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Posted Monday December 17, 2012, About: Jerry Brown's mother doesn't want Josh Brent prosecuted
It was truly a freak accident. Not because it was drunk driving but because Josh Brent & Jerry Brown where truly friends. He was drunk yes and drunk drivers who kill should go to jail but this is one of those type of things that are kind of like nothing can punish you worse than what you did. I'm grateful that the cowboys have stood by this man and he should be forever greatful no matter what happens Jerry Brown's mother forgives him.
Posted Monday December 17, 2012, About: Yankees interested in Bourn?
Somebody is gonna over pay him and oddly enough it won't be the Yankees. Surprising with the Blue Jays making deals and the Angles looking like a freakin all star team
Posted Monday December 17, 2012, About: Former Irish QB Clausen fires shot at Bama
Do people really care about what Clausen says? I mean even if he is absolutely right, nobody should care hahahaha.

BAMA 27 vs DAME 20
Posted Monday December 17, 2012, About: Nash practices, hopes to return by Christmas
I know Nash is thinking, Damn I didn't go the Raptors because I didn't want to lose games but I'm with the Lakers losing games. Ah I reckon I should have went back to Canada.
Posted Monday December 17, 2012, About: Cuban's not ready to rebuild
He's only saying this because he thinks Dwight Howard will come to Dallas in the off season and he may be on to something with that way of thinking.
Posted Saturday December 15, 2012, About: Big East 7 to raid Atlantic 10 teams?
I'm getting sick of this conference crap
Posted Saturday December 15, 2012, About: Did Butler expose Indiana in upset win?
Butler exposed that they are for real if that's what you mean.
Posted Saturday December 15, 2012, About: Angels to convert press box into luxury suites
The Angels are putting together a stellar team, the Bluejays are too.
Posted Saturday December 15, 2012, About: Boxing: Pacquiao's wife wants him to quit
Pacman ran into a blue ghost lol
Posted Saturday December 15, 2012, About: Giant David Wilson retiring backflip celebration
He must of got the memo that the Giants are gonna lose there NFC EAST lead this weekend
Posted Saturday December 15, 2012, About: Garcon ready to go whoever the QB is
Redskins are gonna get beat, I just feel it, things are gonna shake up. I see the whole NFC East getting beat this week. Maybe Dallas can pull a rabbit out there back pocket. They seem to be good at that but I don't really see it.
Posted Saturday December 15, 2012, About: Murray limited, ready to play
The Cowboys are gonna run the ball but its still gonna come down to Romo. You can't hide from that fact. So the best thing the Cowboys can do is run the ball early and play action often.
Posted Saturday December 15, 2012, About: Cavs set high asking price for Anderson Varejao
All this going to the Lakers talk is stupid. You Lakers fan that butt hurt right now that your wishing upon "Magic" stars? HAHAHAHAHA. I see the teams in the running being desperate but not as much as the Lakers. 1. Boston will give anything not name Garnet, Pierce, Rondo and Rivers. 2. The Suns see the Lakers and think we can finish better if we clean up. They have the youth to pull a deal. 3. The Rockets, they have more than enough to pull this deal hell as much as my 4. OKC! They have the pieces to the puzzle but why do it? You Ibaka so its a long shot but not as long as 5. BKN Yes the NETS OF BROOKLYN! We all know Humpdashian is a good parting gift for any trade but its not a main course, so then what else? Taylor & Watson? Okay throw in a first or two then what? seems possible but not logical. If the Nets coould pull it though it would put them right there in true contention.

If I could choose I would put money on the Rockets or Celtics but hopefully the real winner will be Cleveland because we all know they are still hurt from the Artist Formerly Known As "23"
Posted Wednesday March 23, 2011, About: Hansbrough's makeshift hot streak will soon end
Really New York Times? How many Hansbrough games do you think they've actually watched? This is classic hate, Tyler played well last year before season ending injury and now he's back playing good basketball. I guess its hard to give credit to a player that just plays basketball, doesn't get into trouble or have a big personality just a ball player.

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