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Posted Monday January 07, 2013, About: NFL Divisional Playoff round.
Enter rookie Bruce Irvin. The strangest first-round pick last April. Bruce Irvin, was drafted to eventually be Clemons replacement.
Irvin rewarded the Seahawks by going out and leading all rookies in sacks this year, and he is now shifting to full-time duty after Clemons went down yesterday. He finished that game with 1 sack, 1 tackle for loss, 1 pass defended and 2 hits on the QB.
Seahawks will be okay
[b]And in todays news:[/b]

Alex Rodriguez is being investigated by MLB, for illegal gambling!
The allegations, are that the New York Yankees third baseman played in at least two of the games, one of which took place at the Beverly Hills mansion of a record executive at which "cocaine was openly used" and a fight broke out when one of the players refused to pay after losing "more than a half-million dollars."
In 2005, Rodriguez had been warned about gambling in underground poker clubs by the Yankees and by baseball commissioner Bud Selig, both of whom were concerned that possible involvement with gamblers may lead to betting on baseball games ala Pete Rose.
Posted Wednesday August 03, 2011, About: Predict the Schedule: Arizona Cardinals
The Cards running game is god awful?
I thought they had the New & Improved version of Beanie Wells?
Whisenhunt believes he is "clearly the guy." Said so himself!
Posted Friday July 29, 2011, About: Who got the best of the Eagles-Cardinals trade?
The cost of Kolb was probably a tad bit steep and he may not be worth what AZ had to give up, to most of FN, but to AZ's front office he's apparently their QB of the future and worth more to them than Cromartie and a 2nd round draft pick and lets face it - nobody really knows yet, they may be right - if he turns out to be a Pro Bowl calibur QB, both parties make out like fat-rats
Posted Thursday July 28, 2011, About: jimmer fredette will be a all-star in the nba
Mmmm .... I think I would rather be called Timmy or Jimmy even Sue instead of "Jimmer" - LOL
Posted Wednesday July 20, 2011, About: 10 Worst College Mascots
Damn man - I would have voted for left cuz the Boll Weevil is one of the better mascots out there.
But a forfeit is a forfeit is a forfeit ..... voting right
Posted Wednesday June 22, 2011, About: "East Coast Bias" is a good thing
See Post #10
Posted Tuesday June 21, 2011, About: "East Coast Bias" is a good thing
I don't think it is so much east coast biased, as it is [i]east coast over population[/i] instead. It's always been a business decision. Not a biased decision.
Supply and Demand - the simple corner-stone of the business world
Posted Monday June 20, 2011, About: "East Coast Bias" is a good thing
You don't know {{squat}} about fans out west, other than what you hear from someone else obviously.
Fact of the matter is, 'the Coach' hit the nail on the head. It's not so much a "good" thing as it is a business thing - there are more people in the eastern and central time zones than there are out west and as more and more east coast **** move out west, more western teams will start receiving more coverage, it's as simple as that
There's "east coast biased" because media outlets only care about how many people are watching, not where the stories come from. You think back in 2001 the Mariners didn't garner enormous amounts of coverage when they won 116 games? You bet they did.
The presses main agenda is to cover what people want to see and since there are apxy. 8 mil. people in NYC and only half of a million people in Seattle, which market would YOU cater to - if you were in the media.
a team that didn't even play in that game, should be recognized as the winner of that game, [i]"IF"[/i] they had gotten to play in that game

makes sense to me
Posted Wednesday May 25, 2011, About: Defend Yourself- NASCAR is indeed a Sport
To be a NASCAR driver "doesn't require there actual body to complete it?"
I'd love to see how THAT race turns out.
You can't deminish a race drivers role in sports just because he drives a car, because sports are all about fighting to win, cooperation, concentration, coordination and creativity and I do believe NASCAR racing falls into every one of those categories
Posted Saturday May 14, 2011, About: Lambeau Field should host Super Bowl L (50)
[i]"Miller is one of the biggest sponsers around WI. Brewers"[/i]
The beer is not a particularly good point to bring up - Miller is also owned by MOLSON of Canada (Coors too) More "Selling of America."
I'm not into supporting Canada - yet - besides ... Miller blows
Posted Monday May 09, 2011, About: Midenhalls comments were not stupid..
He lost Champions endorsement because Champion is a very staunch supporter of our troops, no matter what the fight is. They decided to cut ties with Mendenhall because they don't see eye-to-eye on this issue and they don't think Mendenhall can unobjectively represent them any longer.

I can't call his comments "stupid," as much as I can call his comments "ignorant." Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Some are just not as well informed as others and Rashard Mendenhalls are not very well informed. He said not to chastise Bin Laden, can't believe people rejoice in his death and we only got one side of the story.
Which tells me he was sorely uninformed about al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden and the 6 people who were killed by al Qaeda the FIRST time they tried to blow up the WTC. Or the 244 innocent lives al Qaeda snuffed out when they bombed the US embassies in Tanzania & Kenya. Or the 14 innocent US sailors that were murdered when al Qaeda suicide bombers rammed the USS Cole docked in Yemen.
It's not ALL about the 3,000 innocent people al Qaeda killed in the WTC, or the other events on 9/11 - the US has been after Osama Bin Laden for 18 years. Ever since 1993 when al Qaeda bombed the WTC the first time and the USA suddenly realized al Qaeda was operating on US soil.
Stocton and Elway are both great choices, but I don't consider them any better than MLB Hall Of Famers Ryne Sandberg & Earl Averill, or the most decorated American Winter Olympic athlete of all time, Apolo Anton Ohno
Posted Saturday April 09, 2011, About: It's time for Pete Rose to be in the Hall of Fame.
It was a rule way before Rose - it was in place because of the "Black Sox Scandal" of the 1919 World Series.

I have no personal feelings one way or another towards Rose, but for all the awards he won and all the records he set, he threw them all away. He was so vain about his public image, he voluntarily accepted his ban so none of the specifics about the case would come out in public. He sat down with Paul Giamatti and together they struck a settlement deal. Now, he sees the public would have forgiven him and wants to change his mind.
He knew what he did (for 14 yrs.) was wrong, but he never came clean about ANY of it ... until 3 days before his book hit the stands.
I think not.
Without a doubt.
I don't know why so many people hate him, other than the fact they believed in him.
He's not your classic "bad-guy" - in fact he stinks at it. He's been caught every time he's tried to get one up on life
Posted Friday April 08, 2011, About: It's time for Pete Rose to be in the Hall of Fame.
Anyone who thinks Rose never changed his lineups around to give himself the best odds of making money, is pretty naieve. Only bet ON his team my ass. The guy wasn't an occasional bettor, he had/has an everyday addiction to gambling. I don't believe for one minute, he bet on his team to WIN each and every day through 160 games. Surely he had to know they played better teams than his. Better teams out there to bet on.
I almost give roid-rats more integrity than Rose - almost
Posted Monday April 04, 2011, About: The Bulldogs or the Huskies which dog do you like ?

I could NEVER turn my back on boobies ala mode
Posted Saturday March 26, 2011, About: Can't Sleep TD...
The Chargers have been on the best team, on paper, for the last 5 years - nothing they've done makes me think they're getting any closer.
On the other hand, Super Bowl champions seldom return to the Super Bowl the following year. GB will need to guard against the dreaded Super Bowl hangover.

I like GB's chances better than the Chargers
Posted Wednesday March 23, 2011, About: Why is the NFL waisting their time with these new rule changes?
Screw the NFL!!
Bring on -- ROLLERBALL!!!!!
Posted Wednesday March 23, 2011, About: Is Ken Griffey Jr. a top 50 alltime player?
Can't speak for anyone else, but for me - considering what's been learned about how steroids & HGH have been used to speed up recovery times and build muscle mass, Griffey did some lengthy stints on the DL. (broken wrist, bad knees, hamstrings, etc. )
He's aged the way athletes are supposed to age ... dinged up with a declining loss of some capabilities. Sort of the flip side of Bonds or Clemens, who got stronger and more powerfull as they aged
Posted Friday March 18, 2011, About: We need help
................................( o o )

Saaaasy ------- I see what you did there
yes - probably just a 'tad-bit' too early
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