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Posted Friday January 10, 2014, About: Bulls may consider trading Joakim Noah
None of you knuckleheads are Bulls fans nor understand how the NBA operates. First of all, it's not Rose's decision to leave at this time. No, not for another three years after this season. He's LOCKED into a guaranteed contract. The Bulls are simply making room to bring in fresh bodies. As good as Deng was, they never one a championship with him. It was time to try something new. Otherwise, they would have been stuck with the same core group that, so far, has not been able to master the playoffs. That's where it counts. It won't be Rose's choice to leave. The Bulls control him. Now, somebody please find someone to control his big mouth brother Reggie!
Posted Tuesday October 29, 2013, About: Horford looking for a way out of Atlanta?
No, not back-up tp Nopah, but alongside Noah! Horford s a natural PF. They palyed side by side at Florida and won tow National championships. He's only plyign center bcause Atlanta does not a natural center worthy of starign aside from Horford. Trade Boozer and the Charlotte pick for Horford. Joakim at cneter and HOrford at PF with Taj backing up both!
Posted Wednesday May 22, 2013, About: Cavs, Pistons possibilities for Deng trade?
Go back to the 2012 playoffs and see what Korver did. He sucked the entire playoffs and the year before. Alos, he didn't do too much to help Atlanta this year either, did he?
Posted Thursday December 06, 2012, About: Cubs shopping Alfonso Soriano
Actually, that signing was not made by Hendry. The president of the Cubs from the Tribrune signed Soriano without Hendry's approval. He went over Hendry's head. Check your facts! Also, Soriano is not trouble, he's an excellent teammate, great in the clubhouse and has improved tremendously in the outfield. At this point, since the boys in the minors need 1-2 years to be ready for the bigs, why not keep him until then. Otherwise, you're giving up 25 HRS and paying $36 million to boot.
Posted Thursday August 02, 2012, About: Spoelstra wants Heat to reinvent themselves
Idon't think you got Wade's age correct. Wade came out of Marquette in 2003 as a Junior (20yrs old). If I'm mistaken Wade will be 29 this year, not 32!
Posted Thursday June 21, 2012, About: Parents won't allow coaches to text Parker
My man Sonny! Old school parental skills from back in the day. His experiience as a college and pro player helps their decision process. If I'm mistaken, Jabari's mother was a first class athlete as well. I remember sonny playing high school ball , he was a beast! Hey sonny, give the Illini a chance!
Posted Thursday February 16, 2012, About: Stern, NBA made a mess of New Orleans
Enough said!Hornets to Seattle
Posted Saturday May 07, 2011, About: Clippers in market for impact veteran
Why give up all of that? If Dwight Howard opts out of his contract, he is a free agent! Instead, do a sign and trade using Boozer, Asik and Charlotte's draft pick. They can accept that, or lose Howard for nothing. The Bulls will need to get rid of Boozer's contract. Move Noah to PF with Gibson coming off the bench. Remember, if Howard opts out, Chicago will be in the position of power, not Orlando!
Posted Wednesday April 27, 2011, About: Granger rips Noah's dirty game
Did anyone watch what they were doing to Rose and Deng in the first four games? It was about time that someone gave some hard fouls. Danny Granger wanted the Bulls and he got the Bulls. Now he can relax on his sofa until October. C YA! Noah is not dirty, he is fiesty though!
Posted Thursday March 31, 2011, About: Duhon injury pressures Magic to make move
Please tell me, where is he complaining? He is simply making a statement about an apparent injury to his plyaer. What are you talking about?
Posted Monday March 28, 2011, About: Billups playing way out of Knicks' plans?
This is exactly why the Bulls' management and myself was totally against the Bulls trading for Carmelo. They wnated Noah, Gibson, Johnson, Deng and two no.1s for Carmelo. Three of those players were and, are still starters on the Bulls' team today. Need I remind everyone that the Bulls are the 1 seed in the east without Carmelo and the so-called bad two guards!
Posted Thursday December 30, 2010, About: Bulls aggressive in pursuit of shooting guard
Are you kidding? Who wants them? They are not shooting guards. Both of them are variations of point guards, especially Mo Williams. We don't want Cleveland's mess.
Posted Wednesday December 15, 2010, About: Bulls consider sitting Noah
Shut up! Who the hell cares about the Knicks but you? Besides, the Knicks cannot overtake the Bulls because they will be the champs of their division, even if the Knicks do have a better record. It does not matter what the subject is, you insist on inferring some Knicks' crap into the conversation. Get a life!!!!
Posted Sunday December 12, 2010, About: Cardinals fear losing Pujols
Youu've got to be kidding me! What Cardinals baseball have you been watching? Pujols is not only a premier hitter, but he is also a premiere defensive first baseman! He will not sign anywhere he cannot play first base. You can bet on that. And remember, Boston just gave Adrian Gonzalez a huge contract. Pay attention!!!
Posted Thursday December 09, 2010, About: Lee to sign by weekend?
President Obama and the Republican millionaires should have invited the RedSox and Yankee owners to the meetings to discuss the current budget defecits. Perhaps they could lend the taxpayers some dollars to get out of this hole!
Posted Thursday December 09, 2010, About: Lee to sign by weekend?
That's the b3est comment yet. However, I think if they did announce that, they'd both be lying !
Posted Friday December 03, 2010, About: Davis now drinking Griffin Kool-Aid
Let's see now, take a look at all of the coaches they've had. Remember, Mike Dunleavy's lifetime record is below .500 and we all know that Vinny DelNegro has no imagination as a coach on offence or defense!
Posted Friday November 12, 2010, About: Cubs to sink $200 million into Wrigley reno?
Actually, they would be paying for it themselves. They are just asking for the lower financing thru state back bonds. At least it is better than the taxpayers actually paying for the stadiums that the White Sox ( U.S. Cellular Field) and The Bears (Soldier Field) play in. The state and city actually paid for those with taxpayer money. The Cubs are acsking for the state issue issue bonds that will be paid for with the 12% amusement tax that state and city already charge fans to get in the games. That is a big difference than what the White Sox and the Bears got!
Posted Friday November 12, 2010, About: Bulls' Noah investment has dividends
Yeah, and what about all the haters that said that the Bulls should have given up Noah along with Deng and Taj Gidson and the Bobcats pick that the Bulls got for Tyrus (play when I want to) Thomas. Let's see, now that would have been three players averaging 53 pts and 29 boards combined, for one player who can't spell defense averaging 26 pts and 7 boards! Besides, what everyone failed to realize, is that the Nuggets absolutely refused to take Deng back in any trade scenario. So, the trade would have been impossible money wise! Just think, when Boozer comes back, the Bulls will have Gibson coming off the bench who has shown the ability to average 15 and 7 will playing regularly. The Bulls are just fine thank you. Besides, they can wait and get him for nothing this summer thru free agency.
Posted Wednesday October 20, 2010, About: Magic gained 'a lot more' than $27 million on sale
You've written some outlandish things in your time on truth and rumors, but that is the dumbest most asinine statement you could have made! What difference does his disease make in making a sound business deal. I wish there were some way you could be suspended for your dumb analytical comments. Maybe we'll ask the NFL commish look into your thought process. Stop writing just to be writing. If there is nothing more inteligible than that that to say, then just simply wait on the next comment.
Posted Sunday October 17, 2010, About: Nats, Tigers to chase Lee?
Are you sure? I thopught C.C. Sabathia had reached that plateau with that contract he signed with the Yankees! I am not sure, but I think it's very close!

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