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Posted Monday February 24, 2014, About: Seahawks strongly consider releasing ...
Not Bryant with an $8M cap hit...
Posted Sunday February 02, 2014, About: Report: Kyrie Irving close to firing agent
I thought the stoppage in the Faber fight was a tad early, but Barao was tooling Faber - and I don't think Faber would have won anyway.
Posted Friday January 24, 2014, About: Emmitt: Cowboys have lost their way
Which is still half a banana smarter than Garrett...
Posted Monday January 20, 2014, About: NFL looking into Niners' sideline behavior
Unless it happens to your team of course. And then you'll whine like a five year old girl who has just skinned her knee...

(it was a penalty that was missed, which favoured the Seahawks. Bad enough you cheered for Pete's dirty program at USC, now you cheer for his dirty program in the NFL? I'm sure if any other NFL team had more than half a dozen failed drug tests in a 12 month period, you would have your panties in a bunch. But not your beloved Seahawks)
Posted Monday January 20, 2014, About: NFL looking into Niners' sideline behavior
Please. If you watched that game objectively, you would realize that the vast majority of the bad calls favoured the Seahawks. As a previous poster said, Seattle fans can no longer whine about the officiating that went against them in Superbowl XL. There were enough botched calls last night that any objective fan can state that the Niners were on the short end of the stick. Did it cost them the game? Debatable. If you're objective anyway.

(and I hate the Niners for what it is worth - and wanted Seattle to win, although Sherman's antics after the game have forced me to cheer for the Broncos in the big game.)
Posted Wednesday January 08, 2014, About: RGIII making himself part of the problem
There are 2 owners in the NFL who are dumb enough to give an injury prone QB who is one year removed from a knee injury - major input into any coaching or other organizational decisions. One is Dan Snyder. And as a Dallas fan, it pains me to say the other is Jerruh. Giving Griffin input would be a huge mistake. So please do it Danny Boy. That way Dallas won't be the only laughingstock in the NFC Least for the next decade...
Posted Tuesday December 31, 2013, About: A Yankees selloff?

The Yankees won the World Series in 2009, and made the playoffs in something like 13 of the last 15 years. So while the immediate future may look bleak, please don't compare the Yankees to the Cowboys, who have all of one playoff win since 1996, during which time the Yankees have won 5 World Series titles.
Posted Friday December 20, 2013, About: Yankees could blow past $189M
What a high level and classy retort. Did you matriculate at Harvard or Oxford?

As for the rest of your drivel - it's clear you don't have a clue. One would be better served arguing with a wall. There's a chance the wall could come to life - and provide a well thought out argument. With you, there's no hope.

Happy Holidays.
Posted Friday November 29, 2013, About: Will $5.2 billion deal affect the Jays?
Ding ding ding, we have a winner. Boston has been one of the most active players in the free agent market for YEARS. But their fans would have you believe that Ortiz, Napoli, Lackey et al are all home grown players...
Posted Tuesday November 12, 2013, About: Cashman: Cano's dictating 'the dance'
Says the guy who still thinks it is 2008. Look, I won't bore you with facts since you would not know how to respond, but the big market teams have drastically narrowed the gap on the Yankees in terms of revenue streams, and the Dodgers, Angels, Rangers and Red Sox could actually afford to spend on par with the Yankees if they wanted to. So save us the drivel about the Yankees having a bottomless wallet (they don't) and educate yourself before making ridiculous claims. The Yankees have always valued winning above the bottom line, while teams like the Red Sox have cried poor while making a boatload of green. Pathetic. Just like your daily Yankee bashing.
Posted Sunday November 03, 2013, About: Dodgers eyeing trade for David Price?
The Yankees have three World Series titles in the last 15 MLB seasons, so clearly you can't count.

And they haven't spent 3 billion in team salary over the last 15 years.

If you want to be taken seriously - maybe you should look up some facts intead of spouting nonsense and drivel...

(they would have to AVERAGE 200 Million in team salary per season, and they were nowhere NEAR that total 15 years ago (or 14 years ago, or 13 years ago...)
Posted Thursday October 03, 2013, About: Ravens ready to trade over-weight McKinnie
How was Ray Ray going to keep him in line exactly? Take him to Atlanta, have McKinnie get magically stabbed, and then have the knife, AND Ray Ray's white suit vanish while Ray Ray hides in the trunk of a car? Actually, that might be enough to keep McKinnie from the all you can eat buffet line...
Posted Friday September 20, 2013, About: Girardi atop Cubs wish list
Utter nonsense.

Top six Red Sox players in terms of ABs
Ellsbury (on pace for 600 PA and you say he's missed a lot of time - proving you know nothing)

Top six NYY players by AB

Um, care to revise your nonsense story?

Girardi has had a lineup that was MUCH worse than Boston fielded when Boston quit on their manager, and managed to keep them in the WC hunt for most of the year. CC has been terrible this year and Phil Hughes has been given 28 starts this year.

Stop being a homer. Just because your players quit on the previous manager because they are spoiled brats, doesn't mean Farrell has done a great job. Wait until they quit on Farrell in a couple years. And for the record, Tito has done a better job than Farrell this year as well.

Funny when Yankee managers don't have a lot of injuries and such to deal with, they don't win manager of the year because they have a huge payroll to help them win. Um, so do the Sox - but you knew that.

Girardi or Tito over Farrell. and it's not close.
Posted Saturday August 17, 2013, About: 'Giant forever' Bradshaw finds it strange in Indy
Hilarious how fanboys think that athletes, especially in the NFL owe their team (or fan base) ANY loyalty whatsoever. In the NFL, contracts aren't guaranteed, and teams, including your beloved Giants, cut players all the time. But you expect some guy you'll never meet to accept less money for the "honor" of playing for "your team".

Time for you to grow up - put on your big boy pants, and get over it already. And for the record, I'm SURE you would stay with your current employer in an industry where the average career is something like 3.4 years - if another employer offered you more guaranteed money. (No you wouldn't).

Please tell me you are also a Yankee fan. That would explain everything...
Posted Saturday June 29, 2013, About: Report: Yankees shopping for third baseman
Nope. They tabulate it based on the salary for the individual year and the Yankees - if they get under a certain level next year - I believe around $187M get their tax rate cut drastically and star over.
Posted Saturday June 29, 2013, About: Report: Yankees shopping for third baseman
If they had the Internet back in the day, it would be common knowledge that Mantle was a drunk **** pretty much all of the time. Ditto Ty Cobb and on and on.
Posted Sunday June 16, 2013, About: NFC West's lingering coaches feud
Nah, Harbaugh isn't the one who ran a dirty program in college and then ran to the pros when the NCAA came calling. If anything, I would bet that most Seahags cheat, since six guys have been busted.
Posted Friday June 14, 2013, About: Dodgers, with $6B to spend, could add Cano
Has MUCH more to do with the fact that Americans simply don't understand or want to watch hockey. They need something like NASCAR which allows them to watch cars making left turns for four hours. VERY exciting...
Posted Friday June 14, 2013, About: Dodgers, with $6B to spend, could add Cano
So you know less about baseball than you know about hockey. Wow. Did not think that was possible. Next, you will thrill us with your acumen and tell us why the Pats haven't won the big game since they were exposed as cheaters...
Stay classy. Hard to believe you are part of the same fan base that literally defecated on Bill Russell's bed....

When a team tries to trade a player, it is showing good business sense. When a player agrees to sign somewhere else for LESS money, he is showing he values winning over money. That's not being a traitor. Ray didn't quit on his team like Vince Carter. I'm not sure why players are expected to be loyal, when teams are free to trade them whenever they want.
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