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Posted Saturday June 09, 2012, About: The nation's most talented walk-on
If you don't care or know who he is then A) Why are you reading the post to begin with? B) Why waste your time to post something about it?
Nobody cares if you're a Heels fan like 50% of all basketball fans.
Posted Saturday June 09, 2012, About: The luckiest athlete in the world?
make that comment on an article that has anything to do with the Spurs next time. Nobody here gives a ****.
Posted Monday January 02, 2012, About: Beginning of the end for Urlacher?
Yeah, his comments were way off when that "running back" just torched his D for 190some yards in the 4th quarter and OT for the win.
Posted Monday January 02, 2012, About: Beginning of the end for Urlacher?
Oh my God.... *Could it be that Detroit has more depth, like a back-up quarterback?
Posted Friday December 16, 2011, About: Brees breaks off contract talks with Saints
A deep playoff run will make him worth even more? So being a great QB and winning a Super Bowl doesn't count already?
Posted Monday December 05, 2011, About: Crist taking over at Wisconsin in 2012?
We'll agree to disagree....
Posted Monday December 05, 2011, About: Tim Tebow: MVP candidate
I would take Newton over Tebow in a heartbeat and I went into the season hating on Newton and thinking Tebow was underrated. After 12 games I see that Newton is by far the better QB despite the records. Start Tebow for Carolina and they have a worse record than they have with Newton. Start Newton for Denver and they have a better record b/c they have a good D and would have an offense to match that.
Posted Friday November 25, 2011, About: Suh offers Pack bulletin board material
I know how the story goes, but I don't buy it. If the frozen turf slowed their WRs down a fraction of a second then it slowed the Packers' DBs down that same fraction of a second. As far as cutting, if it slowed down their cuts, then it slowed down the Packers' ability to cut and react as well. Therefore they still had their speed advantage. Like I said, both teams had to play on the same field, so guys that are faster than other guys would still have that advantage regardless of turf situation. Obviously this is just my opinion, and it doesn't matter even a little since it happened so long ago, but I don't think it was much of an advantage.
Posted Friday November 25, 2011, About: Suh offers Pack bulletin board material
Really? You realize both teams had to play on the same field, right? What edge does that create?
Posted Thursday November 03, 2011, About: QB controversy at Oregon? Not according to Thomas
*He's attending school on the West Coast now.
Posted Monday October 31, 2011, About: Will Twins bring back Punto?
Wasn't sad to see him go last year. But I wouldn't be upset if he came back to take Nishioka's spot. Nishi can't hit or field, at least Punto can do 1 of those things.
Posted Thursday October 20, 2011, About: Twins eye pitching, shortstops, a decision on Cuddyer
Agree on every single point you make. Bill Smith has to go!
Posted Thursday October 06, 2011, About: A frustrated and 'down' Manning emerges
you do have to wonder. Nick Collins of the Packers was carted off a couple weeks ago and had the same kinds of neck fusion surgery Peyton had, and Collins' doctors are saying they won't know if he'll ever be able to play again until 6 months AFTER the surgery.
Posted Sunday September 25, 2011, About: Source: Yankees nixed Liriano deal
Good non-move on Yankees part, Liriano sucks 9 times outta 10.
Posted Friday August 26, 2011, About: Toughness questioned, Mauer asked if he's soft
They looked at you like you were crazy b/c you're a rude arrogant **** who doesn't know wtf you're talking about. Why would NY fans crucify him? for having surgery? for being genuinely injured. He had 20 RBI at the July game you went to b/c he was on the DL for a large chunk of the season. They don't just magically give somebody RBIs, if he's hurt he can't be in there to get them now can he? Stealing from the organization? This is the first year of his new deal, and he has been genuinely injured. You're right, what a jerk he is. Go cheer for your loud mouth with nothing to back it up Jets.
Posted Wednesday August 24, 2011, About: Minnesota job is Adelman's if he wants it
He doesn't want to coach this year anyway, and since there won't be a season this year, just hold off and hire him next year...
Posted Sunday July 24, 2011, About: Report: Eagles interested in Favre
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahah.... Farvre..... hahahahahhahahahahaha
Posted Thursday July 21, 2011, About: Kahn, Carlisle first to earn NBA fines?
Some more wonderful insight. Way to contribute to the conversation. I also notice you are always one of the very first comments, which means you are always on this site just waiting for posts. Do you do anything else? Have a job? Maybe get to work on that chore list your mom left you this morning, or maybe contribute to society in some way.
Posted Thursday July 14, 2011, About: Kahn turning Wolves into a circus?
I notice you talk quite a bit for being a Knicks fan. And don't give me the whole "they made the playoffs this year" argument. They play in the East, where a team that finishes 37-45 makes the playoffs. And they were terrible in the playoffs to boot.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not delusional, the T'Wolves suck. They have a lot of "potential" which doesn't mean a damn thing, but a Knicks fan making fun of the T'Wolves is hypocritical.
David Kahn Vs Isaiah Thomas = a pretty even matchup. (Yes, I know Thomas isn't officially there anymore)
Posted Wednesday July 13, 2011, About: Whoa, Nellie! Nelson to Minnesota?
oops, Williams 6'8"
Posted Wednesday July 13, 2011, About: Whoa, Nellie! Nelson to Minnesota?
Glut of PG's? Yeah, Ridnour AND Rubio?!?! How dare they have 2 PG's? The nerve!!!!

Shortage of height? no.
PG- Rubio 6'5"
SG- Johnson 6'7"
SF - Beasley/Williams 6'10"/6'"
PF - Love 6'9" (listed as 6'10"...he's not)
C- Milicic/Randolph 7"/6"11/

Legs, yes.

I'm not saying they're good, b/c they're not. But your arguments are incorrect. If you're going to rip them, at least know what you're talking about.
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