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Posted Friday April 11, 2014, About: UT suspects A&M botanical sabotage
I can see the Aggies planting Maroon Bonnets to replace Blue Bonnets. But why were the Longhorns trying to raise Blue Bonnets in the first place? Shouldn't it have been Orange Bonnets?
Posted Wednesday March 12, 2014, About: Dumars is a goner
At one time, Dumars was the toast of the league with his brilliance in putting together excellent basketball teams. His current record has been very poor--perhaps an indication that he has passed his peak.

Isiah Thomas has experience. But as one bank Director once said, "I would not select X as our next president, even though he has had lots of experience in presiding over five bank failures."
Posted Tuesday March 04, 2014, About: Rodriguez comes out firing
I'm happy for him, and for West Virginia and Michigan.
Posted Wednesday February 26, 2014, About: Wolverines shuffle positions all over
I am a Motowner (as well as a resident of Freedom Shores on the Mackinac Straits). Despite the problems you hear of about Detroit, it is a place of warm and friendly people who are anxious to rebuild the city as a self-renewing community. I believe we will do it!

I do not knock Ohio. It can be a rather pleasant place as I found out after spending two years there one day.
Posted Monday February 24, 2014, About: Will Keith Appling recover this season?
The Spartans have had physical problems this season--end to end. This Wolverine wishes them the best from here on out. (I'd rather lose to a healthy Spartan squad (if necessary) than beat a crippled one.
Posted Sunday February 23, 2014, About: TCU assistant AD resigns after Facebook post
Being both a Wolverine and an Aggie, I know the history of the term "cow college" from both sides. It has always been a derogatory term, but in the distance past it might have had a modicum of truth to it. We are no longer in the distant past and now this term is only a slur.

When my Wolverines take the field against TSUN (from UMich's perspective), I want them to win. But winning or losing, they are playing equals.

When my Aggies take the field against TCU, I want them to win. But winning or losing they are playing equals.

The bonfire tragedy at TAMU was a result of poor planning and lack of adequate oversight. It should never have happened. And perhaps criticism of it will help lead to better conditions to prevent similar things happening again.

Let anyone without sin cast the first stone.
Posted Thursday February 20, 2014, About: Aggies will intimidate with a ... new scoreboard
Wait until the new scoreboard steps down when the Aggie band takes the field and dots the "i."

Huh, what do you mean there is no "i" in aTm?
Posted Tuesday February 18, 2014, About: NFLPA will fight discipline of Incognito
Locker rooms are for "toughening up" mentally like practice fields are for "toughening up" physically. It is part of pro football. How did the Fins ever let this get out of the locker room. Martin should be punished severely for telling the truth.
Posted Wednesday February 05, 2014, About: Wolverines' QB race officially open
Gardner's butterfingers are better than if he had baby ruths. And have you ever tried buckeye pie? (Ugh, try pecan instead.)
Posted Monday February 03, 2014, About: Pistons forced to deal?
I have mixed feelings about Dumars. When he first took over, he made some brilliant deals that kept the Pistons in contention long after other defending champions had shot their wads. But I have failed to see that same brilliance in recent deals. Perhaps he needs to work with people who are more aware of the team needs (like Larry Brown) so that he knows what is needed and can acquire that needed talent with his trading skills?
Posted Sunday February 02, 2014, About: Packers CEO: College union could spur NFL developmental league
Actually, it will take many years to resolve whichever way the NRLB rules. Either decision will be appealed by somebody. And the result of the appeals process (whatever it is) will change the game far beyond what we know it to be today.

I have tried to summarize--very briefly--the pros and cons of this and of other issues related to collegiate athletics in my blog "Pay for Play." (I have reserved my own opinions until the end of the blog.)
Posted Tuesday January 14, 2014, About: Lions down to their fourth choice
So the Lions have been rejected--and perhaps by more than one. The question is "Why?"

There has been finger-pointing at players with no sense of discipline and/or mission. Bush came to the D to address that, and so far has not succeeded.

There has been finger-pointing at the field management. Position coaches, OC's and DC's have come--and gone. No changes have occurred in the fortunes of the franchise.

There has been finger-pointing at the "front office." Some executives have been monumentally bad, others perhaps better. But the upshot again is that nothing happened.

This leaves the responsibility solely in the hands of ownership. Even the "new" owner is of the same dynasty and has not changed the character of the team--at least not yet.

I wonder if the Lions could trade owners with some other club. But probably not. What other club would want the Lions ownership?
Posted Saturday December 28, 2013, About: Michigan's Mitch McGary out after surgery
We do!
Posted Monday November 11, 2013, About: Incognito could be suspended again
I don't know--or care--what the 'Fins or the League does with Incognito (a guy whose name certainly does not fit him). His two principle arguments in his own defense were 1) "everybody understood the banter" and 2) "everyone does it." Even if true, neither makes it right.

Martin has been called for "not standing up for himself," that is cowardice. He took the most honorable road possible, walking away and not escalating the situation. There is no bravery stronger than that!
Posted Monday October 21, 2013, About: Wolverines overhaul offense on the fly
I heard a quote once which was attributed to Fielding Yost (although I seriously doubt that he said anything like it): "Deirs dose what score and dose what don't score. Dat's all ya need to know about football."
Posted Saturday October 12, 2013, About: Report: Texas officials paranoid of Aggies' success
As one who has degrees from both UMich and TAMU, I can understand that UTx might be deeply concerned about losing regional loyalty (not to mention state government funding) to the Aggies.

Let me suggest to the Longhorns that all is not lost. Replace your arrogance with a measure of humility and put your nether regions to the grindstone.
Posted Saturday September 21, 2013, About: Michigan behind 'Go Blue' skywriting in East Lansing
The results of the ND-MSU game are in and it is now clear what both the Irish and the Wolverines did with the big money that came from their game. They both used it against Michigan State. The Wolverines painted the sky over Spartan Stadium. The Irish bought themselves some game officials to paint the field with yellow flags when needed.
Posted Tuesday September 10, 2013, About: Michigan QB showcasing NFL skills
Replace *year* with "years".
Posted Tuesday September 10, 2013, About: Michigan QB showcasing NFL skills
As a Wolverine who has suffered losses to Ohio State, Michigan State, and Notre Dame over the year, I know how deeply you hurt.

But, believe me, it will wear off in a few decades and you will eventually be left with the fond memories of losing to a better team.
Posted Thursday September 05, 2013, About: Michigan athletics picks up $100M gift
From the perspective of angry weasels, there is only one TSUN - the Athenians(?), Spartans(?), Greeks(?), whatever . . . There are two TSDS's, Ohio something-or-other and Notre something-or-other. I wish them well, they need it!
Posted Tuesday September 03, 2013, About: Kelly underestimating Michigan rivalry?
I grew up in the "hiatus" of Mich/ND football in the '50s and only heard about "the game" from recollections of my father. The "big game" was Ohio State, of course, but MichSt was only then coming into prominence. He always maintained that they would play "the game" again. It happened, of course, but he died before it came to be.

Now we are in another "hiatus." Unlike the first one, this is relatively nonviolent. The first one came about because Mich accused ND of illegal recruiting and ND accused Mich of illegal practices. (My understanding is that neither school had completely clean skirts on these issues.)

But anyone who dares to claim that the rivalry does not exist, is not intense, or is of secondary importance does not know the history of his own school--whether Irish or Wolverine.
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