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Posted Thursday January 26, 2012, About: Has Dirk become lazy and out of shape?
It was written by a pot-stirrer from the FW Star-Telegram. And yes, this season is a throw-away until Odom, Carter, Terry, Kidd, etc. have their contracts off the books so Cubes can sign Deron Williams and Dwight Howard.
Posted Wednesday September 14, 2011, About: Former Cowboys star rips Dez
McGee is a career back-up. He looks great throwing against guys who are installing DirecTV now, not so much against actual NFL players.
Posted Friday August 05, 2011, About: Dallas wants to make Carlisle a fixture
Was it Delonte again? Maybe Dampier?
Posted Thursday August 04, 2011, About: Osi now even angrier with Giants
NFL contracts mean jack. Players can be cut at any time, regardless of their contract. The Giants have promised him for two years to rework his contract to something more in line with the production he has given them and haven't done it. And you think any team in the league wants to upset the apple cart with Wellington Mara? If it was a DL from Cincy then sure, but not NY.
Posted Thursday August 04, 2011, About: Osi now even angrier with Giants
It's collusion to keep Osi and any other players who outperform their contracts from getting uppity.
Posted Tuesday August 02, 2011, About: Clarke worried about Oklahoma's near future
Oh no you di-int.
Posted Wednesday June 29, 2011, About: Crabtree still hampered by sore foot
Bryant still hampered -- by poor work ethic and overwhelming sense of entitlement.
Posted Friday June 17, 2011, About: 'Wounded' Yankees seek significant upgrades
What does the host of Family Feud have to do with the Yankees?
Posted Friday April 29, 2011, About: Bush tweet hints he's done in New Orleans
By that time she'll be Kris Humphries' problem.
Posted Thursday April 21, 2011, About: Seattle's best bet? Dalton or Ponder
The name . . . is Dalton.
Posted Friday April 08, 2011, About: Pirates teammates wanted Bonds plunked
Yer gawddamm right I did!
Posted Thursday April 07, 2011, About: Sox already considering major move?
LeFrontRunner just bought some new Orioles and Rangers gear. Red Sox are sooo yesterday's news to him.
Posted Sunday March 27, 2011, About: Report: UT's Thompson signs with agent
Even a late 1st rounder gets a guaranteed contract.
Posted Sunday March 13, 2011, About: Yankees keep calling M's about Hernandez
They're just holding out to force the Yank-Me's to up their offer to 30 cents on the dollar.
Posted Friday February 04, 2011, About: Cuban willing to rent Melo?
I bet Dallas could get him for a 2nd and Butler's expiring contract.
Posted Thursday January 06, 2011, About: Ochocinco: Lewis threw me under the bus
And get under the bus, Gus.
Posted Friday December 24, 2010, About: James a proponent of contraction?
Of course he wants some teams contracted -- Boston, L.A. and San Antonio to start with.
Posted Saturday December 11, 2010, About: Prokhorov returns Cuban's jab
Cuban is a 6'4 240-pound former rugby player. He would pwn that Russkie.
Posted Saturday November 20, 2010, About: Rangers may be losing grip on Lee
Sure, he could take all that Yankee money and invest it in a closet full of white tank tops, gold chains and a '82 Firebird and smack his wife around a lot too.
Posted Sunday November 14, 2010, About: Mack Brown bristles at Corso
And Blinndergarten is only a couple hours from Austin.
Posted Saturday November 06, 2010, About: Notre Dame AD's role under scrutiny?
Leach's intent was to keep a kid with intense light sensitivity out of the light. Kelly's intent was to get his practice videotaped, even if it meant putting a student in very obvious danger. And since I actually taped football practices in those things when I was in college, I can tell you that even a slight breeze causes them to sway.

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