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Posted Wednesday April 09, 2014, About: Zimmerman alters motion to stay in the lineup
IIRC, he's gone the surgery route in years past... His shoulder issue is chronic and will continue to get worse... He's a heck of a 3rd baseman, but unfortunately for him, I don't think he'll be in the position much longer... He'll end up at 1st eventually because he still has a lot of good baseball left in him... But as a prior post hinted, changes to throwing motions usually load up another area and then that becomes a problem...
Posted Wednesday March 05, 2014, About: Top Phillies prospect turning heads
Same thing they did last season...

Posted Thursday January 09, 2014, About: Comcast behind Philly firings
It's not that the Phillies don't like Sarge, he's a terrible announcer/analyst. I've met Sarge down in Clearwater and he's a great guy. Very personable and funny, but his personality doesn't transfer over in the broadcasts.

I know Wheels is a Phillies lifer, but I never cared for him as an announcer/analyst. He always came across as a third wheel back when Harry & Richie had the call and he was terrible as McCarthy's #2.

I'm glad the Phils/Comcast brass aren't screwing with the radio team. I really enjoy Franzke & L.A. on the radio. I think they would make a great TV team, but they have great timing together and do a great job. Splitting them up to fill McCarthy's #2 seat would be a mistake. I'll never forget the raw emotion you could feel from them the day Harry died in Washington. They did a great job under the worst possible circumstances.
Posted Sunday August 18, 2013, About: Predators launch unofficial 'Keep the Red Out' ticket plan
The Caps tried this with Flyers games in the past. When Ted Leonsis bought the team, he was shocked that the arena turned orange and black when the Flyers came to town. Granted, he helped fix that problem by putting better teams on the ice and marketing the hell out of his marquee players. I don't see the restricted ticket sale gimmicks working today. All that will happen is that the Blackhawk fans will either buy their tickets on StubHub (or a similar site) of they'll buy 2 games and sell the other games. Sure the team will make a little more money, but will also flood the resale market.
Posted Thursday August 01, 2013, About: Phillies rebuffed Yankees' offer for Young
Cut the guy some slack. He just had tumors removed from his brain and was diagnosed with brain cancer.
Posted Monday July 29, 2013, About: How will Eagles replace Jeremy Maclin?
Well played...
Posted Monday July 29, 2013, About: Vick, Foles underwhelming in splitting snaps
His dog also licks its own ****...
Posted Sunday July 28, 2013, About: How will Eagles replace Jeremy Maclin?
I've heard that Gannicus and Crixus are both on the market as well...
Posted Monday July 15, 2013, About: Washington's greatest offseason regret
I remember the whole bit when they changed the Bullets to the Wizards. The argument used was they didn't want the name to be associated with violence, yet they still left Washington in the name... At the time, Washington, DC was also the murder capital of the country...
Posted Thursday July 11, 2013, About: Cavs using Bynum to lure LeBron?
So Bynum has decided to collect a paycheck from Cleveland while riding the pine to soothe his bad knees??? Where do I sign up for that job???
Posted Thursday July 11, 2013, About: Why Ferguson will return to Penn State, after all
The 24/7 news cycle killed responsible journalism... It's no longer about getting the facts straight and the story correct. Today it's all about being the first to break the story and the details can be sorted out later...

As others have already said, to be a journalist today, all you need as a smartphone and a Twitter account...
Posted Wednesday June 26, 2013, About: Eagles braced for training camp change
Snyder charged admission when he first bought the team. He changed it to a parking fee after that season, but created VIP zones (ie sponsors and FedEx Field suite owners) close to the fields and pushed the general public back. I live about 5 minutes from Redskins Park and my kids daycare went to a training camp day (organized through the Redskins PR department). Their bus was parked at the back of the parking lot and they were ushered to a "reserved" zone for the day. They were behind the VIPs and couldn't see a thing and no one with the Redskins thought to have a player or two come over to so much as say hi to them. Way to cultivate the next generation of fans, Danny-boy!!!

The Redskins just built an indoor practice bubble (a real eyesore) on the fields that were used for parking and if I remember correctly, they are moving training camp to Richmond for a few years.
Posted Saturday June 15, 2013, About: DeAngelo Hall considered sitting out next season
and the season after that... and the season after that... and the season after that... and the season after that... and the season after that... and the season after that... and the season after that... and the season after that... uhhhhh?!?!?
Posted Thursday June 13, 2013, About: Eagles T arrested for drag racing
If you are going to quote a movie, at least ID the character that said it...

It was Dean Vernon Wormer...

As for Peters, one word... Idiot!!!
Posted Wednesday June 12, 2013, About: Giant leap nears for RGIII
If the reports out of Philly are anywhere near accurate, injuries may not be Vick's biggest concern right now. Reports are that he is way behind the other QBs on the roster in picking up Chip Kelly's offense. Right now his primary concern may be just hanging on to his roster spot, let alone his starting job.
Posted Sunday June 09, 2013, About: Eagles want to host a Super Bowl
Yet the NFL has successfully held the SuperBowl in Detroit.


Where are all the dead bodies hidden??? Maybe they're with Jimmy Hoffa???
Posted Tuesday May 28, 2013, About: Troubling signs for Phils' Howard
He's got 306 career homeruns. At the rate he is physically deteriorating and his game is regressing, 400 may be a stretch. As a rookie, I would have pegged him as a 500+ career HR guy. Today, I can't see it happening.
Posted Thursday May 23, 2013, About: Why some Eagles are going to 'fall by the wayside'
Let it go already... He's done his time and has acted in a manner that has shown remorse. He's also made an earnest effort to turn his life around.

I don't condone what he did, actually it disgusted me. But, give the guy some credit... He knows what he did was wrong and has taken active steps to reform.
Posted Monday May 20, 2013, About: More teams using GPS monitoring for recovery
I don't know that it was that Big Red was running the team poorly as much as these are massive shifts in philosophy. I think Reid's message became stale and the players tuned him out. There isn't a ton of negative press on Reid attributed to his former players.

They say Kelly is big on technology, nutrition and training. Gone are Taco Tuesday and Junk food Friday. Hello healthy meal options in the cafeteria and targeted nutritional supplements (see the smoothies piece). Kelly has to be focused on maintaining his athletes since much on his offense in predicated on speed and endurance. If all the hype is to be believed, the Eagles will, at a minimum, run every defense they face ragged with the tempo of the offense. That could be great news for Eagles fans if the players embrace the system and can execute it. It could also be an unmitigated disaster...

Of course the offense can put all the points they possibly can up on the board, but if the defense resembles last year's unit, it won't mean ****... Only time will tell if Kelly will be the next Jim Harbaugh or the next Steve Spurrier in the NFL...
ND is comin' after 'Bama because the Fighting Irish lack the talent to get ahead of 'Bama...
Posted Tuesday April 30, 2013, About: Nats concerned about Strasburg, start in jeopardy?
This one isn't a coaching issue. There was a story from back when Strasburg was playing for Tony Gwynn at San Diego State. Gwynn saw the issue with his mechanics and called in a favor with Greg Maddux to work with him. The story goes that Strasburg didn't like the new mechanics Maddux was teaching so he just didn't listen and kept using the poor mechanics that shelved him with TJ surgery 2 years ago. Coaches (Hall of Famers even!!!) have tried to help this kid fix his issue, but he won't listen.
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