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Posted Friday August 16, 2013, About: Selig mulls action in 'stalled' Rays talks
If the Oakland A's are any precedent, the empty suit known as Bud Selig will decide in the very near future (next 10 years) to appoint a committee to investigate the situation. The committee's report will be issued in someone's (probably not yet born) lifetime and a decision will be made as soon as it is feasible to play baseball on Mars.
Posted Tuesday April 02, 2013, About: Posey adding to San Francisco-Oakland enmity
Before we blame the A's, remember that the rights to San Jose originally belonged to the A's. They gave them to the Giants when the Giants were thinking of moving south. Thus the old adage that "no good deed goes unpunished" holds here. The Giants are being ridiculous in saying they own the rights to San Jose. Unfortunately, the empty suit known as Bud Selig will not make a decision on this as long as he is commissioner.
Posted Sunday May 20, 2012, About: Most hated man in Oakland
Amazing part of this is that the A's gave the rights to the Giants for free when they were looking to get out of Candlestick. As the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished.
Posted Sunday May 13, 2012, About: Will Selig ever deal with A's stadium issue?
Selig is in a difficult position - he actually has to make a decision and earn his pay as the commisioner of baseball. He has spent 20 years avoiding any taking any leadership position that might irritate one of the owners. His behavior on this issue, however, has been inexcusable.

I think the Giants are making a mistake by contesting the A's move since they will pick up many more fans from the EastBay than they will lose from the South Bay.
Posted Saturday April 28, 2012, About: Brown cleaning house at SMU
Yet another example of the the NCAA's bias to protecting schools and coaches and screwing the players. The coach can cut any player he does not like but a player would have to sit for a year if he wanted to transfer when a new coach comes in. While I can understand a coach not liking the players he inherited, it would be more equitable if players had the same ability to transfer and play immediately. I am wondering what good players are currently available for Brown to recruit for playing next fall.
Posted Wednesday April 18, 2012, About: Ryan playing hardball with would-be transfer
Another example of how the NCAA transfer rules are screwed up - not surprising for an organization that is run for itself, schools and coaches in that order. Students do not make the list. I bet Ryan gave a one year scholarship but has a cow when a student wants to exercise his "privilege" of sitting for a year before he can play at another school.
Posted Saturday November 19, 2011, About: Harris: JoePa deserves an apology
Another sign that multiple hits in football cause long term mental impairment

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