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Posted Tuesday April 10, 2012, About: Tribute to Chipper Jones
Three seasons later and Chipper is FINALLY going to hang it up at the END of this year... TOLD YOU SO!
Posted Monday November 28, 2011, About: SUCK FOR LUCK?
What a difference a month makes... Luck is out of the question, and the Broncos have 4 very winnable games down the stretch with tie breakers over the Jets and Bengals for the wild card and a shot at the division. Could it be that this team went from the Luck Lottery to the playoffs?
Posted Thursday November 03, 2011, About: Big Ten and the Next Best 3, Week 10
Agreed that Michigan Iowa will be close... Michigan is all set for their annual collapse, they will lose at least 3 of their last 4 games, possibly all 4
Posted Thursday November 03, 2011, About: NFL Power Rankings and MVP Watch - Week 8
not too bad, as a Broncos fan it is nice to see someone actually notice that the Lions had ZERO trouble moving the ball on Denver's D, Denver's O line couldn't slow anyone down, the WR's had a bad case of the drops, and yet Tebow gets all the credit for the blowout... For a guy with 5 NFL starts you'd think he lost every game by 50, turned the ball over on every possession and had yet to score a TD
Posted Tuesday October 25, 2011, About: 2012 NFL Mock Draft 2.0
hmmm... Richardson in Denver... that could work. I'd like to see a DB as the Broncos secondary is getting old

Also, I don't see the Colts spending first round money on a QB if Manning is coming back. Looks good on paper, but that would be putting way too much on one position when you clearly have about 21 other holes on offense and defense.
Posted Wednesday October 19, 2011, About: SUCK FOR LUCK?
I am a little torn, I want Tebow to do well... and I think he can succeed at this level. but on the other hand John Fox is the worst coach we have ever had, to include the guy he replaced. I know that if this team strings some wins together the credit will go to him.
Posted Tuesday August 23, 2011, About: Is the Denver fan Group dead?
I blame the crap coaching staff and awful GM... we used to spend every pre-season dreaming of AFC titles and a Super Bowl shot... I'd be impressed if this team wins 5 games...
Posted Wednesday August 10, 2011, About: Release The Tebow!!!
I don't see this team winning more than 5-6 games this year either way, why not see what you have in Tebow? I don't even see how or why there is a debate, b/c Orton completed passes in camp? The book on the guy is that he folds with ANY pressure, so completing passes in a practice is what he does...
Posted Thursday August 04, 2011, About: Is the Denver fan Group dead?
yeah, it got down to about 3 people using it anyway. Someone needs to go out and recruit some fresh blood. But I'm never on this site anymore, other than to check in on this and the Braves fan group.
Posted Wednesday August 18, 2010, About: Thoughts from the game
Saw willis make a couple of nice catches before the drop, but no way he is bumping Stoakley
Posted Monday August 16, 2010, About: Thoughts from the game
got it, guess this site isn't "mac friendly"... got on a PC and it formated it fine
Posted Monday August 16, 2010, About: Thoughts from the game
Haven't posted on here in FOREVER, so I don't know why it didn't space this out.... I'll see if I can fix it
Posted Friday August 13, 2010, About: Tribute to Chipper Jones
Write it down, ZERO percent chance Chipper retires after this season

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