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Posted Monday February 11, 2013, About: ACC considering NYC as tournament site
Perhaps Swofford thinks that he is beyond the need for regional loyalty at this point. If this happens, it will be the last nail in the coffin or the decades long loyalties that have been assailed these past 5 or so years.
Posted Saturday January 26, 2013, About: Report: Lakers' Buss family feuding
I wonder how many others agree that despite his enormous talent, Dwight Howard is a toxic player.

It sure looks that way from the limited information that I have, hat do others think?
Posted Thursday November 01, 2012, About: Panthers ready to deal DeAngelo Williams?
A trade for some help on the offensive line might be interesting
Posted Saturday June 23, 2012, About: Colts marketing control holding up Luck deal
Wouldn't it be hilarious if Irsay failed to sign Luck after having let Manning go! Why demotivated someone before they even start! Don't snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!
Posted Saturday March 03, 2012, About: Temple dancing around Big East move?
Oh why not skip the in between step and go right to the ACC along with the rest of the Big East ?
Posted Saturday March 03, 2012, About: Dungy: Saints weren't only team paying bounties
Here is the one and only suitable punishment - suit Williams up, and make him play at least two quarters a game at quarterback. Befor this execise, he should write anything that he wsihes to remember down on a piece of paper.
Posted Saturday July 16, 2011, About: Sources: Smith asked Panthers for trade
They should trade him to a contender for a stud offensive lineman. Without some blocking for the QB, he will become so frustrated by the inability of inexperienced QB's to deliver him the ball under extreme pressure that he becomes a net minus. Besides, he deserves a chance to finish his career on a winning team, and his career may be over before the Panthers are fully reloaded.
Posted Sunday March 20, 2011, About: Larry Brown returning to college ranks?
Needless to say, the topic is the Big East.

Amazing that the top seed from this conference does not even make it to the Sweet 16, and 10 more teams behind them from their conference were included in the tournament.

Sometimes unabashed greed and arrogance backfires.
Posted Sunday March 20, 2011, About: Larry Brown returning to college ranks?
I think that such a poor performance with so many teams included deserves an investigation to see if there is some Payola going on.
Posted Tuesday February 01, 2011, About: Lowe's NC State future in doubt?
The News and Observer has reported that Susan Yow, the athletic director, has been attending the games with interest. I would also say that getting humiliated by Carolina does not enhance one's job security as the coach of the highest profile sport at NCSU.

The onus is on him, if he does not make the NCAA, I think that he will be gone.
Posted Sunday October 10, 2010, About: Moss may open up Vikings running game
ever seen 'Second Hand Lions?' Don't count these two out, if they are well enough to play. They both know that this is their last chance.

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