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Posted Thursday November 08, 2012, About: Vikes fans want Ponder benched
As per usual, this nugget is from a Charley Walters column, which means its connection to the truth or any actual reporting is tenuous at best.
Posted Sunday June 17, 2012, About: Wild willing to guarantee 13 years for Parise
This is from a Charley Walters column. Pay no attention, Walters just makes it up now.
Posted Sunday June 10, 2012, About: Dollars holding up Tubby's extension?
Heh, the Tubby extension has "been in the works" for over two years. Now the new AD is in place. In another 3-4 months it will be "put off until after the season" and then after another mediocre year he'll be fired.
Posted Sunday February 12, 2012, About: Parise open to re-signing with Devils
That sounds an awful lot like what we heard from Gaborik back when he left (or really any star player who is bidding his time until free agency). When Parise hits the market there will be 25 teams that want to sign him. Probably 15 that reasonably can. It doesn't happen often that a 50 goal scorer who plays in his own end in his prime comes free. The Wild do hold a good hand - up and coming talent, decent core, hometown where dad played - but there will be 3-5 other suitors with equally good cards.
Posted Thursday February 02, 2012, About: Pack can't afford to franchise Flynn
Same thing the Patriots did with Cassel - got a free 2nd round pick out of tagging him for a few weeks. But that's obviously not going to happen unless they can lock up Finley first.
Posted Tuesday January 03, 2012, About: Bryzgalov's act wearing thin on Flyers
Every report was that it was Snyder pushing for a top-shelf goalie, specifically Ilya. Bryz isn't even elite, he was protected by Tippett's trap in Phoenix. Once they traded for him he had all the leverage to sign - dumb move all the way around. Hopefully for Flyers fans Snyder is willing to admit the mistake and bury him in the minors (or pay him off and let him go to Russia).
Posted Thursday December 08, 2011, About: Howard disconnect growing in Orlando?
Uh, I'm pretty sure I don't want a beat writer who is a "true blue fan" of the team covering my squad for me. Beat writers are supposed to be impartial observers who try to present the truth, good or bad, and their objective opinion about the team. Beat writers are not supposed to be fans of the team who always take the organization's side, happily run planted stories, and generally cheer lead for the team, giving their readers a view of the team that is always through rose colored glasses.
Posted Wednesday October 20, 2010, About: Lou Holtz on Gophers' radar?
Never trust "rumors" from the Star Tribune or Pioneer Press. We have two dottering old fools (one for each paper) who write rumors/scoops columns 3 times a week. They both used to be really well connected, but now they just write about whatever comes to mind and add something like "those in the know" or "influential people say" to make it sound halfway credible.

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