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Posted Friday November 16, 2012, About: Duke has a new leader
Also, Ohio State/Duke is not going to be the same game as it was last year--last year, Duke was tentative, and Ohio State was more loaded with talent and strong. This year, it's a lot more evenly matched. Sullinger's gone, so is Buford. Aaron Craft is good, but outside of him, Duke's got better guys at almost every position, especially shooting guard (Curry) and in the middle (Plumlee) than Ohio State does now. Then there's another couple of facts you might want to keep in mind--first of all, this game's being played in Durham this time, not in Ohio--advantage Duke. Also, in the ACC/Big 10 Challenge, Duke has never lost a game played at Duke--advantage Duke. And if that weren't enough, Duke's going to want revenge for last year, and we already beat a team ranked higher than Ohio State this month (Kentucky) on a neutral court. Now we're going to be in OUR gym in front of OUR Cameron Crazies getting OUR vengeance. Next!
Posted Friday November 16, 2012, About: Duke has a new leader
Kentucky will be a better team come March...but so will Duke. Marshall Plumlee was out, Alex Murphy was a non-factor, Sulaimon is just getting started...so some of the same factors that apply to Kentucky apply to Duke, and Duke's got experience. I don't see them folding as fast this year, especially with that first-round loss taste in their mouths from last year. Sweet 16, Elite 8 at least, depending on the bracket and who's in it with us. Kentucky is going to be good, but don't think they'll be quite as good as last year--last year's team had a lot more talent on the roster at every position. Still could make a deep run in the tourny though.
Posted Saturday August 06, 2011, About: Calipari sends jab in Krzyzewski's direction
I think it's stupid of Calipari to be commenting on ANYone else's mistakes, since he's the king of them in college basketball. He's created scandals at two different schools for God's sake! Coach K called one kid one time, and they're still trying to clarify the rules on that one, so it's not a "done deal". Most likely, nothing will come of it, but it's hardly in the same realm as the violations Calipari has in his bag of tricks. Him lecturing Krzyzewski on violations is like Arnold Schwarzeneggar lecturing someone on marital fidelity.

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