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when you have Josh Smith, J.R Smith and Tyreke Evans available all three which would fill a need and we cant sign none of them because of the albatross deals given to Deng and Boozer then the management is failing our team. Deng is as good as he is going to get, he is no second option to carry a team, Boozer puts up decent numbers offensively but there's a reason he doesnt play at crunch time, it's time to let both go and build around Rose & Noah. You cant tell me that line of of Rose and J.R at guards, Noah, Joshn and Tyreke on the front ine wouldnt be the best team in the East easily..................
Posted Sunday March 06, 2011, About: Why Jazz got rid of Williams
Ty corbin should have turned down this job. Utah will never attract a superstar, unless they luck up and get the first pick in the draft. It's sad but brothers just dont like living in Utah, although for the money these guys make, hell i'd live in Afghanistan, Utah or on the moon:-)
Posted Sunday March 06, 2011, About: Walker still toiling in NBDL
blows over 200 million NOW he wants to get back in the league........what a idiot.
Posted Sunday March 06, 2011, About: Heat intrigued by Curry
The biggest waste of talent ever. The heat are desperate if they need this guy. Why not resign Pat Ewing or David robinson while they at it:-)
Posted Sunday March 06, 2011, About: Baylor drops Clippers racial discrimination claim
Sterling isnt a racist........................he hates everyone, by definition that makes him a **** not a racist:-)
Posted Sunday March 06, 2011, About: Will Timberwolves move to St. Paul?
Who cares is right. The timber pups will always be a second class franchise, when you have one fo the top 25 greatest players of all time and mix that with the worst GM in the history of organized basketball, you get an organization that will never amount to a mound of beans. Mchale set this organization back a couple of decades, I wouldnt be surprised if Love walks the first chance he gets.......
Posted Sunday February 27, 2011, About: Report: Newton gets defensive during interview
All of you holier than thou kind who have NEVER did anything wrong should get off this kids back. Most of you are jealous plain and simple. The kid played in the biggest conference, in the biggest games and even with all the hoopla going around he produced. what more do you zealots want? To those who say he's a role model to their kids and he should be doing this and he should be doing that, to you I say if your kid has to look past the dinner table to find a role model then you are one sorry parent and you're the problem not Cam........
Posted Sunday February 27, 2011, About: Will Pistons buy out Hamilton?
Owners want it both ways. if I was Rip I wouldnt take one cent less than what we agreed on and signed. If the pistons wanted me gone give me the entire 20 odd million you owe me then i'd leave........
Posted Sunday February 27, 2011, About: Heat eye roster additions
seriously the last thing the heat need is a washed up point guard. It's time to move Lebron to the PG position and be done with it. The heat are so desperate I heard they asked david robinson and Vlad divac to come out of retirement to give them 15 minutes a game:-)
Posted Saturday February 26, 2011, About: Bulls tried to land Mayo
The 2 guard we really needed bamboozled his own town by signing with the heat when he knew damn well he would never sign with his home town. Mayo would be better than what we currently have because if Rose has a off night we have no fire power besides for Boozer. Deng is not consistent enuff in my book. We should have gotten JR Smith...................
Posted Thursday February 17, 2011, About: Nuggets, Nets reopen Melo talks
Enough already this is making Lebron's decision look good. The Knicks should either pissssss or get off the pot.
Posted Thursday February 17, 2011, About: Cromartie departure not a given
I dont which is the bigger threat to the black community, Cromartie or the Kardashians:-)
Posted Saturday February 12, 2011, About: Peja wants one more NBA season
No one has stolen more money over their career then this guy, playing with Chris Weber inflated his value.
Posted Saturday February 12, 2011, About: Source: Grizzlies want to keep Gasol
So they wasted the number 2 pick in the draft on Thebeet who is turning into one of the biggest bust EVER. I really think Gasol wants out of Memphis and he would look good in Laker gold next to his brother Paul. I think the grizs should look at trading Gasol for Bynum...................
Posted Wednesday February 09, 2011, About: Horford's dad begs for Hawks to add a center
Too bad they gave a max contract to the wrong guy, no way is Johnson worth 126 million, I wouldnt be surprised if Horford left when he becomes a free agent.
Posted Wednesday February 09, 2011, About: Ward feeling overlooked on critical drives
I guess him and Ben Rapistberger werent on the same page........
Posted Wednesday February 09, 2011, About: Terry: Roddy will be a force
I think this kid is gonna surprise a lot of people. Think Rondo but with a way better shot.....
Posted Wednesday February 09, 2011, About: Gruden: Palmer is QB, for now
Palmer is so over rated it's not funny. But then again we are talking about the bengals who would probably let him retire just to show carsons who's the boss:-)
Posted Monday February 07, 2011, About: Perkins may test uncertain market
He'd look real good in Oklahoma or NYC...........................
Posted Monday February 07, 2011, About: 'Verbal spat' behind Rip's chilled relationship?
Dumars must go. Anybody who passes over Carmelo and Dwade for Milicic should be arrested.......
Posted Sunday February 06, 2011, About: Cardinals-Pujols extension talks 'nowhere close'
Never and I mean NEVER rule out the Yankees if Albert becomes a free agent. At this stage I would be surprised if the Yankees move a few people (maybe even A-Rod) to fit Albert in......................

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