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Posted Friday April 18, 2014, About: Woodson wants a quick answer
Woodson is a good guy, a decent HC but in over his head with the Knicks. He would be a better college coach IMO. Rumors have him being considered at his alma mater (Indiana) if they dump Crean and I think that would be a good fit.

I don't see why Jackson would hire Steve Kerr as a rookie HC, so I don't expect it.
Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: Stoudemire: Knicks can be the NBA's best
Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain....

Regarding Carmelo's staying or going, I would say that he will do exactly what Phil Jackson wants him to do... that's how Phil works. He nudges a player in the right direction.

Regarding signing Odom, what the Knicks are doing is genius. By signing him now, they invest scant money to secure his rights and give Odom a chance to see if he can get it together. If he does the Knicks gain a solid player, if not they lose virtually nothing.
Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: Can the Lakers woo Ollie out of UConn?
These Calipari and Ollie rumors are interesting and have me thinking. Having gone 0-2 with his choice of NBA-experienced (and fired/ran-our) coaches, Jim Buss is looking to pull a rabbit out-of-the-hat and grab a HC that will make him look like an out-of-the-box thinker. He seems desperate to make a HC choice that will impress. Jerry Buss tried hard to get Coach K a few years back and I think Buss-light remembers that. I'm betting that a poops the pooch again.

Is it just me or is anyone else totally unimpressed with the recent scoring binge of Nick Young? In my day they used to call players like him "gunners" who shoot from anywhere and play little defense. I'm a little tired of watching the Lakers street-ball offense and matador defense.
Posted Wednesday April 09, 2014, About: Devin Gardner: I'm still Michigan's No. 1 QB
An immobile Gardner is a better passing Gardner.
Posted Wednesday April 09, 2014, About: New offense for Kansas
Though tempted, I'm done making fun of Weis (and his schematic advantage)... he just isn't HC material. BTW, what is it with Kansas hiring these heavy-duty HC's. They had "Cannon" for years and now Weis, maybe they believe in hiring by pounds on the hoof!
Posted Tuesday April 08, 2014, About: Devin Gardner: I'm still Michigan's No. 1 QB
The broken toe probably kept him from running... a benefit. You also have to figure in he was playing against the worst Buckeye defense in the school's history. Those last 3 games we made every QB look like Joe Montana!

Hoke was hired 1/11/2011 and the half of the kids for that class committed after Hoke came on board. According to MGoBlue's 3-deep lineup, 3 of his recruits from 2011 are starters (Beyer, Clark & Taylor) as well as your #1 kicker (Wile). QB candidate Bellomy is listed as 3rd team and a RB (Hayes) is listed as 2nd string. There are two of RR's kids from 2011 listed as starters (Morgan & Countess) and Hollowell is a 3rd team DB. The 2011 recruiting class (RR's and Hoke's) are well represented on your starting defense, with most being Hoke's guys, so to say this is only Hoke's 3rd year of recruiting isn't quite accurate.

So Yoop, I restate my question... why is Hoke's record getting worse as more of his kids see the field?
Posted Tuesday April 08, 2014, About: Bird coming down to coach?
It may be a made-up story, but it is one heck of a good idea!
Posted Tuesday April 08, 2014, About: Devin Gardner: I'm still Michigan's No. 1 QB
One other thing Yoop. There have been 6 seasons since you guys ran out Lloyd Carr. Since that time you have complied a pitiful 44% winning percentage in B1G games, only 38% last year and that counts two miracle wins versus Northwestern. The question ask is why is the team's record getting worse the more of Hoke's recruits come on-line?
Posted Tuesday April 08, 2014, About: Devin Gardner: I'm still Michigan's No. 1 QB
Yoop, we've had this discussion, we just disagree. I am not a DG hater... the kid has skills! But, I don't believe he will lose the "run yips" that the porous O-line exacerbated in him last year. From what I'm reading the O-line may not be better this year. I believe that inheriting DR and DG has really set back Hoke and may cost him his job. What you don't want is a repeat of last year. After all, this will be Hoke's 4th year!
Posted Tuesday April 08, 2014, About: Browns prefer Carr over Manziel
I'm a little tired of reading these blurbs that continue to show why teams like the Browns and Vikings (with Mike Zimmer's red flags) are as bad as they are. Manziel is what he is and if you don't want it pass on him, but why do they feel the need to disrespect him? As far as I'm concerned, Zimmer (who has always been a D-coach and never a HC) is the red flags. If the Brown think Carr-light is worth a 4th pick, then they deserve to stink.
Posted Tuesday April 08, 2014, About: Will NFL team draft and sign Carr brothers?
Posted Tuesday April 08, 2014, About: Flacco's take on the new offense
Joe Flacco should say a thank-you to Anquan Bolden every night, because AB caught every pass thrown his way... me made Flacco look better then he is. Last year sans Bolden, Flacco looked very pedestrian.
Posted Sunday April 06, 2014, About: Devin Gardner: I'm still Michigan's No. 1 QB
If DG is #1 and gets the most reps in this fall's practices then Meechigan is in for a rough season. This is the year that Hoke was supposed to run his offense of choice with his shiny new OC. With DG at QB that won't happen.
Posted Friday April 04, 2014, About: Gasol done in L.A.
Laker fans... did any of you see the interview that Bill Macdonald did with Jeanie Buss a few days ago? If not, here is a transcript:

Posted Friday April 04, 2014, About: Gasol done in L.A.
Jim Buss thought he was bringing back "showtime" by reuniting Nash with D'Antoni's street ball type of offense. Of course with Buss being so stupid to compare Pat Riley's team (which used big men and played defense) to D'Antoni's approach, it has been a disaster. Here's the problem; Jim Buss doesn't know what he doesn't know and with Kupchek as his "yes" man, it won't get much better.
Posted Thursday April 03, 2014, About: Nash proving he has something left to give
With one year left on D'Antoni's contract and the likelihood of no major improvement next year... the Jim Buss express may just let it ride and put all his efforts into the year after that. The problem is Kobe, he will not put up with a make-the-playoffs at best kind of year. If D'Antoni stays, Pau is gone and no self-respecting big man will want to play in a system where jacking up 3's is the offense. I expect Jordan Hill and Kaman to vamoose as well, leaving only Sacre. What most Laker fans fail to comprehend is that these are not the Buss Lakers and therefore all past history of success is null & void. These are the Buss-light Lakers which doesn't have the curb appeal of the past.
Posted Tuesday April 01, 2014, About: Will Izzo stick around for the rebuild?
I may be missing something, but I've not seen one iota of information where Izzo has looked to make a move. This is a made-up story.
Posted Tuesday April 01, 2014, About: Dave Rose's BYU guarantee
As long as BYU plays in the WAC (where only Gonzaga & St. Marys are decent) they will rack up 20+ wins and make the Dance. This is the year of the "white man's basketball" (Wisky, Harvard, Mercer, SFA, etc) so BYU is timely, but to get to a sweet 16 is highly unlikely.
Posted Tuesday April 01, 2014, About: Mark Jackson a candidate for the Knicks
He's "worn out his welcome" with the owner? He's coached the sorry-arse Warriors to the playoffs two years in a row and if he leaves and they hire a "nice" coach they will back at the bottom of the western division. A little success and these ego-maniac owners want the credit. I don't see Jackson hiring Jackson (not his protege).
Posted Monday March 31, 2014, About: Lakers have a dilemma with D'Antoni
These are the given facts as I see them:

1) Kobe Bryant will be a Laker
2) If D'Antoni remains as HC, Pau Gasol is a goner.
3) Steve Nash can no longer play

These are the assumptions as I see them:

1) If D'Antoni remains the HC it will be due solely to Buss' ego.
2) If D'Antoni remains the HC it will signal to free agents to stay away from LA
3) The Kobe, D'Antoni and Buss combination is not a recipe for championships.

But Laker fans, Jeanie Buss says she talked to Mitch and Jimmy and they assured her the Lakers will be better next year.
Posted Monday March 31, 2014, About: Wolverines may lose three to the NBA
I guess these kids will settle for a journeyman-type of NBA career. The money is such that they do OK with a rookie contract and if they get past that then the bucks are big enough to satisfy them. Ex Ohio State player Duane Thomas went off and played in the Euro-league. A few years ago one-and-doners Kosta Koufus and Byron Mullens, both lifetime backup players, have bounced around teams (and the D-League) but are still getting paid. Maybe being 7 footers is why.
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