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Posted Thursday February 20, 2014, About: CBS Pre-game Shakeup
Shannon Sharpe - what is he saying ?
"Uh, he???s mumbling about something, but I don't know what in the hell he's babbling about," said producer Drew Kaliski
Posted Sunday February 16, 2014, About: Sports Illustrated is adding Barbi to the swimsuit edition
Some may, but I won't.
I doubt I'll be standing in any lines to attend "Rocky the Musical" either
Posted Saturday February 15, 2014, About: Sports Illustrated is adding Barbi to the swimsuit edition
Not saying it is right, but it's not as bad as adding the fictional movie character 'Rocky' to the real boxing HOF
Posted Thursday February 13, 2014, About: Seahawks disrespectful team in sports
Yeah -Manning's easy to root for as opposed to other qbs out there that leave the field pouting after a loss.
Posted Wednesday February 05, 2014, About: has been said
Yep, I'm a Seahawks fan from waaaay back and I gotta tell ya - I've been pretty amazed at the height of animosity in young Seahawks fans over the past couple of years. Not just the hatefulness towards the 49ers and their fan base, but most everyone.
Posted Wednesday January 29, 2014, About: Scott Linnehan?
I think it's more promising than strange.
I hear that some see it as Jason Garrett asserting a little increased control over his own staff as he enters a make or break year as head coach. Any time you can wrest anything football related away from JJ, that has GOT to be a positive.
I say let the HC do his job and pick his staff. That's what the Boys fans keep shouting.
Posted Tuesday January 21, 2014, About: Super Bowl XLVIII
I doubt Seattle's defense is going to let them win (if they win) "easily"
Posted Tuesday January 21, 2014, About: Seahawks disrespectful team in sports
My source ... hmmm, this is a tad bit embarrassing. I've never had to prove my worth before - it was an unknown source.
Nah - just kidding
It was the most reputable news outlet ... <snicker> ...... once again, I jest.
OKAY - Ya pried it out of me - I confess .... it was Yahoo! News
(Damn - how did you do that?)
Posted Monday January 20, 2014, About: Seahawks disrespectful team in sports
"We want this to be about hatred, because we like the sound of hatred more than we like the sound of competition. Competition is a cliche' and a candy-pants word. You can't sell competition the way you can sell hatred."

Stunning how well the media outlets have built up an NFL rivalry. The 9er's and Seahawks were nowhere near as hostile towards each other until the media stepped in.
Good luck to both the Seahawks and the Broncos in the Super Bowl. Hope it lives up to the hype the media is sure to saturate us with over the next 2 weeks
Posted Monday January 20, 2014, About: Take some time too mourn.
There's still hope EZ.
Contrary to conventional wisdom, 'Advanced NFL Stats' found that elite offenses historically outperform elite defenses. Data was studied from Super Bowls as well as 10,000+ regular-season games and they found that the cliche' DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS was unsupportable.
But there are exceptional examples of suffocating defenses. Like the 1985 Bears - the 2000 Ravens - the 2002 Buccaneers.... Only time will tell if the 2013 Seahawks will join them.
Still goin with the home team.
Posted Wednesday January 15, 2014, About: The "Final 4"
Seahawks - 13
9ers - 9
Posted Tuesday December 17, 2013, About: Who are these new posters??
Been a member for 5 years - came here one day and over 1,000 posts, my avatar and most of my pics were gone, and dupes and foul mouthed kids had taken over the place. Reporting false abuses and trolling was out of control.
Now I just visit here and there and read the msg. boards.
I have recognized a few names though, who are the basic core of FN.
Posted Wednesday November 27, 2013, About: Brandon Browner
Probably not the smartest move either of these fella's ever made since both are in a contract year. But Pete Carroll has done a pretty fair job of picking up depth at that pos. Byron Maxwell has filled in nicely in Browner's absence (17 TKL - 1FF) and young Jeremy Lane is in his 2nd year and getting some time. But yeah -- this sure won't help.
Posted Tuesday April 16, 2013, About: It's all about Tony and Jerry
Elway lost 3 SB's (87' - 88' - 90') in his first 15 years before he won two in a row in 98' & 99'.
Cowboys fans should embrace Romo, Broncos fans were pretty tired of Elway too before he finally won it all.
Posted Wednesday March 20, 2013, About: Is Matt Flynn being overlooked??
Schneider says he won't rush, but he will keep his ears open for whatever offer floats his way.
He said "As you guys well know, we're always going to listen to everything and if we???re not doing that, we think we're not doing our job. But that doesn't necessarily mean we will do something with Matt, I feel very blessed that we have two starting-caliber guys, I think we have a great setup."
He said he just hasn't "had a chance to sit down with other GM's and some of the people I know around the league to talk about what their situation is yet."
This, accompanied by the FA moves he's pulled off --- John Schneider is a friggin GM Jedi !!
Posted Monday January 07, 2013, About: Chip Kelly with Browns ....Done deal...
Or he's thinking about all the predecessors who left their careers in Clev.
Posted Monday December 24, 2012, About: Griffin or Wilson > Luck for ROY
After lastnight's performance, Wilson has my vote
Four TD's over the number one D in the NFL? ....... That is sic
Posted Sunday May 13, 2012, About: John Elway is a petty, petty little man.......
See The USA - In an Elway Chevrolet !!!!!!!
Posted Sunday May 13, 2012, About: Tony Sparano and Rex Ryan are blowing smoke up our nose
This ............
Posted Friday April 20, 2012, About: not a particularly difficult schedule
Gotta love a positive thinker
Posted Wednesday March 21, 2012, About: Tim Tebow: Would Jacksonville be the best place for him to play
He better start crying NOW then, cuz he's the newest NY Jet
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