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Posted Wednesday September 22, 2010, About: Is HIstory Repeating Itself at Notre Dame?
As far as the Stanford game goes, I'm not really sure. I haven't seen Stanford play yet, so I don't really have an idea. I know that Toby Gerhart was the only reason that they beat Notre Dame last year, so we'll see. I also know that I trust in Jim Harbaugh as a coach more than I do Brian Kelly. How things will shake out, who knows. The only thing I know for sure is that Stanford will be ready to play. I have less and less faith in Notre Dame being ready.
Posted Tuesday September 21, 2010, About: Is HIstory Repeating Itself at Notre Dame?
I've been worried about this from the minute he was hired. I was listening to sports talk radio one day (I believe it was the Dan Patrick show, but I'm not positive), and they were talking to a reporter from Michigan who had covered Kelly during his coaching stops at Grand Valley State and Central Michigan, and to whom Kelly remained friends to this day. I can't recall his name, but he had some interesting thoughts on the hire. When asked who Brian Kelly most reminded him of, the guy said Charlie Weis. It was kind of ironic. And, through two games, he coaches just like Weis. I know that I'm extremely biased, but Notre Dame has more talent than both Michigan and Michigan St. and there is no reason that they shouldn't have won those games.
Kelly did a piss poor job in getting the back-ups ready for action in the Michigan game, and it showed. If this game was in the Big House, maybe, but at home? There is no reason those kids should have looked that scared on the field. They were completely devastated emotionally on the field when Crist couldn't come back out, and it showed on defense. And after Nate Montana makes the dumb throw out of bounds to end the half, you HAVE to make sure you tell Crist to keep the ball in bounds where you have a shot at a playmaker doing something or a penalty extends the game. I don't fault him going for it on fourth with Montana, but you have to tell the kid that he needs to keep the ball in the field of play. That's just common sense. And to let it happen AGAIN and in the same game, no less, that's just plain stupid.
As far as Michigan St. goes, what do you say? Again, I'm biased, but Notre Dame should have won that game. The defense is getting knocked, and I understand that they are giving up big numbers, but really they haven't played that poorly. They seem to give up a couple of HUGE plays per game (the 87 yard run by Robinson, the 57 yard run by Baker being the most glaring), but all in all, they haven't played that poorly. The problem, in my estimation, is that they are on the field ALL GAME. Even when the offense is clicking and scoring, the defense is right back on the field. It has to wear on you.

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