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Posted Tuesday March 26, 2013, About: Is Kobe Bryant better than MichaelJordan?
Kobe does not even hold a candle to Michael Jordan. he does not nearly have the passion, competitive fire nor the killer instinct that Jordan has shown during his career. Players were literaly scared of MJ because he would kill you on both sides of the floor. That's certainly more respect than Kobe has ever gotten in HIS career. Don't get me wrong! I love KOBE, but from someone who has actually seen Air Jordan play, there is literaly NO comparison.
KJ should just give up. Ir's starting to get embarassing. Just let it go. The Kings will head for Seattle. No one likes a sore loser :(
Posted Tuesday February 05, 2013, About: Vasquez or Rivers...Who should be the Hornets point guard...
Vasquez has been exceptional for the Hornets. He will certainly be in the running for the Most improved player award. With his size, length, abilities, and basketball IQ, it would be foolish to let him go, especially for Austin Rivers. Austin Rivers is certainly not PG material. Had you seen him at Duke? His dominating the ball and forcing his offense hurt the Devils more that it helped them. Certainly Coach K was not sheddind a tear when rivers decided to enter the draft.
Posted Tuesday February 05, 2013, About: What the Lakers should do....NOW
Listen! Right now the Lakers are stuck. They made such a big investment to bring Dwight Howard and Steve Nash that they have no choice but to see it through until the end. Both Pau Gasol and MWP are virtually untradeable and we we all know that Kobe is off the market. That guy is going to retire a Laker for sure. Other than that, they have virtually nothing to bargain with. Their bench sucks and the team is completely capped out and cannot do anything until the off season when they will finally have use of the mid level exemption in the hope of attracting somebody worthwhile in the free agent market.
Posted Tuesday February 05, 2013, About: Sacramento-Seattle Drama Builds
It's such a sad shame for Sacramento, however, because here was a team that was supported for thirty years through good and (mostly) bad times. If this deal goes through, and the Kings head to Seatlle, the Maloof Brother should be BANNED from ever owning an NBA team ever again. What they did to the Kings, allowing it to go belly up so they can justify moving the team to a bigger market was simply unconscionable.

Kudos to Seattle for getting an NBA finally team back. They never deserved what happened to them considering the fact it was one of the biggest sports markets and had a long and highly regarded history. Personally, I thought that Bennett should have not been allowed to keep any legacy of the Sonics. The NBA should have treated the relocation as they would with have an expansion franchise--have it start off fresh and clean while having Bennett relinquish as all trademark and branding rights along with the history of the Supersonics to the city of Seattle--kind of like what they did in the NFL when it came to the Cleveland Browns.
Posted Tuesday February 05, 2013, About: Can Anyone Challenge the Miami Heat?
I'd say that the only one that I can envision causing any problems for the Heat would have to be the New York Knicks. With the way they have been playing, the Knicks certainly have made themselves front runners for sure. It might bring back the heated rivalries of back in the day. Remember the brawl that was started by LJ and Zo slap fighting.
Posted Tuesday February 05, 2013, About: Celtics-Lakers Trade
That won't happen. I doubt the Celtics would even give the Lake show the Courtesy of Pierce's expiring contract for Pau Gasol and neither will the Lakers would want to help the Celtics. Are you crazy? Just sheer pride will stop that idea in its. tracks.
I used to be a fan of the Wizards. When they stratrted winning I went for the raptors. I like rooting for the under dogs.
Posted Thursday August 18, 2011, About: The Ten Most Disappointing #1 picks in NBA Draft History
I guess no one disagrees with me, huh?

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