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Posted Wednesday April 23, 2014, About: Jazz eyeing Italian legend
The NBA, where owners/GM's are not held accountable. For years this franchise was successful and always in the playoffs. Management forces out the great Jerry Sloan and what has happened since? After a continual slide downhill they hit rock-bottom this year with the worst record in the NBA West... even worse then the Lakers! Yet, nobody is held accountable. And to make it worse, they are going to lose their best player Hayward. So, bring in the so-called Italian legend if you want but it will make no difference... you have and will continue to "poop-the-pooch."
Posted Wednesday April 23, 2014, About: Love's deal clouds T-Wolves' hiring
Our man-of-few words usually gets it right, but not this time. These are not the Jerry Buss Lakers anymore. Not the same appeal and nobody seems to want to play with Kobe now.

One thing is for sure, if Flip Sanders becomes the HC it will be a disaster. When he followed Larry Brown in Detroit, he took the (then champion) Pistons straight downhill. As a HC he is a poor man's Mike D'Antoni... his only redeeming factor is that he looks like Col. Trautman from Rambo!
Posted Wednesday April 23, 2014, About: Terps want in on Big Ten Network
I agree, been saying that for awhile. Then we will have football playoffs. Four 16 team conferences with 4 divisions, with each conference having 4-team playoffs. So in essence, we have playoffs for roughly the top 16 teams which will lead down to the 4 conference championship teams. The beauty is that the schools will keep the cash from the conference playoffs. Bad news for Notre Dame (as an independent) as they would have to be selected over a major conference champion.
Posted Tuesday April 22, 2014, About: Woodson's next job
The NBA leads all professional sports in re-cycling their HC's. Guys get 2nd, 3rd and sometimes 4th chances to be a HC, no matter had bad they failed previously. Take the Lakers for example. They hire Mike Brown after he got fired from the Cavaliers. Then they dump Brown for a recently failed Mike D'Antoni who made a mess of things in New York. Brown then gets re-hired by the Cavs. The NBA is full of guys like George Karl, Rick Adelman, Don Nelson, Lenny Wilkens, Mike Dunleavy, etc who have had multiple HC's gigs after either being fired or forced out. The recycled HC bench is already too long for Woodson to get another try. Maybe he;ll go back to Indiana.
Posted Monday April 21, 2014, About: Jim Buss promised to step down if ...
"I was laying myself on the line by saying, if this doesn't work in three to four years, if we're not back on the top ... then I will step down because that means I have failed"

Hey Jimbo, I've got news for you... you have already failed!

What were you thinking when...
- you matched Dwight Howard with a HC who doesn't value or use big men?
- you gave a 3-year no-cut deal to a near-40 year old Steve Nash to play in an up-tempo O.?
- hired Mike Brown as HC and fired him 5 games into his second season?
- hired D'Antoni as the HC right after he walked away from doing a horrible job in N.Y.?
- refused to make a place for the winning-est HC in history who was there for the asking?
- responsible for the worst season in Los Angeles Laker's history?

I could go on, but the point is made. Jim Buss has his job by bloodline not braintrust. He doesn't "get it" and never will. PJ could have saved him, but his ego was too big. He will go down as another kid who did mortal damage to the business his dad created.
Posted Monday April 21, 2014, About: Woodson has 3.4 million reasons not to complain
I like the ex-Hoosier Woodson, but he seems to be acting a bit entitled. It's a business adage that a new broom sweeps clean and his team's performance this year deserves to be swept. His efforts to avoid the meeting with PJ this week were unprofessional, after all he is still getting paid by the Knicks. I think his HC days are over... unless the Lakers hire him (they seem to like fired coaches).
Posted Sunday April 20, 2014, About: Report: Jim Cleamons interested in joining Knicks
Here's a surprise... how about Derek Fisher as an assistant.
Posted Sunday April 20, 2014, About: Jim Buss promises to resign if Lakers don't improve
These things happen when a son inherits his job and did not earn it. Buss-light wants to earn his bones by re-creating "Showtime." In his pea brain, Buss-light thinks D'Antoni's offense can be it. One thing for sure, PJ's triangle O wasn't exciting enough though it did win championships. Since the Lakers are near the bottom, some improvement is likely but I don't believe they are the attractive destination they were when Jerry Buss was alive. I've always believed that there are basically 3 types of people in the world. Those that MAKE things happen, those that WATCH things happen and those that wonder WHAT HAPPENED! Guess which one Jim Buss is.
Posted Sunday April 20, 2014, About: Oklahoma State pays Peyton Manning $105K for speech
Van, of course if he had gone to Notre Dame you'd buy him a steak dinner! I heard Joe Theismann speak at a radio convention a few years ago and he was pretty darn good.

BTW, high speaker fees are a norm. Bill Clinton gets from $150-450k per speech, Sarah Palin $100k, Britain's Tony Blair $250k+, etc. Can you imagine what Michael Jordan would cost?
On this we can agree.
I know you are a big time Noles fan, but he does have a point. Suspending the investigation because he declined to answer questions (not the same as taking the 5th) raises a question in my mind. I would think that is a good reason to ratchet-up the investigation.

This whole thing stinks and it is clear to me that the fix was in.
Posted Saturday April 19, 2014, About: Quarterback freefalling down draft boards
Despite the ESPN hype machine, the kid is 190 lbs soaking wet and has a marginal arm. It might be better for him (except for the $$) that he does go 2nd round or later. He'll get an opportunity to play in the NFL without all the pressure of having to play immediately for a bottom-dwelling team. Hmmm, I wonder if his team mates attended his B-Day party? (I just saw Draft Day)
Posted Saturday April 19, 2014, About: ... So, L.A. will line up for Love and Durant
It finally dawned on me what's up with Jim Buss. How can he make his mark? What was going on with the Lakers when he was a young silver-spoon man... Showtime! Returning to Showtime is what is on his mind, what will earn him his "bones." Sure, Phil Jackson wins championships but the triangle offense is the opposite of showtime, so out he goes. Look at his moves, D'Antoni & Nash = Showtime (in his mind). This will guide his moves, in the HC he values and players he seeks. Don't be so quick to count out D'Antoni. I believe this Buss-light guy would rather win just enough games to reach the playoffs with "Showtime" then to win a championship with a less-glitzy offense.
Posted Friday April 18, 2014, About: A&M left scrambling for a quarterback
This is the year we find out if Sumlin is truly an elite HC and A&M remains an elite program. Looking at next year's schedule, the non-SEC games are typically weak (for an SEC team)... the mighty Rice football Owls, with Lamar, SMU and La-Monroe all presenting little resistance. However, the SEC slate is brutal starting with S.C. I see a 2-6 conference record, 3-0 non-conf with the Rice game being a tossup. So, either 5-7 or 6-6... which is not elite.
Posted Friday April 18, 2014, About: Woodson wants a quick answer
Woodson is a good guy, a decent HC but in over his head with the Knicks. He would be a better college coach IMO. Rumors have him being considered at his alma mater (Indiana) if they dump Crean and I think that would be a good fit.

I don't see why Jackson would hire Steve Kerr as a rookie HC, so I don't expect it.
Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: Stoudemire: Knicks can be the NBA's best
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain....

Regarding Carmelo's staying or going, I would say that he will do exactly what Phil Jackson wants him to do... that's how Phil works. He nudges a player in the right direction.

Regarding signing Odom, what the Knicks are doing is genius. By signing him now, they invest scant money to secure his rights and give Odom a chance to see if he can get it together. If he does the Knicks gain a solid player, if not they lose virtually nothing.
Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: Can the Lakers woo Ollie out of UConn?
These Calipari and Ollie rumors are interesting and have me thinking. Having gone 0-2 with his choice of NBA-experienced (and fired/ran-our) coaches, Jim Buss is looking to pull a rabbit out-of-the-hat and grab a HC that will make him look like an out-of-the-box thinker. He seems desperate to make a HC choice that will impress. Jerry Buss tried hard to get Coach K a few years back and I think Buss-light remembers that. I'm betting that a poops the pooch again.

Is it just me or is anyone else totally unimpressed with the recent scoring binge of Nick Young? In my day they used to call players like him "gunners" who shoot from anywhere and play little defense. I'm a little tired of watching the Lakers street-ball offense and matador defense.
Posted Wednesday April 09, 2014, About: Devin Gardner: I'm still Michigan's No. 1 QB
An immobile Gardner is a better passing Gardner.
Posted Wednesday April 09, 2014, About: New offense for Kansas
Though tempted, I'm done making fun of Weis (and his schematic advantage)... he just isn't HC material. BTW, what is it with Kansas hiring these heavy-duty HC's. They had "Cannon" for years and now Weis, maybe they believe in hiring by pounds on the hoof!
Posted Tuesday April 08, 2014, About: Devin Gardner: I'm still Michigan's No. 1 QB
The broken toe probably kept him from running... a benefit. You also have to figure in he was playing against the worst Buckeye defense in the school's history. Those last 3 games we made every QB look like Joe Montana!

Hoke was hired 1/11/2011 and the half of the kids for that class committed after Hoke came on board. According to MGoBlue's 3-deep lineup, 3 of his recruits from 2011 are starters (Beyer, Clark & Taylor) as well as your #1 kicker (Wile). QB candidate Bellomy is listed as 3rd team and a RB (Hayes) is listed as 2nd string. There are two of RR's kids from 2011 listed as starters (Morgan & Countess) and Hollowell is a 3rd team DB. The 2011 recruiting class (RR's and Hoke's) are well represented on your starting defense, with most being Hoke's guys, so to say this is only Hoke's 3rd year of recruiting isn't quite accurate.

So Yoop, I restate my question... why is Hoke's record getting worse as more of his kids see the field?
Posted Tuesday April 08, 2014, About: Bird coming down to coach?
It may be a made-up story, but it is one heck of a good idea!
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