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Posted Tuesday July 20, 2010, About: Arum: Pacquiao moving on from Mayweather
I don't think May is actually "scared" to fight Pac. I think it's more of a concern that this guy is the real deal and May could potentially lose this one. If he lost his 0 this late in his career, where does that leave his legacy. In all honesty, who has May fought of any relevance since Castillo in 2002? Marquez? May came in overweight and even though it was a move up for JMM, May couldn't finish him. Mosley? Old. Hatton. Please. DeLaHoya? HaHa. No one of any consequence like I said.

if this fight does happen, and it goes into later rounds, definitely it's May's fight. He'll hit and run like he does until he sees something he likes. But Pac does have that steamroller aura about him these days.
Posted Friday July 09, 2010, About: Mir-Nogueira 2 at UFC 119?
Hey! The word **** is ****'d!! I can say **** if I wanna say ****! **** is not a bad word...it just means you are a man or woman who in a moment of lose morality got stuck with "A friend to the end". The Herps!
Posted Friday July 09, 2010, About: Mir-Nogueira 2 at UFC 119?

Agreed. BUT just like a **** outbreak..just when you thought you got rid of him...he comes back with a vengeance!
Posted Friday July 09, 2010, About: James, Bosh, Wade hatched plan in 2006
No title in the next 3 or 4 years just because they have the weakest bench. Also, I find it funny that the Cav's owner called out LJ's heart..cause he has none. All the talent in the world and no desire. The Heat are going to have to earn this title whether they know it of not.
Posted Friday July 09, 2010, About: Fedor losing title leverage
...Brock is not invincible. Carwin showed you that. He can't handle the bully treatment he dishes out. The guy is no doubt a freak of nature and put on this earth to do one thing and one thing only...do battle, but he will lose that titile in the next two fights (if they make them). Cain's stamina, hand speed and power could pose a problem..damn good wrestler too. JDS is big, good hand speed, power and good on the ground.
Posted Friday July 09, 2010, About: Fedor losing title leverage
I cannot believe how people have jumped all in Fedor's coondingy over this one loss. Everyone gets caught, Fedor himself has never said he was invincible. That's the humblest man in MMA! It's like the MMA world only wants UFC fighters to succeed. Well played Mr. White. The solution is simple..Just win baby. Fedor wins his next few in his usual fashion and he'll be back on everyone's "He's the greatest..I knew it all along" list.

Bandwagons suck. WAR FEDOR!!
Posted Friday July 09, 2010, About: Mir-Nogueira 2 at UFC 119?
I love Big Nog and I may be in the minority but I like Mir. Conceded, Cocky or Confident..call it what you want but you know like I do that the dude is sick on the ground and his stand up has gotten better. Definitely Mir wins this one....again
Posted Friday July 09, 2010, About: White rules out Leben-Silva
C'mon, you guys & gals know how it goes. They deny the fight will ever happen and then all of a sudden BAM! "We worked really hard to get this fight for the fans because this is what they want to see." It's all to generate interest...WE ARE ALREADY INTERESTED!!! WAR LEBEN!!

btw..does Dana have admin rights to Fannation? There are a hell of alot of removed comments...just saying.

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