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Posted Tuesday May 10, 2011, About: Invitation II: Top 3 athletes named Willie any sport.
Willie Joe Namath, Willie Shoemaker & Willie Lanier. Does Will or William count?
Posted Thursday April 21, 2011, About: The best sports rapper. A player who also is a rapper.
That's like saying Matthew McConaghy is the best actor / runner, or that Jack Wagner is the best soap actor / golfer. Not one of the above mentioned would ever be mistaken as an artist. Wannabe's it what they are, not singers/ rappers.
Posted Thursday April 21, 2011, About: MLB players before 1950 were not as good as post 1950 players
Hmmm, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Mantle, Koufax, Gibson, Gehrig not as good as today's players?
Maybe better?!
Both are awesome, tough to judge..... Going with Les, just because no camera crew, which helps mentally. the camera's, lenses, lighting must weigh an additional 20 lbs if not more!
Posted Friday April 15, 2011, About: Competitive Hot Dog Eating is a Sport.
The question is: Is it a sport, competition or a game? IMO it's a competition and not a sport. To me it's not a sport if you can drink beer or smoke. Therefore, golf, bowling, eating contests are not sports but a competition/ game.
Posted Wednesday March 30, 2011, About: John Elway gemolesteerd een geit.
Is this td in Dutch?
Posted Wednesday March 30, 2011, About: The '72 Dolphins vs. the '76 Hoosiers
Good TD. Kinda difficult to judge, but.... since there has been more than one undefeated college b-ball team, I would have to go with the undefeated 1972 Dolphins, just because each game is monumental and hasn't been done, except if you consider the Patriots in the 2007 regular season
Changing the kickoff rules rules??? Are you kidding me?? With the strength of today's kickers, you might as well put the ball down on the 20 yard line, that's what going to happen 90% of the time!
Killing Deer = Legal w/ permit
Killing Dogs = Illegal (In most, if not every state has laws prohibiting killing domesticated animals)

"Nuff said
SEC? Are you serious? Outside of the south, the SEC is the Securities and Exchange Comission. NFL rules! Billions of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ each year!
I think the last NFL TV contract was worth over 2 BILLION!
Posted Tuesday November 16, 2010, About: Who is the Vikings Quarterback in 2011
Seriously? This is not a rational TD. It's pure speculation at this point... Kerry Collins, Frank Reich, Jeff Garcia, Earl Morrall, Kurt Warner, Dante Culpepper, Fran Tarkenton.....
Posted Wednesday July 14, 2010, About: Draining the Main Vein on a Golf Course?
Are you kidding me??? This is a debate? EVERYONE PEES ON THE COURSE, just don't do it in front of anyone, i.e. walk into the bushes. I even pee outside the porta- john because it's too hot and smelly inside.

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