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Posted Tuesday April 08, 2014, About: Petition aims to block Vick from camp
Unless of course the issue involved was one that you favored!
Posted Sunday March 30, 2014, About: New twist to Jerry Jones-Jimmy Johnson divorce
Maybe the problem was, "Hair envy!"
Posted Sunday January 12, 2014, About: Redshirt freshman QB Ford Childress out at WVU
How bout them e'eers.
Posted Friday August 23, 2013, About: Will Metallica play live for Mo?
How soon we forget Elroy Face and especially his 18 & 1 never to be repeated season!

Posted Monday May 27, 2013, About: Flacco's agent weeps not for Baltimore's dumb move
Ozzie is a sharp cat and one wonders if this folly does not rest with the fellow that ultimately signs the checks.
Posted Saturday April 13, 2013, About: Steelers '50-50' on retaining Emmanuel Sanders
No question the Steelers offseason acquisitions are nothing less than spectacular with the highlight being the re-signing of their world class long snapper, Greg Warren and 35-year old Plaxico Burress.
Posted Saturday March 23, 2013, About: NHL: Rick Nash's hit was rotten, but not worthy of suspension
The Nash hit was cheap, very, very cheap and objectively cannot be analyzed differently. Shanahan is little more than another fraud exposed.
Posted Sunday March 10, 2013, About: Pursuit of Mike Wallace signals Dolphins paradigm shift
This guy may well be the worst big coin signee ever. The classic addition by subtraction scenario for the Steelers. Confirming this thought, even Oakland has no interest him.
Posted Wednesday March 06, 2013, About: Big Ben lacked confidence in '12
Especially if the statement was factual!
Posted Wednesday March 06, 2013, About: Big Ben lacked confidence in '12
Big Bum has many problems and they are great.
Posted Friday March 01, 2013, About: Fractured locker room in Pittsburgh?
I certainly hope your comment is not directed at Big Bum.
Posted Saturday February 23, 2013, About: John Elway calls 2013 QB class 'hit-or-miss'
John is not aging well at all.
Posted Friday February 22, 2013, About: Report: NCAA backs out of Miami settlement talks
Donna, the real Honey Badger, Shalala will ultimately crush the NCAA and Emmert will find himself unemployed. Additionally, a Florida State Senator has petitioned Pam Biondi, Florida's Attorney General to evaluate the case and reportedly Pam is seriously interested.

BTW, the Honey Badger (wolverine) is generally regarded as the pound for the most ferocious mammal to ever grace the planet without natural predators. Paraphrasing, the Honey Badger is bad to the bone and best left alone.
Posted Tuesday February 12, 2013, About: Four Alabama players suspended following arrests
Not to worry, the NCAA will protect their greatest asset and all will be fine just before the spring game!
Posted Tuesday February 12, 2013, About: Browns interested in Mike Wallace
This guy is everything you want in a receiver except for the consistent ability to catch the ball! Just think of Ike Taylor but on the offensive side of the equation.
Posted Wednesday January 30, 2013, About: Cowher: Steelers won't panic, may overhaul
It is exceedingly difficult to pay Troy 7.5 million/year for relaxing in a hot tub.

As per Bill, "Sometimes, we get caught up remembering how [players] were and not how they are."
Posted Monday January 28, 2013, About: Pelini sour in recruiting defeat: 'They were very mad'
Stay classy Pelini!
Posted Thursday January 17, 2013, About: GM ready to shake up the Steelers
At least the Steelers have a Franchise QB that for the past 3-years leads them to come from behind victories. This stellar individual rarely fumbles, gets sacked, or throws picks at the worst possible moment - occasionally.

As Tony Dungy, a former academic All-American with an I.Q. of 155, stated that the Steelers are in deep trouble.
Posted Sunday January 06, 2013, About: Interim Blake James in running for Miami AD job
Bernie had, perhaps had, a Mensa plus I.Q. graduating college in less than 3-years. How about U.
Posted Tuesday January 01, 2013, About: NHL offer would cap-size Rangers
Anyone believe that the Pirates are next up to open their wallet? OK, I did not either.
Posted Wednesday December 26, 2012, About: Nets CEO chastises team, arena on Twitter
The very bright and dynamic Nets GM, Billy King, will right the ship. Yes, patience is required but better days are directly ahead!
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