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Posted Friday May 25, 2012, About: Strasburg hampered by arm issue?
It's fun to stay at the 'Y' 'Upside down W' 'C' 'A'...
That just doesn't have the same ring to it.
Alright, I'm done being an ****. We now resume you're regularly scheduled program already in progress.
Posted Friday May 25, 2012, About: Strasburg hampered by arm issue?
Last I looked, that was called an "M"....
Posted Thursday May 24, 2012, About: Big East creating a tournament no one wants
The Big Least wishes it was as good as the WAC, let alone C-USA, which has boasted 2-3 schools finishing in the top 25 for that past five years or more. They can have Houston, who will be just as horrible without Case Keenum as they were before he got there. UCF is a has-been school that never really was.

And since this is actually a hoops topic, the biggest loss is Memphis, which is a yearly basketball powerhouse. Of course, Tulsa, Marshall, and even Southern Miss are starting to come into their own, so I don't see where the Tigers will be missed. Then there's the C-USA/Mountain West merger which will replace Memphis with UNLV, SDSU, and Colorado State, so we'll take that trade.

All in all I have to laugh at all the C-USA schools that jumped ship just for the AQ status...which now means absolutely nothing. Too funny.
Posted Tuesday February 07, 2012, About: Peyton's arm strength down 40 percent
MEGADETH!!!! \m/ \m/ Best band ever. But it is a valid point, although Mustaine's injury was due to falling asleep in a metal chair with his arm draped over the back. Unfortunately, though, I have a feeling that this is the beginning of the end for #18. At age 35, he might have plenty left in the tank spiritually, but physically it's all downhill from here. That's not to say he doesn't have a few good (or even great) seasons left in him, but the writing is on the wall. The end is nigh.
Posted Monday July 25, 2011, About: Cutler ends engagement to reality TV star
I hear Sean Payton is going around the league asking every GM and HC he can get a hold of, "Hey, are you interested in Kim Kardashian's old Bush?"
Posted Monday June 27, 2011, About: Quade calls out Castro
Calling out the vets all the time isn't going to solve a thing. Soriano is always going to be a lackluster fielder and swing at everything thrown to him. But Ramirez has been good and getting better as he gets healthier. Marlon Byrd is a total gem. That guy hustles on every play and runs full speed on every single slow ground ball. It's served him well as he's actually beat out a couple throws that way. Reed Johnson is another keeper. People gripe about Fukudome a lot, but the man is still batting .290 and is considered one of the best right fielders in the game. It's hard to drive in runs from the #1 spot when the bases are constantly empty.

The problem, as I've said before, is the terrible, terrible pitching. As a team, the Cubbies are posting nearly a 5 ERA, which is by far the worst in MLB. They're batting average has remained in the top 5 all year. The defensive errors are killing them, too, but those will reduce as Castro and the other youngsters get more experienced.

Don't blame Quade (pronounced Kwa-dee, BTW), he's actually doing a really good job, considering what he has to work with.
Posted Tuesday June 21, 2011, About: Big Z headed out of Chicago, too?
Was there anything of value in that little snippet at all? The headline sure didn't match the brief "story". All it said was that he *may* have gotten some other teams attention.

Z isn't going anywhere anytime soon. This junk has been floating around for the last three years and nothing has come of it yet. Besides, there's no way Z goes to an AL team, he likes hitting too much (and is actually good at it) and has that pesky "No Trade" clause most money players have.
Posted Saturday June 18, 2011, About: Saints let Bush test trade market
Bush is way overrated, but someone will fall for the allure of his supposed skills. Not that it matters much since Payton doesn't even know what a running back is. To him, they're just receivers that stand behind the QB. Look at the confused expression on his face when he sees the other team run the ball.
Payton: Hey! What's that really short pass they just used? Is that even legal?
O.C.: It's called a hand-off coach...
Posted Wednesday June 15, 2011, About: Favre: I can still throw
And that, grasshopper, is why the horror show known as Favreeee will never end.
Posted Wednesday June 15, 2011, About: Favre: I can still throw
There it is! I feel much better now. I was starting to fear we might never see another Favreeee posting again. I think he's just jealous that his original Weinergate is being overshadowed by the current one concerning a certain congressman (ironically named Weiner, lol!). Either that, or some bored reporter is trying to stir things up. Could go either way at this point.
Posted Saturday June 11, 2011, About: MLB analyst calls Wrigley Field 'a dump'
Bite your collective tongues. Wrigley is hardly a dump, it's the most storied venue in all sports. Even the thought of tearing down Wrigley is nigh on sacrilegious. Who cares what all five of the Sox fans say? Nobody gives a flying rat's backside about the south side team. Ozzie is always grumpy because his team never gets any respect. Well, if they weren't the White Sox, they might. The Cubbies might not have won the World Series in over a century, but at least they did didn't nearly ruin baseball for good...*cough* Black Sox *cough*.

Nobody cares what Gammons says. He's a grumpy old fart who's still recovering from a stroke. His mind isn't right. If anyone even hints at touching Wrigley, there'll be riots on the north side, guaranteed.
Posted Tuesday June 07, 2011, About: Zambrano wants out of Chicago
This is just another instance of a bored reporter trying to stir something up on a slow news day. Isn't this the same guy who said that there was a 100% chance Z would be traded a couple of years ago?

We knew the Cubbies were going to stink this year. This is no surprise to anyone. They are rebuilding with a young lineup (with some good ones like Castro and Barney, I might add) and most of the team has spent significant time on the DL. They've got the fourth highest BA in the league, but the worst ERA. Even though they can't seem to drive in the runs with runners on base, that doesn't amount to a hill of beans when your pitching is so awful. Every time Marmol takes the mound, I break into a cold sweat.
Posted Monday June 06, 2011, About: Zambrano's last act for Cubs?
Umm...no. Marmol clearly does *not* have closer stuff. Marshall, given his height and high release point, makes him suited for both left and right-handed hitters. He only sports the lowest ERA on the team, a miniscule 1.16 at last check. He hasn't just been facing left-handed batters, either.
Posted Monday June 06, 2011, About: Zambrano's last act for Cubs?
Maybe Marmol needed to be called out? He used to be a great setup man back when Woody was the closer and looked like he'd be a great closer himself, one day. When his stuff is on, he brings some wicked junk, but his control issues are extremely frustrating. Marshall would be a much better closer at this point. He's been the only bright spot in the Cubs horrid bullpen.

All in all, I gotta go with Z on this one. Nobody likes to be publicly embarrassed. Maybe this will give them a little wake up call.
Posted Sunday June 05, 2011, About: Isiah returning to Knicks?
This is non-news. Every year since Isiah was banished to Florida this comes around. It's almost like a pale version of the whole Favre saga at this point. Will he be the Knick's GM or won't he?
It's just so obvious he loves being the coach for FIU. He never talks about leaving the school at all. I'm sure the AD there is thrilled to have such a loyal coach *snark snark*
Posted Thursday May 26, 2011, About: Leinart getting bad rap
If Leinart ever put as much work into being a QB as he did partying, he might have been better. He figured his success at USC would allow him to keep his golden boy image and magically grant him a pass in the NFL. That's got to show you something when even your old coach (Carroll) tries to distance himself from you.
Posted Thursday May 19, 2011, About: Rizzo talks Harper call-up
At least we didn't get the usual melodramatic headline, like "Rizzo pregnant with Harper's baby --sources say."

Give the kid some time, he'll be alright. The Nats are still reeling from the whole Strasburg episode.
Posted Monday May 09, 2011, About: If White Sox fire Ozzie...
If I ever want to go shopping for deals, I know where to head...the fannation message forums! I mean, seriously. Normally it's not too bad, but this is getting out of hand.

I bet the White Sox management is also considering Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. C'mon. This isn't a story, this is gossip!
Posted Saturday May 07, 2011, About: Favre considering coaching or TV career
guessing even...blah
Posted Saturday May 07, 2011, About: Favre considering coaching or TV career
I'm guess that's why there wasn't any "textgate" coming out of Meenuhsoda.
Posted Sunday May 01, 2011, About: Payton expects Bush to remain a Saint
Being a Saints fan for over 20 years (and a Cubs fan, so I must really love to torture myself) I never wanted Payton to draft Bush. I felt it was a wasted pick then and I still feel the same way. The only difference is now a lot more people agree with me. The Texans aren't looking so stupid for taking Mario Williams #1 now, are they? I say renegotiate his exorbitant contract then use him as trade bait. Stock up on picks for next year's draft.

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