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Posted Sunday January 05, 2014, About: Kendall Marshall asks Kobe Bryant for Twitter follow
Didnt realize there were so many pretentious people on this site. judging by the amount of posts some of you folks have, I find that to be hilarious. The guy prob grew up watching Kobe, and its also a reflection of all this social media crap these younger people grew up with.
Posted Friday June 28, 2013, About: Howard to choose new team July 10
what the hell are you even ranting on about? dantoni completely abandoned his system to utilize dwight and pau in the low post, try watching some basketball before you write another ridiculous comment.
Posted Tuesday June 11, 2013, About: Mitch Kupchak says Lakers undecided about using amnesty
I love it if they could, but only contracts signed before the new CBA are eligible. If Kobe has a set back with his rehab, or he is really slow to heal, I would hope they use it on him. But I would say Metta is the obvious candidate.
Im no fan of LBJ but I can appreciate talent on the basketball court when I see it. What a ridiculous statement. I think people forget that LBJ is around 275lb's, thats more than most Centers in the league, not to mention that he is as fast as MJ. He would of shred through defenses in the exact same way as he does now. Of course he would get hit more often, but the guy is huge, he can easily handle himself. And as for the "bad boys", dont make me laugh, just because you can knock someone to the ground doesnt mean you can stop them. MJ was the perfect example, and LBJ is bigger, stronger, and just as fast as MJ.
Posted Thursday June 06, 2013, About: Kupchak waiting on The Decision, too
hilarious, i thought the Lakers bandwagon fans were delusional.
Posted Thursday May 30, 2013, About: Van Gundy will take Dwight over Hibbert any day
Soft compared to those guys, yeah maybe, but compared to a Pau Gasol, the dude is beast. So in today's NBA he is more than fine.
Posted Thursday May 30, 2013, About: Van Gundy will take Dwight over Hibbert any day
As a die hard Lakers fan I slightly agree, I can only judge D12 on his limited work with the Lakers, but as of now Roy seems to have a better low post touch, and slightly better hook shot. And while he doesnt block as many shots he seems to have about the same defensive presence as Dwight. But if Dwight returns to his old form, pre back surgery i would pick Dwight no doubt madafackas. lol
Posted Monday May 27, 2013, About: Gasol waiting on Howard
R.I.P to the 100+million people who died in the wars of the 20th century.
Posted Thursday May 23, 2013, About: Cavs, Pistons possibilities for Deng trade?
Would the Bulls even entertain a Pau for Deng deal? they could then def Amnesty Boozer, while letting Butler start which they plan on doing anyways. Pau at the 4, and Noah at the 5, would not lose all that much on the defensive end, and def an upgrade on O and legit go to guy in the low post.
Posted Sunday November 18, 2012, About: How long will Andrew Bynum's 76ers debut be delayed?
Lol i see your still hating on Bynum after all these years. Technically he has had 4 good seasons in a row, he played 60 games last season and that was around the same he has played in the last four seasons. Wrong again SD lol
Posted Sunday November 18, 2012, About: How long will Andrew Bynum's 76ers debut be delayed?
Dude get a life loser. Obviously they think his talent is worth on the team, they would not have traded for him otherwise. Buffoonery continues
Posted Friday November 02, 2012, About: Tony Parker believes Spurs can win NBA title
They are def a contender. With a slightly weaker OKC, and a still developing Lakers squad the doors wide open in the west. Now if they get to the finals i just dont know if they have the right personel to beat the Heart in a 7 games series. Now if Duncan was 5 years younger, SD where are you? The one of 5 threads about the Spurms that will appear this season and you are no where to be seen. Loser
Posted Sunday October 28, 2012, About: Barkley took flak from Michael Jordan over critical comments
At least Barkley had the balls and still does have the balls to speak his mind. MJ never went out on a limb, he was always scared to lose his money.
Posted Friday October 26, 2012, About: At 0-8, Brown says Lakers are ahead of schedule
If you think Shaq was a one dimensional player its doesnt really matter how much basketball you have seen, because that comment proves that you dont know sht.
Posted Friday October 26, 2012, About: Howard wanted to be traded to Nets
SPURS still suck, dam yall blew a 2-0 lead. ahahahah
Posted Friday October 26, 2012, About: Howard wanted to be traded to Nets
and i see SD still hating, Nash and the team have stated that he is pain free and healty.
Posted Wednesday October 24, 2012, About: Differences between Howard and Bynum readily apparent
Actually he isnt better offensively, stick to making stupid comments on the Clippers thread. Oh i forget there are never any Clipper threads because they will always be little **** to the Lakers Pimp hand.
Posted Monday October 22, 2012, About: Spurs to decide between Eddy Curry or Derrick Brown
Oh stop crying, the deal will be done right before opening night or a little bit afterwards. I actually watched the game on my laptop with my girl, just google "live nba streaming games for free" and a bunch of links come up, and if you have an hdmi hookup you can stream it to your tv.
Posted Saturday October 20, 2012, About: Report: Howard to debut Sunday
I really hate you, not as a person, but as a fellow commentator.
Posted Monday October 15, 2012, About: Kevin Durant picks Larry Bird as his legendary teammate
That would be a great one on one battle, very similar style of play. Durant just gets up a little more and is slightly taller.
Posted Monday October 15, 2012, About: Bynum taking knee injection
Dude you just gave credence you what youre doubting, as a third option avg 18 and 11 is amazing. And btw he became the 2nd option.
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