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Posted Saturday April 28, 2012, About: "Blood Light" and The UFC
Clearly - you've never known anyone who has been affected by rape. Unfortunately - I have. And there's NOTHING even remotely funny about it. While I don't oppose free speech - when you are in the public eye, and make stupid statements like Evans, Griffin, Torres and others have done - you should be held accountable. The UFC is in the ENTERTAINMENT business (they are MUCH closer to the WWE than they are to any of the big three sports in the US) - and it is the RIGHT of advertisers to expect their business partners and their employees to meet minimum standards - which will be virtually impossible as long as Dana is the talking head of the UFC.
Posted Saturday April 28, 2012, About: The Mighty Fallen
Reem won't be fighting for the UFC in 2012. From what I understand, there isn't enough time for him to get licensed and the UFC to do all their promotional nonsense before the end of the year.

And really, Overeem is one of the dumbest fighters out there. He disappears on the day of his test before the Brock fight, and then takes 3 weeks to find a lab in Europe and still submits the wrong test. Yikes. And of course, NSAC which is as corrupt as they come still grant him a conditional license. And then when Reem fails his FIRST random drug test - they only suspend him for a portion of the regular penalty. Absurd.

But Reem is so dumb, he'll fail his next test, and Dana will be forced to cut him.

Reem is a joke anyway. He was a good LHW who became great at HW because of the steroids. That's it. End of story.
Posted Friday February 03, 2012, About: UFC 143 Pick'em
Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit... Diaz by TKO 3
Roy Nelson vs. Werdum... Werdum by decision
Josh Koscheck vs. Mike Pierce.... Pierce by decision
Renan Bar??o vs Scott Jorgensen.... Barao by decision
Ed Herman vs Clifford Starks.... Herman by TKO 1st round

Dustin Poirier vs. Max Holloway.. Poirier SUB 1st round
Matthew Riddle vs. Henry Martinez... Riddle by TKO 3rd round
Alex Caceres vs. Edwin Figueroa.... Figueroa TKO 2nd round
Matt Brown vs. Chris Cope.... Brown by TKO 3rd round

Dan Stittgen vs. Stephen Thompson... Thompson by decision
Brazil Rafael Natal vs. Michael Kuiper... Kuiper TKO 2nd round
Posted Sunday March 13, 2011, About: UFC buys out Strikeforce
Um, as long as the UFC employs Mike Goldberg, they really can't throw stones at the current Strikefoce announcers. Goldberg is EVERY bit at bad as Mauro in terms of overhype, and in truth, while Mauro has changed since his Pride days, he still knows about 1000 percent more about the sport than Goldberg...
Posted Saturday March 05, 2011, About: Beating a dead horse - Sherdog HW Rankings
Overeem is a mirage. He was truly mediocre at LHW - started using PEDs and then took the belt from the good but hardly great Paul Buentello. Since then, he hasn't fought anyone (unless you think Brett Rogers, who has a win over Arlovski and not much else) and defended his belt ONCE in three years. Sorry, Overeem belongs in the UFC with the rest of the overhyped fighters (see Bisping, Michael). He doesn't have the resume of the fifth best HW in MMA. Period. It's easy not to lose when you don't fight anyone...
Posted Saturday March 05, 2011, About: Sherdog WW Rankings
A few notes...

1. Shields doesn't belong at #2 at WW. Prior to his terrible showing against Kampmann (an argument can be made that Shields lost that fight, or at best it was a draw - to those of us who can see anyway, as well as the people at FightMetrics) and the fact that Shields hadn't fought at 170 before that fight in two years...

2. In response to Hyped's comment, Sanchez doesn't belong anywhere NEAR the top ten. Again, it was a ridiculous decision in his last fight, a fight that Kampmann CLEARLY won (poor Martin). So in reality, Sanchez has been owned in two of his last three fights at WW. Sorry, a guy that loses two of three in the real world (as opposed to the world of MMA judging) doesn't belong in ANY top ten.
Posted Monday February 07, 2011, About: Dana White Screws UFC Fans: The New Vince McMahon
I'm not sure how giving the fans what they WANT is screwing the fans.

Dana is known for screwing fighters (see, Henderson, Dan) - but he generally promotes fights that he thinks fans will pay to see. And while I'm a fan of both Silva and GSP - I would love to see that fight. I feel bad for Okami, but if GSP gets by Shields - which GSP SHOULD - but you never know - then it makes sense to have that fight. Dana is like a used car salesman, his word means nothing. But in this case, he IS giving the fans what they want.
Posted Monday February 07, 2011, About: Bones & Rua... Conspiracy theory...
While Silva had a very good career before coming to the UFC, he beat Leben and went to the front of the line for a title shot. So while I don't think Jones has earned it - the fact that onilne wagering sites (you know, if that was legal) have listed Bones as the favourite against Rua already - proves people are way too hyped for Jones. I like Jones, but he's not ready for Rua.

In my opinion
Posted Tuesday September 28, 2010, About: Can Sean Sherk Return to Dominance?
Sherk is still a good fighter who is marketable since most fans love to hate him (he seems to get booed at pretty much every event - so he's a mini-Koschek in that sense, although Kos earned his stripes, all Sherk did was test positive for 'roids and then deny deny deny...) and he presents some matchup problems for a lot of LW's.

That said, he can take guys down, but he can't really keep them there like he used to. I did like that elbow he landed - the cut was ugly. But Sherk on his feet can't compete with the top strikers in the division.

I'd like to see Sherk take on Sam Stout. I think that would be an entertaining fight. I also think Stout would end up winning the fight - but I'm Canadian, so perhaps I'm a little biased... :-)
Posted Friday August 13, 2010, About: Is wrestling killing MMA?
Since you wrote...

Sonnen took Silva down at will, but really didn???t do any damage to the middleweight champion...

It's clear you didn't even bother to watch the fight. While Silva didn't get a Joe Stevenson type gash on his head, Sonnen landed 89 significant strikes (if you believe Fight Metrics, which is more objective than you ever are ...) which is about 18 per round. Chael was bringing it the ENTIRE fight, and if you thought the fight was "boring" (your word, not mine) you clearly don't appreciate what MMA is about. It's not about opening a gash on someone's skull - it's about controlling your opponent and scoring points. And Sonnen controlled Silva for about 97% of the fight. But hey, you're a noted Silva apologist who thinks he walks on water, so obviously you discount ANYONE that can take him down and hit him. Again, and again, and again...

It's odd that you don't understand MMA, since you claim to be schooled in various martial arts. Of course, I could write on my bio that I'm nine feet tall ... but that doesn't make it so.

You've probably never seen the inside of a gym or weight room (I'll wait while you regale us with tales of your high school football prowess now ... *yawn*).

it's clear you don't know the first thing about MMA. So stop pimping that other website - I bet you get a penny per hit, so take that penny you earned from my hit, and shove it up your ...
Posted Saturday July 24, 2010, About: UFC 121....card of the Year?!
The problem is, the cards that look good on paper often end up sucking - and the ones that look mediocre end up being exciting...
Posted Saturday July 10, 2010, About: UPCOMING UFC MAIN EVENTS
Whoopee. Then after BJ destroys Edgar (which will happen) we get to see Kenny get his THIRD title shot, and once again get destroyed by the champion. If Kenny fights until he's 40, he may finish second all time in title fights (behind that vastly overrated alleged God of MMA, Couture). I can't believe the LW division is so weak that KenFlo will get ANOTHER shot...

Please for the love of all that is good, pull the upset Gray!!!

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