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Josh Beckett helped the Sox win a World Series. As did Mike Lowell. So while the Sox gave up the best prospect in the deal, they didn't get fleeced. Your hatred of Beckett clouds your objectivity.
Glenn Hall over Trottier. Sorry, you whiffed on that one...
Posted Tuesday September 13, 2011, About: Powerhouses of America's top 3 sports.. (not power rankings!)
Quick when was the last time the Pats won the Superbowl? SEVEN years ago. As in the past. Yeah, gawdy stats are great, but Brady is 5-5 in his last 10 playoff games.

The correct answer...

Packers (defending champion - even better this year simply by getting injured players back and they have a nice history too)

Saints - again - nice present - and past with the title, and as long as Brees is healthy, you're saying they have a shot

Atlanta - won more games than anyone in the NFC last year, YOUNG at the skill positions

Philly - haven't done anything as of yet. Walk the walk before you start bragging about being a dream team


Rapists from Pitt
Posted Tuesday September 13, 2011, About: Powerhouses of America's top 3 sports.. (not power rankings!)
Also, you don't know much about basketball. IF there is a hard cap, the Heat are in a world of hurt. If last year taught us ANYTHING, it's that you can't win with three players. And really, it taught us that you can't win if LBJ is your go-to guy in crunch time. The Thunder have a big two of their own (Bosh is good, but not a great player) and more flexibility. They are a team with a bright present AND future.
Posted Tuesday September 13, 2011, About: Powerhouses of America's top 3 sports.. (not power rankings!)
Ben didn't turn the franchise around. Pitt was a very good team for most of the 12 years before the Rapist got to town and started to do his thing. Saying he turned it around makes it sound like the team was in a Detroit Lions-like spin. They weren't. Yes, they hada losing season before Ben got there, and three in the 12 years before he came along. They also had 7 years with double digit wins. (and looking at one year can have problems - a key injury - or some bad luck).

Also, as bad as the Colts looked without Peyton, at least they have an excuse. Pitt looked HORRIBLE against the Ravens - and with their defense getting older by the minute, Pitt's window may indeed be closed. Sorry. Team of the past - sure. Present? Um did you see last week? Future? Who knows...
Posted Friday September 02, 2011, About: A Yankee with Red Sox.
This whole thing about Pedroia beinga MUCH better fielder than Cano is absurd. I know, Red Sox fans probably invented dWAR to prove they had the best players in baseball (just like a member of the Red Sox BOD was in charge of the Mitchell Report, and he missed two of the biggest cheaters in all of baseball who just happened to play on his own team ... what a shock).

Look, Pedroia looks great at 2B. But the fact is, Cano gets to more balls than Pedey does. Yes, Cano is going to finish with more errors - probably about 7 more in total. And Cano is going to get to about 60-65 more balls this season than Dustin is. So yeah, Pedey has an edge fielding - but it isn't nearly as big as Sox homers would have you believe...
Posted Friday July 15, 2011, About: Ultimate MMA card
GSP / Silva isn't going to happen. EVER. GSP is far too concerned with his legacy to move up to 185 and challenge Silva, or himself for that matter. Perhaps if Matt Serra hadn't shocked the world, and put just a hint of doubt into GSP's brain which is still there today- GSP would take this fight. Or maybe GSP is fine with dominating at his natural weight. Which is fine. Whatever the case, this one won't happen (what, Dana White LIED? Nah...).
Brock v. Fedor? Um, no thank you.
Cain v. Ubereem? Fight has legs, but after watching Overrated barely beat Werdum on his feet, it's lost some lustre. IF Overeem wins the GP - which isn't a given - perhaps.

A better card...

Main Event
Anderson Silva v. Chael Sonnen - face it - Sonnen is a **** that everyone loves to hate, he promotes the hell out of a fight, and he beat Silva for 23 minutes last time out. So you have a kick ass fight, and fans wanting to tune in. Win-win.

Co-Main Event
Velasquez v. JDS - apologies to Overeem apologists, but the two top HW in MMA right now are Cain and JDS. K1 isn't MMA, and Overeem didn't exactly destroy Werdum the last time out. Look at Carwin after he fought JDS and Werdum after he fought the supposed best striker in MMA. Um, which guy would YOU rather be??

Also on the card

Gilbert Melendez v. Frankie Edgar - while Maynard/Edgar II was great, if you saw the first fight those guys had, you'd realize there is a chance the third fight will be a snoozefest. Melendez v. Edgar has NO chance for Zzzzz. At least not for the audience.

Jon Jones v. Rashad - look, Jones is going to murder Rashad. Which is fine. This will still sell a lot of PPVs.

Brian Stann v. Mike Bisping - can we please end the Mike Bisping era before it begins??

Brock v. Roy Nelson - a closer fight than most people realize. And Brock being on the card makes sure we have 1,000,000 buys.
Posted Tuesday May 10, 2011, About: Is Joe Flacco overrated?
Typical homer response. Flacco is younger, and has upside. Campbell ... doesn't.

Oh yeah, and just for fun, Flacco has better career numbers in the following categories than Campbell ... Completion % (62 to 60.8 and Flacco is trending UP, Campbell regressed last year), TD %, Adjusted Yards per pass attempt, Rating (again, Flacco is trending UP, Campbell not so much).
Campbell wins in Interception percentage by a whopping .1% and in sack percenatage by a whopping .4%.

So Flacco completes more passes for more yards per pass, gets more TD's per 100 throws, has a higher rating and you'd rather have Campbell. I hope you replace Al Davis so that the Raiders suck for another 25 years.

And save the playoff game comparisons. Sample size is too small. Unless you think Brett Favre was a MUCH better QB than Dan Marino. You know, because Favre's playoff numbers are better than Dan's pretty much across the board...
Posted Monday May 09, 2011, About: Make over the Lakers
I love these trades where a homer fan simply thinks that another team will give them $20 for two $1 bills.

The Sixers trade is laughable. Artest is DONE. Finished. Kaput. AND he's a headcase. And to throw in Walton who would be bought out and two LATE first rounders for Iggy. Give your head a shake man...

(and for the record, your Gasol/Bynum for Howard trade wouldn't work based on the finances - as someone has already pointed out. If you're going to start a TD- at least do a LITTLE work on it to make sure that the trades are possible from a salary cap point of view.
Posted Tuesday March 22, 2011, About: UFC 129 Predictions
Hey Eastbound, I'll challenge you to a TD right now. You've stated Shields it the most boring fighter in MMA. Back it up fella. Or get off that truck.

I look forward the argument. You can put the challenge down whenever you have a moment...
Posted Tuesday March 22, 2011, About: UFC 129 Predictions
I agree. There's really no way that GSP finishes Shields (sorry, you can't finish Hardy, Alves, Fitch, Kos etc - then you aren't finishing a guy that has't been stopped since his third professional fight ... in 2000). GSP is going to stop Shields with his superior standup? Hmmm, Shields took Hendo's BEST shot, and while it rocked him, he had the ability to continue fighting. AND he rebounded to win the next four rounds.

I think Shields has an excellent shot to get this fight to the ground at some point, and when he does, his superior JJ is going to take over (waiting for the GSP nuthuggers to tell me that GSP is superior at JJ)...
Posted Tuesday March 22, 2011, About: UFC 129 Predictions
You clearly are basing your entire argument on Shields fight with Kampmann (which by the way could have gone either way - to say Kampmann definitely won that fight is laughable).

In his last ten fights, Shields has FINISHED 7 of his 10 opponents, AND he dominated Henderson for four rounds in that fight. Boring? Not to people who appreciate true MMA.
Posted Tuesday March 22, 2011, About: Jon "Bones" Jones is the BEST fighter in MMA!
Look, I applaud how the Jackson camp always seems to have their fighters prepared (other than GSP / Serra I anyway) - but this isn't the first time that Greg Jackson has shown he has absolutely NO loyalty. I believe Diego Sanchez was one of the first members in Jackson's camp, and was essentially pushed out so they could bring in some fighter from Canada by the name of GSP...

Jackson is a front runner and he'll push Jones to the side when someone better comes along (and yet, it WILL happen)
Posted Tuesday March 22, 2011, About: UFC 129 Predictions
Hmm - so you don't even wait to see the final arguments? I hope you put more thought into your vote when it REALLY matters...
Posted Tuesday March 22, 2011, About: UFC 129 Predictions
My favourite ad from the UFC. They are getting better and better at promoting main events, and that's saying something...
Posted Tuesday March 22, 2011, About: UFC 129 Predictions
Look, I'm the biggest Hendo nuthugger on the planet - driven 7 hours to Columbus TWICE just to see Hendo fight (UFC 82, and Hendo's recent win for Strikeforce) but to blame his bad back? Come on man...

Shields is one of THE most underrated fighters out there. Should he be an underdog against GSP? Yes. But these people who discount Jake's wins over Hendo or Lawler or whomever are missing the point. Shields is VERY well rounded, and while GSP DOES hold an advantage in the stand up game, it's NOT as big as people think. Shields trains with some guys that are decent in standup.
Posted Friday January 14, 2011, About: Top 5 Middleweights in MMA
Funny how fans of Shields blame his weight cut against Kampmann for Jake's TERRIBLE performance in his first UFC fight - but then NEVER bring up the fact that Dan was gassed in the second round against Jake, after absolutely OWNING Jake in the first round. And while Dan survived to get a DL against Shields, if the Shields/Kampmann fight had been a five rounder, Shields WOULD have lost.
Posted Sunday October 31, 2010, About: Medicore RB?
Defending McFadden's career to date? You are an Oakland homer man. He's been terrible, and that takes into account his hot start this year. Before 2010, less than 4 yards per carry, he put the rock on the ground SEVEN times in his fist 217 carries - he can't stay healthy, but sure, he's GREAT (rolls eyes). Next, you'll be telling us how great JaMarcus Russell was - or that Gradkowski is bound for the HOF. McFadden has had a nice couple months, but he still blows...

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