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Posted Thursday December 06, 2012, About: McEnroe: Women shouldn't play as much as men
I think the guy is jerk.. He is right though...
Posted Wednesday November 14, 2012, About: Jets teammates rip 'terrible' Tebow
Lets blame tebow and not my crappy defense, say the lame infighting non teammate.
Posted Tuesday October 30, 2012, About: Did the NHL underestimate Fehr?
Players should start their own league... It really isn't that hard.
Posted Monday July 23, 2012, About: Sather wants Doan and Nash
I would say leCavier and Whitney( both career minus) would refute golden boy...
Posted Monday July 16, 2012, About: Why Rick Nash is going nowhere fast
He's going nowhere, because nobody wants a selfish , "me first" liability with a cancer to boot in the locker room.
Posted Thursday June 07, 2012, About: Jamison still lacks cash to buy Coyotes
All the yotes haters are mad cause they got farther than all the other loser Canadian teams this year...
Posted Tuesday May 22, 2012, About: Stars aligning for Dallas to join free agent frenzy
All you dallas haters are funny? I think you are all just mad that Phoenix will get a Cup before any Canadian team
Posted Saturday April 28, 2012, About: Luongo asks out, Gillis asks for calm
Oh Please let Phoenix win the cup before Vancouver or Toronto. I will laugh so I hard I will pee my pants like my crazy grandmother.
Posted Wednesday April 04, 2012, About: Flacco proclaims himself NFL's best QB
I think there is a difference between enthusiasm and reality.
Posted Thursday March 29, 2012, About: One option: Coyotes in Quebec by June
Didn't they leave because they could support the team in the first place?
Posted Wednesday February 22, 2012, About: Gruden on Dalton: 'He better get better'
remember this is JAY gruden not JOHN gruden saying this...
Posted Wednesday February 22, 2012, About: Gauthier kept Gill in the dark for 45 minutes
I assume Ted Nolan speaks french, why wasn't he considered as a coach for the Habs. BTW I have no opinion on the habs, but after dismissing Guy and messing this up this bad. I just wonder what is going on here
Posted Wednesday February 22, 2012, About: Sharks emerge as strong contender for Nash
So he can be selfish among players who can really play? I don't think it will fly there.
Posted Sunday December 04, 2011, About: Realignment pushback from NHLPA
The yotes aren't moving... give it up
Posted Wednesday October 26, 2011, About: Tortorella sits Gaborik for 'ugly' Rangers
Has Brad Richards started regretting his switch from Dallas yet?
Posted Sunday October 16, 2011, About: Don Cherry apologizes to tough guys
I am not sure why there is this love affair for this guy... He reminds me of Jim Rhome, talks a lot of crap and doesn't even have a true grasp on the game. I prefer Darrell Reaugh or even Barry Melrose(did I just say that) to him.
Posted Wednesday September 28, 2011, About: Shanahan already on thin ice?
"unnamed exec" Obviously he doesn't have the cajones to say it to Shanny's face, and Shanny is old.
Posted Sunday July 31, 2011, About: Could Islanders move to Brooklyn?

1. No matter How much canadians whine, a sun belt teams will win the cup at least twice before any canadian one does

2. THe houston Aeros will draw more fans than Long Island 10 times this year.
Posted Friday June 03, 2011, About: Preds assistant on Stars' radar
They shoulda made the playoffs... I think Brad is being a little impatient. It will get done and the new owners (Tom or Cuban) will want to make a splash.
Posted Tuesday May 31, 2011, About: Winnipeg in over its head
10 years and they will be bankrupt
Posted Tuesday May 24, 2011, About: Report: Cap headed above $60M
Does anyone here understand that the cap is calculated off of previous revenues from the previous years?

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