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Posted Tuesday November 12, 2013, About: Pettis out of UFC on Fox 9 title fight
Big Shocker there. I'm starting to think this guy just says I'm injured so he can fight when he feels like fighting instead of the scheduled dates.
Posted Wednesday November 06, 2013, About: Brown complains of Texas snub
Auburn was unranked when LSU beat them not a good signature win.
Posted Wednesday November 06, 2013, About: Thomas: We should hang 'at least' 40 on Stanford
A computer is programmed by a human so the bias is still there so there really isn't a huge difference.
Posted Monday November 28, 2011, About: Kansas AD has ties to coach candidates
I thought he ate an offensive lineman.
Posted Wednesday November 16, 2011, About: Chizik has considered Malzahn's departure
Hiring Clawson wasn't the bonehead move by Fulmer. Hiring Clawson but still keeping the same positional coaches was the bonehead move. Especially when Clawson's offense was radically different from what UT has ever ran before. If you are going to radically change the offense then you have to let the coordinator hire the guys he wants as positional coaches. Its the same screw up that Tommy Tuberville made at Auburn when he hired Tony Franklin as OC but kept the same positional coaches. The OC cant teach his offense to his positional coaches and the players and hope everyone gets it. I mean he can but it will take longer. Whereas if he has his guys as positional coaches who knows all the ins and outs of his offense then its easier to get the offense taught to the team.
Posted Monday September 19, 2011, About: Chizik has more in store for Dyer
Posted Thursday August 11, 2011, About: A&M-to-SEC gains steam
Actually Auburn would make the most sense because they already play Georgia every year from the east and the two other teams that rotate off the schedule. Georgia would automatically stay on their schedule if Auburn moved to the east and then the SEC could make the Alabama game the permanent team from the West that Auburn plays. Then rotate the other two league games like they currently do.
Posted Tuesday June 14, 2011, About: TE commits to Auburn over Georgia
Exactly Auburn has alway recruited the Columbus area really well because its about farting distance away.
Posted Thursday February 03, 2011, About: Iowa now among Kouandjio's finalists
Thought the house was in San Diego. LOL
Posted Thursday February 03, 2011, About: Iowa now among Kouandjio's finalists
http://voices.washingtonpost.com/recruitinginsider/2011/02/cyrus_kouandjio_wait ing_to_sig.html

There is the link to the Washington post article
Posted Thursday February 03, 2011, About: Iowa now among Kouandjio's finalists
If you think he is concerned about his education then your crazy. His very own words were he couldn't see spending three years at Iowa. 3 Years. Now that could be taken two ways. Either he planned on graduating in 3 years, or the far more likely option that he only plans on being on campus for 3 years then going to the next level.
Posted Thursday January 13, 2011, About: Newton photo opens new controversy
Your insane they ban both fan bases with equality. Trust me on that. They are quick to ban people though for the profanity or person attacks. Trust me on that too.
Posted Wednesday November 03, 2010, About: Malzahn becomes hot topic after Colorado report
To bad Ziemba and Burns were recruited by Tubberville. Unless he was recruiting for Auburn while he was still coordinator at Arkansas. Dyer is the only one he has recruited to Auburn considering Frazier is still just a high school senior until Natioal Signing Day.

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