Are the Chiefs doomed with Cassel?
I take back these comments from early in the year. As the season has progressed, Cassel has limited his sacks and turnovers. He's found a connection with Bowe and they two have scored a td together in each of the following six games.
Posted Saturday November 06, 2010, About: BIG EAST EXPANSION
They may have choices, but the PAC 10 has chosen poorly. They attempted to become the first conference with 16 teams this summer and failed. Instead, they are stuck with Colorado and Utah. The conference has two more universities to split their profits with and I don't think they grew their market very well.
Posted Saturday November 06, 2010, About: BIG EAST EXPANSION
So what is the overall mission of the schools involved? BYU has excellent academics and athletics. Are you saying that the PAC 10 wouldn't want them solely because of their religious beliefs? Private schools have been successful in a variety of different conferences. I think that if you dig deeper, you will realize that everyone involved has the same religious belief and that is the love of money. Everything in the NCAA is about money and that trumps all.
Posted Saturday November 06, 2010, About: BIG EAST EXPANSION
BYU would be an attractive school to the PAC 10. The have an established rivalry with recently admitted Utah, they have won a National Championship within the past thirty years, they have a large enrollment of 32,000 with students from all 50 states and 9 different countries. Their alumni has a rich football tradition, producing pro players like Steve Young, Jim McMahon, Ty Detmer, Austin Collie, John Tait, and more. I'm not saying to add them right this minute. They would just be one of the schools I would look to add if they move to 16 team expansion. I had Air Force in the PAC 10 for similar reasons. They have a fan support base across the US and world. They have a winning tradition and could have a rivalry with Colorado.
Posted Saturday November 06, 2010, About: BIG EAST EXPANSION
Im not saying they choose them because of their religious affiliation. What I am saying, is that their religious affiliation gives them an even larger fan base than most schools, which would allow the conference to gain popularity in some states where most people wouldn't even follow the PAC 10 / 12. Its not about their values, its about the potential dollars.
Posted Friday November 05, 2010, About: BIG EAST EXPANSION
You forget that what kept the Big XII together was the extra money each team receives for not having Nebraska and Colorado anymore. There are fewer people to split the pie with. The Big 12 does not want to add TCU and Houston. That would cost the schools money and more importantly, TCU would directly challenge Texas in their home state. Texas owns the Big 12 and they're not going to let this upstart TCU challenge them, especially after the Horns' loss to Baylor!
Posted Friday November 05, 2010, About: BIG EAST EXPANSION
I chose BYU over Boise State for two reasons.
1. I believe the PAC 10 would prefer BYU over Boise State. BYU has a religious affiliation that attracts fans from accross the entire country and not just the Utah area. This means more fans and expanded revenue for the league
2. BYU would have the rivalry with Utah.
Posted Friday November 05, 2010, About: BIG EAST EXPANSION
You know... there's a lot that could happen here. I keep seeing scenerios being thrown out there and its all good in theory, but do we really want to see 16 team conferences? I certainly wouldn't want that. The reallignment would send schools scrambling to find a new home, which would destroy rivalries.

If I was contracted to make an allignment plan for the NCAA, I am certain that it would look much different than the "every school for themselves" plan that will be in place if a 16 team conference reallignment actually happens. Here's what I would do if we lived in a perfect world where everybody did what I suggested. I'm proposing four 16 team conferences.

PAC 10 West: Cal, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, UCLA, USC, Washington, Washington State
PAC 10 East: Air Force, Arizona, Arizona State, BYU, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Texas Tech,

SEC North: Arkansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech
SEC South: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Texas A&M

Big Ten West: Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Northwestern, Wisconsin
Big Ten East: Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Purdue, West Virginia

American Conference: (Currently the Big 12)
AM West: Baylor, Boise State, Houston, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, SMU TCU,
AM East: Cincinnati, Clemson, Duke, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Memphis, North Carolina

Big East North: Army, Boston College, Navy, Rutgers, Syracuse, Temple, UCONN, Villanova
Big East South: Central Florida, East Carolina, Maryland, Miami, North Carolina State, South Florida, Virginia, Wake Forest
Posted Thursday November 04, 2010, About: BIG EAST EXPANSION
I don't think the intention of the Big East expansion is necessarily to keep certain teams. In fact, I think they are more worried about protecting the league itself. Right now, if two teams leave, that leaves the Big East with only six teams and it isn't a very viable league. This would put them in a very vulnerable position. If they add two more teams now and become a ten team league, then if two teams leave, they are still viable with eight teams.
Posted Thursday November 04, 2010, About: BIG EAST EXPANSION
Okay, first of all...I was shocked not to hear Memphis mentioned in this article. Fed Ex is willing to fork over 10 million to land Memphis in a BCS conference and the Big East isn't listening? Doesn't make sense.

Secondly, TCU is frothing at the mouth for an opportunity to land in the Big 12. However, Texas drives the Big 12 bus and they don't want anything to do with TCU. I mean things are bad enough. They just lost to Baylor, they don't want to be challenged by a real threat like TCU.

Thirdly, Notre Dame would be fools to leave independence for the Big East Conference. They will stay independent until someone forces their hand. This could happen if the major conferences go to 16 team conferences or if a rule change occurs, which states that you must belong to a BCS Conference to be invited to BCS Bowls. That's not going to happen anytime soon and they are very happy with NBC's TV deal. Also, The Big Ten Network generates big revenues for their conference. If Notre Dame was to choose a conference, my guess is that they would follow the dollars and natural rivalries with Michigan, Penn State, Purdue, Indiana.

Fourth, The Big East is right to worry. If conferences decide to go to sixteen team conferences, they could be picked apart. Pitt and West Virginia are prime candidates for the Big Ten. USF might make sense in the ACC or SEC.

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