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Posted Friday October 12, 2012, About: Nats players grumbling over Strasburg
Exactly my point from earlier. The Braves gave the game away, but the reality is the best teams do not always win and the loosing team sometimes plays a better game. Again, according to the rules, the call is to be made "immediately". No matter how you slice it the umpire waited until the ball was almost on the ground, and no official in their right mind can claim a ball, at least 20 feet into the outfield should be declared an "infield fly". If called immediately I would have given the ump the benefit of the doubt, assuming he thought it would have been more shallow and playable by an infielder. As an official, I understand how tough the call is to make because it has to be done quickly and you have to make sure it is playable, but as humans we make mistakes and I could have blown it off if done "immediately". However that late, the umpire knew it was not an infield fly. Protest rules are in place for egregious breaking of the rules and spirit of the game and competition. If a team is down by 1 with bases loaded and 2 outs and a full count, and the ump calls a ball to walk the batter, then as he's halfway to first says, nope I've changed my mind it's strike, he's out....what do you think the response would be? While not as serious since my example would be the last play of the game, the rules and spirit are broken in both cases and the protest's should be allowed. My whole point was, as a Braves fan, the better team won. But if MLB is not going to allow obvious protests to stand, then swipe the idea off the books and don't allow any at all.
Posted Wednesday October 10, 2012, About: Nats players grumbling over Strasburg
The 3 errors did not help the Braves chances. However the infield fly rule did cost them a chance at the W. According to the MLB rule book an infield fly must be called immediately. The umpire waited until the ball was almost on the ground. The Braves protest should have been awarded because the umpire's decision was in direct violation of the rules of the game. Infield fly rules are judgment calls, but calls that must be made immediately. By definition, it would be the equivalent of an umpire checking the replay booth and coming out declaring a strike 3 when his original call was a ball. They are both judgment calls that must be made immediately. When it was not ruled immediately it should not have been called. The officials on the field should have overruled it and not allowed it, not should MLB have allowed a direct violation of the rules of the game. Would it have made a difference? Who knows...but bases loaded with 1 out, down by 3, looks better than runners at 2nd and 3rd with 2 outs. Next batter could've hit into a double-play and ended the inning anyway, or a base hit would've scored 2 of the 3 runs needed. You never know, and that's why the protest should've been awarded.
Posted Friday October 05, 2012, About: Playing overseas hurts players' cause
The problem here isn't that they are going overseas. The problem is the players claim they want more money or at least what they are making now, yet they are going overseas and playing for less than they would even with the decrease in pay the NHL is suggesting. Moving players total take from 54% to 49%, the players would still make more here than in Europe. The NHL's argument now to Fehr and the NHLPA can be: "If they can survive on the salary they are making in Europe then why can't they take that pay cut here?" Fehr's response can only be: "Because." There is no argument for the NHLPA claiming they shouldn't take a pay cut because they just did.
Posted Monday February 06, 2012, About: Coach K cops to Cameron complacency
As a Duke fan I can assure you that you are wrong here, this actually the one area where Duke is good at. The Plumlee's are doing an excellent job on the glass and defending the post. The problem is the guards couldn't defend a 500 lb. man from bringing the ball up the floor.
Posted Wednesday May 04, 2011, About: Canes can't afford to keep key players
I can tell you from experience living just outside Raleigh where the Canes are located, that they are a model franchise. Obviously, ownership nor the area have the money to spend with teams like the Rangers, but they conduct themselves very similarly to how the Twins run their small market baseball franchise, and no one complains about them. They're not going to be a team that spends at the cap or above every year because financially they can't absorb those hits if they miss the playoffs. They will always be a team that spends wisely and drafts smartly. They'll miss the playoffs for 2-3 years as they build up, then have a small window of 2-3 years of being a contender, and back again. Unless Mark Cuban or a similarly extremely wealthy owner is interested in owning a Carolina based franchise, they will always be that way. Those type of owners are very few and far between, and typically own your larger market teams.
Posted Tuesday April 05, 2011, About: Faith in Saltalamacchia misplaced?
People forget that Salty was a part of the Rangers organization for 2-3 years before winding up in Boston. They know him well, he and Matt Harrison have been together since they were in the minors in the Braves organization, and probably no one in the majors has pitched to him more than Harrison, so it only makes since they would have used that to their advantage. Now it's up to Salty to adjust.

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