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Posted Saturday May 04, 2013, About: Vigneault accuses Sharks of cheating
"WAH! WAH ! WAHHH! Everybody should compete as honorably as we do! WAH! WAH! WAHHH!"

(Are you kidding me Vigneault? You coached your guys to be whiny, diving, cheap-shot punks in Montreal, and then brought that **** style - and some of the pu$$iest Habs players - with you to Vancouver.

Hopefully for hockey, this is your last stop.)
Posted Wednesday April 17, 2013, About: Frightening hit may play White out of town
Oh yeah, and I forget the DIVING. My god. Canada doesn't field a diving team at the summer Olympics - they just submit footage of the Habs' highlights over the past four seasons...
Posted Wednesday April 17, 2013, About: Frightening hit may play White out of town
It's been their tradition over the past couple of decades actually - soft, fast-skating teams full of cheap shot artists and yappers. Alain Vigneault encouraged the antics during his coaching tenure there - before leaving and taking that 'style' and major punk Lapierre with him to Vancouver. Habs have consistently had the likes of Kovalev, Plekanec, Ribeiro, Souray, Zednik, Gionta, Pacioretti, Cammalleri, etc. to slash,spear, rabbit-punch and generally stir the pot -- and then run away and hide behind teammates or officials. Punk ****.

They used to have Komisarek, but at least he was willing to go toe-to-toe with anyone he antagonized.
Posted Saturday March 02, 2013, About: Revis in New England?
The premise IS HILARIOUS, as Rustybawl noted, and as a Pats fan, I would LOVE it from that standpoint...
BUT Revis will want to be the highest paid corner AND a LONG term guaranteed deal - not the Pats' style b/c it's unsustainable
Posted Friday March 01, 2013, About: Bruins interested in big-name acquisition
The last 'big name' they chased was a bust - Kaberle. Chiarelli has done much better with his 'role player' acquisitions at the deadline - and without having to sacrifice much to get them.
Posted Monday February 11, 2013, About: Leafs aren't shopping Phil Kessel, but willing to listen
And even better, Burke basically forced the trade by squeezing Bruins GM Chiarelli between a rock and a hard place with a projected offer sheet to a potential restricted free agent Kessel that would have hamstrung Boston - thus supposedly getting the better of the rookie GM and 'taking him to school' -- NOT! The student smeared the 'master'.

Though, to be fair, that just EXTENDED the B's domination of Toronto in trades from BEFORE Burke's time - also STEALING highly regarded prospect, and eventual replacement for Tim Thomas, Tuukka Rask, for already-flashed-in-the-pan Andrew Raycroft a couple of years earlier.
Posted Tuesday December 04, 2012, About: Harbaugh, Tomlin share testy handshake
'head to head' is, of course, the number one tie-breaker, but the caveat is 'if applicable', Mr. Steeler. However, in this situation, Balt. is tied in record not just with NE but also with Denver, AND those three teams have knocked each other off round-robin style (i.e. Balt beat NE, NE beat Denver, Denver beat Balt.), which renders the 'head to head' moot and thus NOT applicable. Conference record is next up on the list of tie-breakers and right now, that goes to NE!
Posted Thursday July 12, 2012, About: Raiders' Allen has Seymour gushing
Yes, and they didn't win one in '05, '06 or '08 with him, nor did they complete the perfect season in '07 WITH him on the team against the underdog Giants, as I recall. They just COULDN'T get Eli on the ground when it mattered most. In '06 he was part of the magnificent collapse by the D in the AFC title game at Indy, when Manning (the other one) was able to sit back and pick them apart for the comeback win.

He was seeking a MEGA deal to extend with Pats - he made no secret of that - just as when he HELD OUT to RENEGOTIATE his original deal in '05 (and set the tone for Branch to do the same in '06.) He was not one to entertain a hometown discount for the good of the team around him, like Brady. They made the move they had to make given cap considerations and team-wide balance. Letting Samuel go was a FAR greater impact mistake - AND he would have cost them less than Seymour was seeking.

Sad to say, but Seymour had developed the tendency to play when he wanted in NE - until he felt challenged to prove himself again after being dealt. AND they got a first-rounder for him, which isn't too shabby. You need to make moves with some vets while they're worth something if you want to maintain a championship level by continually reloading with high-pick talent. (Now some of the picks they've made with those first and high-second round selections is another story...)
Posted Monday December 19, 2011, About: Patriots passed on new Welker deal
"receiver with bad knees whos on the decline of his career."
What an idiotic comment. "Decline"? He leads ALL receivers in the league for receptions this year BY 17 CATCHES! He also tops all for total yardage AND for ave yards per game at ALMOST 100!! He hasn't shown ANY signs of decline to date. In fact, people who actually observe him on a regular basis say he is quicker and more explosive this year than ever - his intense rehab restoring his "bad knee" to better than before via enhanced leg strength and conditioning.

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