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Posted Monday July 18, 2011, About: Why Kuroda isn't going east
He's going East. Not all the way back East where he came from, just East Coast USA. A chance to pitch in the post-season, enough said.
Posted Monday July 18, 2011, About: Mr. Smith goes to Chicago?
Ricky Manning Jr got it all started.
Posted Monday July 18, 2011, About: Mr. Smith goes to Chicago?
Why bring in another short receiver? And exactly how good was the last Carolina WR the Bears had? Bears need O-Line help in a bad way. I can't see them spending future picks for a short WR that has been banged up A LOT and is on the wrong side of 30. If they are gonna get a cast off WR, go get Smith's former teamate Ocho, hell, why don't they make a run at Reggie Wayne, Indi may not be able to afford him once King Manning gets his new contract... Lol, just stirring the pot.
Posted Tuesday June 28, 2011, About: Ware takes issue with Top 100 ranking
This is why I am on the owners' side.
Posted Monday March 28, 2011, About: Will Favre quarterback Carolina?
I think the Panthers would do better with Joe Montana coming out of retirement. Less side-show. How lame was this story?
Posted Monday January 17, 2011, About: Cable just beginning to grind ax?
I don't know if Chicago needs the Cable guy (with Martz and Tice they don't), but I would welcome him and his lunch-pail mentality anyday. Living in California with nothing but Raider fans for friends, I believe that letting Cable go was a bad move for the organization. And as noted, Oakland is set up to lose half the team to FA so they will be in re-re-rebuilding mode for the foreseable future. Too bad, they were competitive this season. At least Chicago comes to Oakland this year, I can say that I WILL be at that game and will get a chance to see what the new HC is all about in person.
Posted Monday January 17, 2011, About: NFL's highest payroll is...
All teams spend money and all teams are required to spend a certain amount. The fact that the Pats have the highest this year is likely due to no cap. The Chicago Bears also paid a lot this year and most of the contracts they did in the recent years was aimed at a non-capped year so, check the payroll next season and you will find that these teams spent well, having most of the big bonuses pay this season and thus lowering their overall payroll for a possibly capped season in 2011 or 2012. Go Bears.

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