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how about namath from 1974-76?

11-24 record, 50.4 comp%, 5992 yds, 39 tds/66ints, 55.5 qb rating over that 3 year span.
Posted Tuesday June 04, 2013, About: In 100 years from now.. Movies about sports..
it doesnt state anywhere that this cant be a documentary......i mean, frog includes the kobe rape scandal, did you think that movie was gonna recreate the events on screen, like a drama? in the end kobe, the hero, is vindicated and justice is served? or would it be treated like a documentary covering the events, trial, and aftermath?
Posted Tuesday June 04, 2013, About: In 100 years from now.. Movies about sports..
not a movie surrounding the life of sandusky, following him around like a protagonist. a movie about the the downfall of the program, the tainted legacy of one of the most celebrated head coaches, not to mention the political elements involved.
Posted Monday June 03, 2013, About: In 100 years from now.. Movies about sports..
im assuming you guys are done with your choices so i guess i can chime in-

1. lance armstrong

2. tiger woods

3. steroids in baseball

4. penn state/sandusky
Posted Sunday June 02, 2013, About: Best rituals in sports..
-touchdown celebrations

-not talking to a pitcher, and not talking ABOUT a no hitter, during a no hitter

-pouring gatorade on a coach

-cutting down of the nets at the final four

-throwing gloves down before i hockey fight

-throwing octopus on the ice

-enter sandman playing when mariano rivera enters the game

-rain delay dance offs in college baseball

-ozzie smith doing a flip
postions dont matter i take it? this is from 1995 on, lee smith does NOT belong, joe nathan on the other hand, DOES belong. the biggest issue is this, however- HOW IN THE HELL DID NEITHER SIDE INCLUDE ALBERT PUJOLS?
andy pettitte hit a pretty heroic game tying rbi single, in the 09 world series.....
Posted Monday September 24, 2012, About: The bartender in 'Groundhog Day' knew something
fantastic heading......ive always wondered the same thing about the bartender, that one knowing chuckle he gives.
you said that they "absolutely" could not let jennings go. if a team can "absolutely not afford" to let a player go, i dont know how that WOULDNT be a top priority.
honestly, losing jennings wouldnt be a great thing, but i really see rodgers as the kind of quarterback that will make pretty much any receiver better. it didnt seem to hurt all that much when they lost jennings last year....

im not saying they can put ANYBODY out there, but as long as rodgers is there behind center(at his current level of play) wr wouldnt be my top priority.
Posted Saturday September 08, 2012, About: What jersey will Maurice Jones-Drew wear at the end of the season?
i think you are selling rodgers a little short here.
lol....didnt see this before i made my comment.
fantasy sports are for people with too much time on their hands.....but starting off the wall throwdowns everyday, is a sign of a well regimented routine....
Posted Wednesday August 29, 2012, About: The most influential race driver ever is....
thats what i thought, when i read the headline....
Posted Tuesday August 28, 2012, About: Should we be suspicious of Derek Jeter's 2012 resurgence?
maybe the percentage has doubled, etc, but the total numbers are still too small to really amount to any huge difference if you look at it realistically.

if jeter hits (just for a sake of argument) fifty fly balls last year, and five go out. and this year he hits fifty fly balls and ten go out, then % has doubled, but again, its FIVE more home runs. big friggin deal. its not like we are talking about an increase of 20 to 40 home runs.
Posted Sunday August 26, 2012, About: Should we be suspicious of Derek Jeter's 2012 resurgence?
are people really going to use jeter's power numbers this year as a red flag? the guy has 13 home runs. he not exactly crushing the ball.
Posted Wednesday August 08, 2012, About: Who you take Fantasy?
anyone think that maybe steve smith and cam newton together for a second season might actually produce BETTER results than last year? you know, cuz cam newton was a ROOKIE last year?
what exactly DOES make you the greatest olympian ever?
Posted Thursday August 02, 2012, About: The Majority of the Summer Olympics are Stupid
the funny thing is, you actually may have gotten more people if you actually chose to bash some of the events that really ARE stupid. though i never cared much for swimming and gymnastics, i realize they are exceptionally challenging sports.
before anyone wants to talk smack about how many events phelps enters or how grueling swimming is blah blah blah, think about the fact that phelps competes in more events than anyone else IN A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME. most athletes compete in their event, give it everything and then go home. phelps has to give it his everything 8 times(not including qualifying rounds), again, in a span of just days. not only that, in 2008, he set SEVEN WORLD RECORDS at the olympics. so on very little rest, phelps hopped in the pool and swam every event faster than anyone EVER on any stage, on any amount of rest.
goal of olympian? win a gold medal. michael phelps has the most, therefore is the greatest olympian of all time. PERIOD.

is he the greatest "athlete" ever to appear in the olympics? probably not. but thats not the question. no one in olympic history has stood on the podium more than phelps. olympic success isnt measured by anything other than medals, specifically gold.
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