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Posted Sunday December 29, 2013, About: Bill O'Brien tells Penn St. recruit he's not leaving
If the 5-star prospect is a QB, wide receiver or OL with NFL ambitions Penn State would be a great place to develop, even without playing a 13th or 14th game, provided the current Coaching staff and/or schemes remain in place.
Posted Friday November 15, 2013, About: The one untouchable White Sox arm?
With that throwing motion, I am afraid that Sale is another short-career span arm. Great until elbow surgery, followed by disappointing return.
Posted Wednesday November 06, 2013, About: Chilling consequences if 'toughen up' is true
Martin did slide from a 1st to a 2nd round choice dues to perceived toughness issues.
Some of my questions are, What part of the mess in this whole hazing thing is relationship between the hazing and "winning the game?" Does the new equipment room hire, Trainer, or Office Clerk have to buy doughnuts or some other foolish requirement for their departments of the Miami Dolphins? Is there any Professional for employees of the Miami Dolphins or N.F.L. that any employee can go to, in confidence, with personal problems? Does the training of the Department heads including the Coaching Staff go into proper counseling methods and dealing with employees issues? Would the new Offensive Line Coach be told and made comfortable in talking to any of the more senior coaches about how to approach issues with his players, without mentioning names?
Are all employees informed of the difference between being a 'professional' due to being paid for their performance and being 'professional' by all their actions?
Posted Monday May 06, 2013, About: ACC releases 2013 bowl schedule
Posted Wednesday February 27, 2013, About: Low-wattage basketball missing the points
Too much 1on 1. I knew a HS Coach that told his players that the only head to head competition he wanted to see his players involved in was 21. He said it may be dull and boring but being able to make free throws will have a player on the playing floor at the end of games.
Posted Wednesday February 27, 2013, About: Florida's No. 1 seed lost?
Too much emphasis on seeds; To get to the Final Four and win it all great teams must be beat. What you don't want is to be a 4, 5 or 6 seed facing a nearby Mid-Major that can bring a crowd.
Posted Saturday February 23, 2013, About: Texas A&M coaches to tutor Packers on defending read-option
This thread should be with the NFL threads. That being stated every NFL DC is looking @ stopping the read-option. I wouldn't be surprised if the Jets & Saints aren't splitting costs to have Fr.Ryan breaking down the video and coming up with his thoughts.
Posted Tuesday February 19, 2013, About: UNC has Big Ten offer on table?
I guess I should be happy that the B1G is looking in the Eastern Time Zone. I think it does put too much strain on the B-ball teams to have a lot of mid-week road games with two hours time difference, then fly back to campus. Probably more a concern for the Women's teams as I feel they could early a.m. classes the next day.
Posted Tuesday February 19, 2013, About: UNC receives offer to join Big Ten
Oh Sierra,Hotel,India,Tango!
Posted Tuesday February 19, 2013, About: Cincinnati sends Christmas cards to ACC presidents
Bob Huggin's B-Ball teams were highly competitive. The area is very talent laden for football. I am sure Florida State and Miami [the u.] would like the chance to do a showcase game in Cincinnati and maybe pick a plum away from Urban Meyer. Of course 1st & foremost the University must be an "ACADEMIC FIT!!!"
Posted Wednesday February 13, 2013, About: Ventura turned down White Sox extension
He may not be the best player to wear the #23 in Chicago, but he is probably the most level-headed one.
Posted Saturday February 09, 2013, About: Paterno family to release Freeh Report rebuttal on Sunday
Our individual perceptions of Joe Paterno probably aren't going to change much. My take on the vacating of Penn State's is this: As some good long time college coach goes up the lists of wins the reports will be," With a win Saturday Coach _________ will tie Joe Paterno for eighth place on the all-time list of coaching victories." Then later, "Coach _________ has now passed Joe Paterno for eighth place in coaching victories." The vacated victories leaves Paterno on the list of great coaches but not the gold standard.
Posted Tuesday February 05, 2013, About: Chalk up another 100 losses for the 'Stros
Milo Hamilton retired too,didn't he? One of the great voices of the game.
Posted Saturday February 02, 2013, About: Dave Wannstedt hired as Buccaneers special teams coach
Wannstedt had success as DC for Jimmy Johnson in Dallas and as a Head Coach did have a signature win @ each stop, that totally spoiled that opponents season. He was probably let go @ Pitt before it was necessary, although his last team there did underachieve [a sad Wannstedt trademark]. He has total integrity but has never been a Special Teams coach. I wish him well.
Posted Tuesday January 29, 2013, About: Flacco on cold-weather Super Bowls: 'It's stupid'
IMHO; I think that the idea of the Super Bowl in some teams home facility is dead wrong. Until something is done about a team for Los Angeles have the Super Bowl @ The Rose Bowl. If LA gets a team, pick an alternate spot so no teams has a home game;ie. Super Dome chosen to host, Georgia Dome, JerryDome, Phoenix or Tampa as alternative if the Saints win the NFC. Dome facilities in the Midwest[birthplace of the NFL] could also be considered.The biggest inconvenience will be for the chain hotels that have other places in the alternative city anyway.
Posted Friday January 25, 2013, About: Rays officials: MLB has lost faith in Tampa Bay
Hartford or North Jersey. 35% of the Nation's population is in the northeast. The Yankees, Red Sox and Mets are 1,2,& 5 in value for MLB franchises. It would take a while an additional fan base could be built there.
Posted Thursday January 24, 2013, About: Selig ducks The Pete Rose Question
I can't blame The Cincinnati Enquirer for reporting on this this question. Selig also knows it is going to asked on anything to do with Cincinnati.
After 60 years I finally learned where and how many Cs,Is,Ns & Ts for the Queen City, I just gotta overdo comments to show off.
Posted Thursday January 24, 2013, About: Selig ducks The Pete Rose Question
1st,thank you for the compliment. I'll be very interested to see future HOF votes after Bob Costas said that at some point in the future he would start voting for Bonds and Clemens as he feels they would have worthy numbers if they haven't taken PEDs. Costas stated he is not convinced that Sosa, McGwire and others would have HOF numbers without being enhanced for part of their careers.
Dear Sister Mary Discipline from my Alma Mater of Our Lady of Perpetual Agony would say Bonds & Clemens have some Purgatory Time to do.
Costas maybe is suggesting as high a ground as can be expected for all.
Posted Thursday January 24, 2013, About: Weis building underrated recruiting classes
The full article listed 3 firm recruits,all on defense.
Posted Thursday January 24, 2013, About: Selig ducks The Pete Rose Question
After Rose has passed away, the Commissioner of Baseball will reinstate Rose, Joe Jackson and Buck Weaver. The Baseball Hall of Fame will have the Veteran's Committee or a Special Ad Hoc Committee decide on their enshrinement. Jackson and Rose will be enshrined,probably in that order. Fay Vincent and others have stated that the case for Jackson is more compelling. Jackson did admit the facts of his mistake(s). Of course pure speculation on my part.
Posted Thursday January 03, 2013, About: Should the Steelers have fired Mike Tomlin?
Some SI thing called Fansided overloading this SI thing. Maybe someone trying to justify existence.
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