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Posted Tuesday June 21, 2011, About: Jimmer invited to draft green room
Yes, and YES. He has defended well in each of his workouts. Sacramento loved how hard he has been working on his latteral quickness and his dedication to playing hard on every drill. Indiana said the same things. I think we are getting more and more smoke blown around him to get teams and fans looking at him as a bust so he will slide to teams farther down that would KILL for a guy with his work ethic, determination, and lights out shooting. His squeaky clean image could do nothing but help most of the teams in the league.
Posted Tuesday June 21, 2011, About: Jimmer still not NBA grade
The actual article in its entirety is a joke. The comments on their are laughable as well. Jimmer has put in more work in the off-season in preperation of the draft than the rest of the projected lottery picks. It is a part of who he is...a gym rat. Those who think he will only amount to a Reddick or be no better than Morrison are just oblivious to Jimmer's determination and drive. The sole offensive player on a mediocre mid-major that was the ONLY focus on ALL oposing teams game plan. Yet, he still found a way to lead the nation in scoring. He burned top defenders from every team he faced (lottery pick Leonard was touted as one of the best defenders in the Mtn West when Jimmer lit SDSU up...TWICE). I know the Mtn West is not the NBA, but neither are any of you posers. He's going to have a great career, not a hall of fame career, but a great one.
Posted Friday March 04, 2011, About: Mayor: Kings likely moving to Anaheim
Stupid to even think this! I can see Las Vegas, but not another LA team....really?
Posted Thursday January 06, 2011, About: Boozer irked by Thib's benching
Will the REAL Boozer please show up...oh hello Carlos! Chicago can expect more of this type of defense the rest of the season. Without Noah, his inability to defend down low is really exposed!
Posted Thursday September 02, 2010, About: Bulls' Boozer talking title
I disagree that Rose is better than DWill...but we'll see. I hope Noah is ready to play D on two people becuase he will have to rotate to help cover where Boozer slacks off.
Posted Thursday September 02, 2010, About: Deron Williams looking to leave Utah?
And you have lived there since....? Yeah, thought so. Your idea of Utah is based on misinformation and, dare I say it, biggotry!!
Posted Thursday September 02, 2010, About: Bulls' Boozer talking title
I think I've heard this from Boozer Cleveland, in Utah...but then he gets upset, kills team chemistry, demands trades during the season, sits out important games due to being sore... good luck Chicago, you'll need it if you think Boozer is your answer.
Posted Thursday September 02, 2010, About: Deron Williams looking to leave Utah?
The speculation that Deron Willimas will be leaving Utah came from a Dallas fan's blog (can't be news if based on no fact and only opinion). Not spending summers in Utah, this is really the big deal that means he is ready to leave? How many NBA players really do (outside of California, Florida or New York)? Utah is brutal in the summer, and if it came down to where he wants to raise kids, I'd pick California over Utah any day of the week as well. DWill is not LOOKING to leave Utah. He is the rare, old school player that was cut from the same mold as his HOF coach. They are both hard-nosed, blue colar, play till you die, give it your all type players. Yes, he showed anger when Brewer was traded, but was happy to see Boozer (the locker room virus - good luck Chicago) leave. They brought in someone who is EXCITED to play in Utah with DWill, brought in veteran leadership (Bell and now possibly Elson). They have an expendable contract in AK (last year - or one more- on his contract) that they are more than willing to trade for the right piece, a young potential in Hayward.... Utah is making moves that work for the team, for players that want to be there, that want to work hard. I don't see Utah loosing DWill anytime soon. They are not at what LA is (who wants to be with cry baby Gasol and Kobe or thug Artest) or where Miami thinks they are, but they are a good small-market team that is making moves to be in the elite in the very near future.
Posted Tuesday July 13, 2010, About: Jazz may be better in 2010-11
The team was never as good as it could have been because Boozer was always looking for the exit. Take the last game of the regular season, he sits to rest a sore rib. That game could have been the oportunity to get past the second round. LA was having a hard time getting out of OKC, had they faced Denver or PHX in the second round, they could have been eliminated. One game that Boozer sat could have changed the dynamic of the playoffs.
Al is an upgrade because he will not be looking to bolt at the first oppportunity. He is also a much bigger presence in the post, something Boozer lacked with his soft defense and undersized body. Boozer will do fine in the east where he will not have to battle the best big men in the leauge night in and night out.

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