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Posted Saturday December 28, 2013, About: When this season is over in two weeks...
Haha, yea, I was sick and tired of mediocrity a decade ago... now I'm acclimated to it. And it's too bad that we don't have another Hershel Walker to trade away for half a dozen draft picks but there might be some takers in the upper half of the (projected) first round next year for Dez. That is of course, as long as he doesn't get booted out of any malls, accrue bad credit on jewelry loans or sock up his mom in the next month. For now though, he's a train wreck waiting to happen and the only place I'd feel comfortable with Dez remaining a Cowboy is on my fantasy football team. Sure, he'll give the Boys 1200 yards a year with a dozen TDs but all the while he's dropping claymores all over the locker room.

As far as Jerrah goes, he's obviously a wicked good business man, no doubt about that but he's no GM. He tries, and he's more than willing to spend the money on players, which is more than some other fans can say about their team's owner (looking at you Detroit), but I'm convinced nothing will change in Dallas until he relinquishes the reins to a real GM.
Posted Friday December 27, 2013, About: When this season is over in two weeks...
Hey maybe we could get the Dodgers to take Bryant, Ware and Austin in a package deal for Clayton Kershaw, after-all, he played some football in high school, lol. Sorry, bad joke. And continual injuries to Lee, Claiborne, Carter, Harris, Ware and of course, RB Lance Dunbar getting shelved with a knee injury after an epic performance against oakland.

And now we get to pray that Orton is the year's savior after Romo gets a herniated disk. Hell, this Cowboys team gets injured more than Danny Amendola on a good day, it's like being the freakin' keyboardist for the Grateful Dead. No one here gets out alive (apologies to Jerry Hopkins) and the only saving grace we may get is by, as you put it, blowing the whole damn thing up.

I don't have the confidence in Bryant that you seem to have Otis, and I know that Jerrah isn't going to send his love child from Okie light packing, so we're stuck with his immature ****, unless of course Jerry does something unusually intelligent and trades him for a number 1 (if he can get it). Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley both rock and WRs in the draft are a dime a dozen.

I will give credit where it's due, Jones has managed to help out the offensive line in the past few years but it might be a day late and dollar short to help a battered Tony Romo who had to survive years of having NO O-LINE help what-so-ever. And being able to score 48 points in a game does little good if you have as atrocious a defense as the Cowboys are running out there every week.

Blow it up, I'm 100% behind it. There's plenty of good D-line and LB help that we can get in the draft, pick up a QB in later rounds and a WR or two in the 6th or 7th.
Jason Witten, Larry Fitzgerald, Drew Brees.

Maurkice Pauncey, Ndamukong Suh, Michael Vick.
Posted Thursday December 19, 2013, About: When this season is over in two weeks...
I suppose this thread was due, two weeks left in the season, Dallas controls their own destiny, and every Cowboy fan cringes because we know deep in our hearts that someway, somehow, Big D will f()ck it up and find a way to gift the division to philly.

You're right Otis, Jerry ain't gonna fire Jerry, so, any hope of a GM without the surname of Jones being hired is a pipe dream. Even after Jerry is dead and gone his kid won't relinquish that position either, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

As much as I want Garrett to succeed... I'm losing hope quicker and quicker every week. Like others have said, "Run the damn ball". And Monte Kiffin isn't re-living any Tampa Cover 2 glory days in Dallas with the numbers our D has been allowing. So again, as much as I'd love to see these coaches succeed, I don't think its happening.

And as you reminded us Otis, salary cap Armageddon is looming. I would do something drastic, trade Dez and Ware for a few first round draft picks (if we could get 'em) and I know that sounds crazy, but think about what New England did with Richard Seymour a few years back. Traded a 29 year old, 5 time Pro Bowler, to the raiders for a first round pick. Demarcus Ware is 31 and starting to show signs of being susceptible to injury. And trust me, I love Ware, but as hard as he's played during his career of course he's going to start missing games to injury as he ages. And Dez, he's a cancer in the clubhouse, gifted... sure, but a cancer none-the-less. And Romo, freakin' Romo, what the hell man, he finally is starting to have some protection in the pocket and STILL finds ways to give the damn game away.

It's getting harder and harder to be Cowboy fan, the only difference this year is... I expect them to lose, so the inevitable collapse at the end of the season won't be as painful as other years when I held on to hope until the last game. I find that if I keep my expectations low on the Cowboys then I'm not as disappointed. And with our luck, washington will end up getting Jadeveon Clowney in next year's draft and our 8-8 record will net us a mid rounder that Jerry will hand pick.
Posted Wednesday October 23, 2013, About: best recieving corp in Cowboys history?
Witten, Williams, Bryant and Beasley is formidable and I'm glad their finally starting to throw to Beasley, not to throw any Wes Welker comparisons yet, but...

And Romo has more time in the pocket and isn't getting sacked as much, finally got an Oline or at least a facsimile of one.

Two very win-able games coming up with Detroit and Minnesota before what's sure to be another high scoring slugfest against Nawlins (look for similar score of the Dallas/Denver game).
Posted Tuesday January 03, 2012, About: College Football Game Day - 2011 Bowl Edition
Dude's gotta be on suicide watch right about now...
Posted Thursday December 15, 2011, About: Sam Hurd
I'll bet half his bear's teammates are gripping hard right now, tick, tick, tick, just waiting to see who the snichbich drops dime on to get a good plea deal, it's probably why Marion Barber can't hold onto the ball and forgot to run out of bounds against Denver... and maybe why Devin Hester is sooo damn quick... hmmm.
Posted Thursday September 29, 2011, About: Cowboys Start 2-1
Normally I hate it when Dallas has an early season bye week, but this year we sure need it. And Sean Lee (from Linebacker U) is just NAILS!!! Dead on about the O-Line, but Costa needs to get it together quick. They did only allow one sack last weekend though. And why the Hell was Holley a ghost in the game? I thought that after his game ending clutch catch against the niners we'd be seeing a lot more of him, but he got nothing on Monday Night, WTF? And Bennett, I can't believe we gave Fasano to Miami just so we could draft bennett (I think in the 2nd round). See what happens when you draft someone from tamu.
I am quickly becoming a Rob Ryan fan. Our defense finally has some life in it. Keep up the good work boys!
Posted Wednesday September 28, 2011, About: Cowboys should start there own comedy, wait they already did
Not nearly as funny as seeing the skins go down in flames, LOL.
Posted Wednesday January 12, 2011, About: There's no sneaking up on anyone now.
I'm not buying into the "Seattle is the scary Cinderella team" theory. They are a bad team that played way over their heads last week against a Saints team that played poorly, and a better gauge of their talent is in those 9 losses, specifically that rancid game against the rams that neither team seemed to want to win. Sure, carol got his team's attention last week and they clicked, but that won't happen again.
And according to this weeks issue of SI, in the last 20 years, in the NFC, the number 2 seed (daBears) wins the divisional round of the playoffs 75% of the time while the number 4 seed (seagulls) wins 1 of 14 of those games (7%). So, statistically speaking it's not really in the cards for seattle to pull it off this week. Personally I could care less, but I'm not sure I want to see a 7-9 team make it to the Super Bowl. And if they do make it, they better break tom brady's arms and throw an (accidental) body block on coach billicheat.
My prediction, I think the Bears are gonna bit(hslap seattle so hard that pete carol will be glad to get back to rainy seattle (it's OK petey, it stops raining there in the summer... I think this year summer is on a Thursday).
Posted Saturday January 08, 2011, About: Harbaugh headed to San Francisco!
Harbaugh may end up being a good coach for the niners and he done pretty good for Stanford, but he done it with the NCAA's best QB. And instead of jumping ship to SF, with one more year with the Cardinal him and Luck (Andrew) may have taken the Championship next year. But he decided to bail while the iron's hot. And props to Andrew Luck for staying in school, the money will still be there next year (barring a rookie salary cap, OUCH) and maybe the Cardinal will end up with a decent replacement to Harbaugh and there'll be another bowl game in store next year.
And how Sparano stays in miami another year is beyond me, after the way the organization treated him this week.
Posted Monday January 03, 2011, About: Dallas Win....
I'm just glad this season is over. It's been a few years since those 5-11 Campo years and I ain't in no hurry to go back to that kind of trauma on a yearly basis. So having Garrett as HC for the next couple of years will give us an idea of what he can bring to the table (and he'll start earning that 3 mil per he gets). His Princeton mind and Jimmy Johnson heritage might just serve the Boys well in the coming future. And unless Andrew Luck slips to 10 or 12 in the draft then Romo's the QB, and I got zero problems with that. While Tony was injured Kitna carried the load just fine this year and roy williams lost us more games than McGee did. We need secondary help bad and an O line that can be relied on and for the LOVE OF GOD can someone please just shoot roy williams?!?
And no offense DallasFan77, but "evaluating talent" in week 17 sure sounds a helluva lot like throwing a game so I sure hope that's not what you were hoping Big D was going to do AGAINST THE IGGLES!!!

Happy New Year All.

P.S. I'll bet Auburn's glad as Hell that they're playing oregon and not TCU or STANFORD for the "make believe bowl championship".
Glad to see cam newton found the new loop hole in avoiding NCAA violations. Now all athletes have to do is have their daddy take the dough and then they can steal, cheat and lie and then win the heisman and probably the championship game too. Enjoy it while it lasts cam, I'm guessing this is gonna be another trophy that will be have to be returned in the near future. And it's kinda ironic that the 30-30 feature this week on ESPN is "Pony Excess" (SMU's violations that killed their program in the eighties).
Posted Sunday December 12, 2010, About: will muschamp to florida
Well I guess being anointed Texas HC in waiting last year didn't amount to too much once florida came knocking. I'm gonna miss fiery WM on the sidelines next season, even though the defense was porous at times this year, he's still a dang good coach and gator fan should be pretty tickled right now. Both schools had sub-par years and I'm wondering how this is gonna affect Texas recruiting next year, and Florida's too.
Posted Thursday November 25, 2010, About: NFL BIAS #2: C'MON, THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS....
Now this is fun...
Posted Thursday November 25, 2010, About: NFL BIAS #2: C'MON, THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS....
What's wrong baby? You worried that Big D will put up more of an effort against the same Saints that threw a woopin' on you a few weeks back?
Posted Thursday November 25, 2010, About: NFL BIAS #2: C'MON, THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS....
Ohhh, poor baby. Did your little feelings get hurt because I took a shot at your rapist role model. Waaaaa, waaaaaa. Somebody find his binky quick!!!
Posted Thursday November 25, 2010, About: NFL BIAS #2: C'MON, THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS....
Posted Sunday November 07, 2010, About: Dallas at Green Bay
"What do you figure the Pack's game plan to be?"

To have Mathews Jr rip Kitna's head off by halftime.
Posted Thursday November 04, 2010, About: Packers/Dallas
I like Wade too, but enough is enough. Wade's specialty is supposed to be defense, and lately the defense (and offense, special teams, etc.) haven't even showed up. And the way the O-line has been looking, I can see Mathews Jr ripping Kitna's head off before halftime.
Posted Tuesday October 19, 2010, About: The first BCS and here are our initial thoughts
The bcs sucks, and espn plays right along with it. I could hear herbstreit all weekend lobbying for bama, saying how this is perfect for them to get into the title game, leapfrogging TCU, Boise, Auburn, Oregon, whatever...

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