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Posted Thursday January 23, 2014, About: Winston: Coker could start anywhere
If Coker remains healthy next year and picks up the offense with no problems, he could be the final piece Bama needs to contend once again for a national title. Other programs stacked with talent similar to Bama usually have outside (media and fans) expectations dropped down a few pegs when a team has to replace a tenured, talented quarterback like McCarron. Not the case with Alabama -- a first year starter at quarterback lead the Tide to national championships in 2009 and 2011.
Posted Thursday January 23, 2014, About: TNT submitting bid for NFL games
If more games are going to be played on Thursday nights, possibly on Saturdays as well, I wonder if cable/satellite providers like DirectTV with its "NFL Sunday Ticket," will take a hit financially with not as many games being played on Sunday? The more games that are moved to other days in the week, the less that will be played on Sunday. From a fan's perspective, less games played on Sunday could make it easier for fans to view the games they want. If you don't have NFL redzone, basically the only option for keeping up with the other games is to scoreboard watch.
Posted Sunday January 12, 2014, About: Baker Mayfield loses Texas Tech-OU eligibility appeal
I grew up a huge UGA football fan. I played in high school, but I was short, slow, and skinny. If I had been good enough to be at least a preferred walk on, Georgia would have been my last choice, playing time would have meant much more to me than riding the bench for my favorite team. Mayfield played like a coveted five-star recruit in his five starts with the Red Raiders. Unless Trevor Knight is riddled with injuries for the next four years, he will be OU's QB, no matter which back-ups are breathing down his neck. Mayfield to OU reminds me of Mitch Mustain transferring to USC. Why? Why would you transfer to a program where there's a 99% chance your best chance of playing will be as the scout team quarterback or in mop-up duty? Texas is overflowing with college football programs. Mayfield is better off choosing another program and actually giving himself a chance at a career. Joe Flacco having "Delaware" next to his name didn't affect him getting drafted. If you???re good enough, the scouts will find you, no matter where you???re playing. But they need to find you first. The scouts will be looking at Knight, not the OU bench.
Posted Saturday January 11, 2014, About: Vikings not expected to invest more time in Christian Ponder
Ponder is young and I believe he still possess a great amount of talent, but his injury plagued roller-coaster ride as a Viking the past three seasons never seemed to be riding forward. Ponder was stuck in neutral - some moments in reverse - while trying to fight off two one-hit-wonder quarterbacks. Freeman needs an off-season with Minn. before we can fully judge how good or bad of a quarterback he is. Although Cassel has the shorter leash and least longevity, he showed the most promise when he started; prime example: against the Eagles week 15. I think Cassel will land the starting job next season, unless the coaching staff "truly" believes in Freeman (they don't), or they take their chances on the draft.
Posted Friday July 12, 2013, About: Rehab possible for Henderson
Similar question: Why are NFL players not suspeneded for multiple games (three or four) by the league when they are arrested for a DUI or have multiple drug or DUI arrests?

Not to change the subject up, I just heard today that Alfonzo Dennard from the Patriots was arrested for his second DUI in, I believe, 15 months, yet he will probably be allowed to stay on the team and his discipline will be handled within the franchise and not by Goodell.

Dennard and Henderson's respective situations are examples of the lack of consistency in disciplinary tactics that the authorities of sports programs (professional or college) demonstrate.

I'm all for giving players a second chance when they fumble one up, but a third, fourth, or more chances shouldn't be on the table in these type of situations, especially when no one is even entitled to a second chance.
Posted Friday July 12, 2013, About: Minnesota aiming for $190M in upgrades
I respect Teague's efforts, and although every sports team at Minn. should benefit from a boost in facilities, an upgrade in facilities can only take a football program (the money maker) in a cold weather state with a lack of football talent so far. The potential debt that may rise from taking on such an upgrade is probably not worth it in the long run. Teague's forgotten that Gopher dominance ended in the 60s.
Posted Thursday July 04, 2013, About: Butler scrambling to replace Stevens
Go with a curremt assistant or the little known, blue collar guy that fits the "Butler way." Whoever the school hires, Butler will be helped financially and recruiting wise with the Big East brand now attached to it, so shooting for a big name in the coaching ranks shouldn't be the ideal move. Brad Stevens was able to build his name at Butler coaching his way and developing mid-level recruits into stars. A program like Butler (small school, decent basketball tradition, limited resources) needs a coach that follows Stevens style.
Posted Thursday June 13, 2013, About: Kevin Sumlin was offered Eagles and Auburn head coaching job
Auburn? Really? Auburn? Let's pretend we didn't read that one. Can't blame the program for trying to land a young head coach like Sumlin who has nothing but upside and is rocketing his credentials to the top level of the coaching ranks, but unless the other team from Alabama someday calls Sumlins name, why would he consider leaving the only Texas team in the SEC where has more built-in advantages for recruiting and his program doesn't have to compete with its biggest (historic) rival for a conference championship?

If Sumlin leaves A&M in the near future, only the NFL will be his destination.
I don't recall seeing any headlines or hearing from the sports media that Sumlin was having serious conversations with the Eagles like Chip Kelly and Bryan Kelly were reported of having. I think that's a sign that he wants more time in college station. Sumlin wants to see how big he can build the aggies before he bolts for a new challenge. Now if Sumlin, Johnny, and the boys take down Bama and the rest of the SEC in route to the National Championship in 2013, then Sumlin may feel his aggies are grown up enough to win with him tryign his act in the grown up football league.
Posted Thursday March 07, 2013, About: Florida State, Boise State agree to two game series
Hopefully Boise State will have expanded their stadium by the time this game comes around. I know a proposal was put in to expand Bronco Stadium to at least 50, 000 - possibly more. I've always wanted to see a brand-name program play on the blue turf and put Boise's home-field advantage to the test. But, in my opinion, a big game doesn't look so edgy in front of only 35,000 fans, no matter who's playing. I'm not familiar with the financial ins-and-outs for both programs in a game like this, but I would think the more fans the better. Maybe a neutral site should be considered if Boise isn't able to expand their stadium by then. Although, I'm not sure if Boise would reap the same financial benefits if the game isn't played on their home turf, even if a neutral field offers more seating.
Posted Thursday September 06, 2012, About: Saban erupts during and after practice
Saban has a way of overreacting to the media (using 9/11 as an analogy to how his team lost to UL-Monroe back in 2007 is one example), but this time, more than others, seems to be an outcry to his team to stay focused all season so they can play for a national championship again...oh and actually win an SEC championship along the way. I'm sure Saban has used the Tide's lack of an SEC title last year as motivation for his players to finish the puzzle. As impressive as the Michigan win was, the 2010 team had impressive victories over Penn State (10 wins in 09) and a blowout of Florida before being routed by South Carolina and later losing to LSU and Auburn. His team is still young at many key spots and plays dangerous games at Arkansas and LSU later on. If he doesn't keep the focus, then 2012 will be an exact replica of 2010. I'm not completely sold on Alabama as the clear cut number one yet.
Posted Tuesday May 08, 2012, About: Might a new Big 12 include Seminoles and Irish?
With the Big East fully slotted as the most unstable of the major conferences, maybe the Big 12 should invite Notre Dame to place all their olympic sports in the conference and add Louisville as an all sports member. However, this scenerio would only leave 11 football playing schools. the solution: add BYU as a football only member. Notre Dame will be happy that they can place their olympic sports in a more stable conference (can't believe we're saying that about the Big 12 now) while keeping their football team independent. BYU would be able to keep their smaller sports aligned with the culturally similar WCC and play football in a major conference. The conference would truly be the "Big 12" again...or the Big 12 and 1/2.
Posted Tuesday October 11, 2011, About: Big East eyeing Navy, Air Force, Boise State
Thanks for the correction...I guess them joining the Big East makes sense after all.
Posted Monday October 10, 2011, About: Big East eyeing Navy, Air Force, Boise State
If Boise is seriously a candidate for the football side of the Big East, then I think the best option for the Big East to pursue would be a 12 team football conference with a true western division and a true eastern division (as true as possible). Air Force is a perfect addition if Boise is to join, but a few more western teams would add more stability for a radical move like adding Boise. If the Big 12 drops BYU off their list, then the Big East should definitely pursue the cougars. Idaho, Utah, and Colorado all board each other. BYU maybe more entinced to join if they knew they would be in a division with Boise and AFA. Add Houston and SMU and maybe a Tulsa or Southern Miss and you have a decent, not perfect, geographically congruent western division. This would help with stabilty, exposure, and travel. Of course a lot of this depends on what Missouri does. If Louisville is pried away from the BE, that may actually make it easier to add more western schools. If these schools mentioned are just added for football, the non football side of the conference should be reletively geographically sound if UCF and Temple become the full time members. The all sports members of the conference would all boarder each other with the exceptions of UCF and USF.
Posted Monday October 10, 2011, About: Big East eyeing Navy, Air Force, Boise State
Boise is on the western side of Idaho...a move to the "Big East" makes absolutely no sense.
Posted Friday August 26, 2011, About: Big 12 considering Notre Dame?
Don't quite comprehend how football-only membership in the Big 12 would even be on the table for Notre Dame. There is no way the Big East would allow ND to keep their other sports in the conference. The Big East can afford to drop an Irish Basketball team, especially if it gets the total number of members back to an even 16. BYU as a football only member sounds more logical since the WCC doesn't sponsor football.
Posted Thursday June 02, 2011, About: Utah's Wynn nearing 100 percent
With news coming out about the NCAA upholding USC's sanctions, a Jordan Wynn led Utah should definitely be considered a favorite to represent the south. USC will still be a huge factor in the Pac 12 race; possibly knocking a team out of the Championship game. A few early preseason publications I looked at all had Utah finishing either 3rd or 4th in the south, but if Jordan Wynn is healthy and with USC out of the picture, Utah has just as much talent as Arizona State. Both Utah and ASU play USC early in the season. With USC as a measuring stick, we'll get a good feel of who the better team is early on.
Posted Thursday June 02, 2011, About: Mississippi State gets more cowbell
I need more cowbell!!!

I don't have a problem with them using cowbells. It's been a tradition at Mississippi State since the late 30s. Tradition that old shouldn't be messed with. Keep em in Starkville though.
Posted Thursday August 19, 2010, About: What BYU should worry about as an independent
If both Fresno State and Nevada join the Mountain West, BYU would be foolish not to consider staying put. All the conference would need to do is invite one more school, Houston would be an ideal candidate, to create a 12 team league that would be able to stage a championship game. A championship game alone would give the memebering schools a finacial boost, but a 12 team Mountain West with strong programs like TCU, Boise, Houston, and BYU should be strong enough to grab a spot as an automatic qualifier in the next BCS cycle. Many people already felt that the current Mountain West with the addition of Boise State would have gained an automatic birth to the BCS, but Utah's departure to the Pac 10 changed people's opinions.
Posted Monday August 09, 2010, About: Gill making recruiting mark at KU
When you look at A&M's recent product, no they don't look like a conference contender right now. I just feel that in perspective to the remaining North teams, majority of the Big 12 South teams will have the upper edge in the new format Big 12. A&M has been taking small (albiet too small) steps to move up the Big 12 latter. The new format should give them an even better chance to become a consistent contender. Basically, I think all the South schools (except Baylor) will have the upper hand in the new conference format.
Posted Sunday August 08, 2010, About: Gill making recruiting mark at KU
The only problem with that conjecture is that this upcoming season will be the last year that the two division format will be in place, since the Big 12 has consistently reiterated that they do not wish to add more teams in the future. Not to change the topic of the blog entry to much (I hope the best for Gill and I think he is a class example), about the 10 team format that will be implemented next year is probably going to have a negative effect on all of the remaining North teams. Outside of Nebraska and (occasionally) Colorado, the other North schools do not gather the recruits that match up with the overall talent that flows into the South. Kansas, K-State, Missouri, and Iowa State will now have to play the big 2, Texas and Oklahoma, each year instead of playing them every few seasons. Texas A&M looks as if they will move up in the hierarchy right behind their older brothers in the not so distant future and Tuberville should be able to keep Texas Tech as a frequent contender. The champion of the New Big 12 conference is probably going to be either the Longhorns, Sooners, or Aggies for atleast the first couple of seasons. Hopefully the former North schools will be able to pick up their recruiting even more than they already have. Kansas and especially Missouri, both have the ingredients in place to become contenders in the New Big 12, but wrestling the championship trophy away from the state of Texas and Oklahoma on a consistent bases will be a vast challenge. Gill just might be the energy that Kansas needs to win that challenge.

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