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Posted Thursday January 24, 2013, About: Chudzinski puts Weeden on shaky ground
Historically speaking, Weeden had a decent rookie year last year. It doesn't look great when compared to RGIII, Wilson & Luck, but otherwise what else was he supposed to do with that roster? Nothing at TE, inexperienced but talented WR, "Great" RB that was constantly injured and averaged less than 4.0 ypc and a below average OL (except for LT). They finished with 1 more win than the year before and scored 7 more ponts per game than they did the previous year. He has the arm strength that is required for playing in Cleveland and given some time to develop, could be a very strong QB as the young talent they have on O develops. I understand that he's 30, but that also means he could have 8-10 more years ahead of him. To give up on him now to find another QB to develop would be another step back.
Posted Thursday September 27, 2012, About: How Harden could cost OKC $100M
I'm pretty sure that's exactly what I said. If the Thunder are willing to sign him at the Max level, there is no reason to offer it now, just wait until next summer when someone else will offer and match it. You cannot "poison pill" a Max contract, so there wouldn't be any reason the Thunder should up thier offer now. He will remain with the Thunder, no doubt. Perk's amnesty optoin is the Thunder's ace in the hole.

Also, Harden would still be a valuable trade chip even on a Max deal. If they keep the big 4 together until the tax gets too much, one can be traded for expiring deals/draft picks/young cheap players/etc.

He's not going anywhere
Posted Thursday September 27, 2012, About: How Harden could cost OKC $100M
The Thunder have no reason to sign him this october to anything unless it is on the Thunder's terms. If he doesn't sign an below market deal to stay on a contender, he'll hopefully be motivated to play like a max player this season. Next summer, several teams (PHX, DAL, HOU, ATL) will offer him a max (max can't be "poison pilled"), so if he has to have the max, they'll match and amnesty Perk (9m/y).

The Thunder have signed alot of young, cheap centers this offseason & Ibaka will play more and more of the 5 with KD moving to the 4 as the league gets smaller and faster.

Harden just needs to decide if he wants a career like Joe Johnson (Overpaid to be a lead player, Multiple All-stars on mediocre teams) or Ginobli (Underpaid to be part of a great nucleus, Multiple All-stars with a year in, year out contender, Probable HOF)

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