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lets clarify-i am NOT a jets fan. i am a raiders fan. i am an unbiased observer. you on the other hand, sound like mark sanchez's mother, or at the very least, president of the mark sanchez fanboys of america.

mark sanchez was not ALL that was wrong with the jets, but he wasnt even close to being what was actually right with them, either. in the beginning of his career, he was a poor quarterback, that the jets won in spite of. the numbers have been displayed above, and they dont lie. now, let me make just one more point- if you and mark sanchez DO want to claim credit for the jets successes early on in his career, as you seem to want to do, you better be prepared to take responsibility for their failures later on down the road. PERIOD. thats what it means to be the leader of a team. that's what it takes to be a true franchise qb.
i will agree that the jets never really gave him a great shot to succeed, but, when its over, its over. AND, its over. its time for both sides to simply go their seperate ways. if the jets are smart, they will be able to learn from the mistakes they made with sanchez, and bring geno smith up the right way. if sanchez is smart, he will sign as a backup somewhere behind a proven veteran, learn a little bit, stay out of the spotlight, and work on making a comeback.

even though i agree sanchez wasnt given that much of a chance to succeed, lets call a spade a spade. he was never gonna be that great anyway. at best, he would have been a middle of the road starter. he never had the arm, accuracy, or toughness to be a superstar. even his own college coach said he wasnt ready to go pro, but he did anyway. its not like he is some big victim of the jets. the jets did him a favor by drafting him, and then, overpaying him. not many guys with his mediocre talent get to run around new york city with millions of dollars.
Posted Tuesday December 06, 2011, About: Listless, Flat and Defeated
what a depressing game that was....and having to watch another tebow win.....i was sick to my stomach
Posted Tuesday October 18, 2011, About: yay, we won
we gave up too much.....
Posted Monday October 10, 2011, About: And The Raider Flag Flies Half Staff...
RIP. none of us raiders fans would even be raiders fans without al davis.
Posted Tuesday September 20, 2011, About: The Bane of Our Existence
whens the last time the chargers beat our horrible raiders? 2009?
Posted Monday September 19, 2011, About: The Bane of Our Existence
it really is insane to me, that through all the different coaching staffs and all the different players, WE are still always the most penalized team. some of this really has to be chalked up as the referees preconceived notion of the raiders, even its a totally subconscious thing.
i take it that you are new to the world of baseball.

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