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Posted Tuesday September 03, 2013, About: The NHL's most fearless player
if blocked shots is the measure of a fearless player, then how the hell does one ignore Josh Gorges?!?
Posted Thursday August 22, 2013, About: Gill anxious to find work
can't believe Gill is still floating around out there waiting to get picked up... really surprised by this one.
Posted Monday August 19, 2013, About: Canadiens goaltender at a crossroads
Montreal is by FAR a bigger pressure pot for a goalie then Philly... At least in Philly the fans can be distracted by baseball, basketball and football... in Montreal it's all hockey, all the time, with a splash of CFL football on the side.

That said.. If Stephane Waite can do with Carey Price what he did with Nieemi and Crawford, then Price will be unstoppable. Price's problem isn't on the ice, it's between his ears! Good luck Waite, you've got a big task ahead of you... no pressure. (couldn't resist!)
Posted Thursday August 08, 2013, About: Doug Gilmour traded his son for draft picks
seriously though, what's missing in this story?
a forward, a goalie and a 12th round pick in exchange for a 12th round pick in the SAME draft?!?

that's got to be the biggest wake up call to those 2 players! "hey, we needed to sweeten the **** pot of a 12th rounder for a 12throunder so we threw you TWO in the deal!"
Posted Thursday August 01, 2013, About: Glendale punished in NHL deal
I still can't believe two morons thought investing in this hell hole of an idea was a good investment... I'd FULLY understand if there was a "hey, we'll move them to Seattle, or Quebec City" but to invest in a team in Pheonix after years of losses... Seriously?!?
Posted Wednesday July 31, 2013, About: Bettman pushing expansion to Seattle
if he actually wanted to do something right, he should have killed the Coyotes long ago and relocated them... but this isafterall Bettman we're talking about, the biggest doorknob to ever be in control of something.

It's been happening for years, but i ALWAYS chuckle when he walks out to talk and EVERYONE, in EVERY arena, boos him non-stop. Even when a team wins the cup on the road, they boo him, and then they applaud even when the opposing team hoists the cup. It MUST be a **** feeling being hated so much.
Posted Tuesday July 16, 2013, About: Canadiens Blake Geoffrian retires at age 25
it took Gomez the last 3 seasons, 157 games, to get that many and yet he was paid MILLIONS to do it...

a gross unfairness to this kid...
Posted Tuesday July 16, 2013, About: Canadiens Blake Geoffrian retires at age 25
given the growing knowledge of what head injures causes in the long term, this is bar none the best decision he could make for himself! Sad a player has to retire cause of injuries, but good on him for not being naive and thinking it wouldn't catch up to him sooner or later if he kept playing.
Posted Wednesday July 10, 2013, About: Chelios tweaks Bettman as only he could
Gretzky in that HIDEOUS Blues Jersey with the slanted numbers

or the one of him in the Kings jersey with the giant cubic kings head and splash of grey coming down the right side.. Man that was UGLY!!!

thankfully he never played for the Ducks when they had the ugly goalie/duck jumping throught the ice holding it's stick like a weapon...
Posted Wednesday July 10, 2013, About: Chelios tweaks Bettman as only he could
Chelios : not afraid to call a spade a spade!

That said, Bettman BLOWS!!!
Posted Thursday June 27, 2013, About: DiPietro buyout will cost thin Isles plenty
the amount of sympathy i have for teams losing gobs and gobs of money on these buyouts of HORRIBLE contracts is about as many stanley cups as DiPietro brought to the Isles... ZERO!

that's what they deserve for signing these INSANE long term front loaded contracts.. now SUCK IT!!!
Posted Wednesday June 26, 2013, About: NHL nixes Lightning/Leafs buyout deal for Lecavalier
this sounds like 2 things
1) a HORRIBLE deal for the leafs if it had gone through all the way.. so they would have paid $30 million just to get a draft pick and help out a team they're supposed to be competing against?!? moronic
2) it could have gone sour REAL fast. Picture this : Tampa trades Vinny and a draft pick to Toronto in exchange for a "promise" of a buy out.. Toronto gets the rights to Vinny and said draft and then tells Tampa "piss off. but thanks for the assets!" and leaves Tampa high and dry..

ohhhhh #2 would have been a HILLARIOUS turn of events
Posted Wednesday June 12, 2013, About: Penguins GM wants contract extension for Dan Bylsma
it's always fun when "truth and rumors" come out as "false and outdated"
Posted Tuesday June 11, 2013, About: Rangers to talk to Lindy Ruff about head coaching job
agreed they could, but do they really need a coach that clearly loses the skills of his players once he has control of the team?!?

simply : NO
Posted Tuesday June 11, 2013, About: Rangers to talk to Lindy Ruff about head coaching job
Lindy Ruff to NYR sounds a lot better then the other tidbit i read about Torts interviewing with the Canucks... if that's the case, then i feel real bad for Canucks fans.

and players.
Posted Monday June 03, 2013, About: Thomas thinking comeback, possibly in Europe
calling it for what it is...
and i kept the political BS out of it...
Posted Monday June 03, 2013, About: Thomas thinking comeback, possibly in Europe
"hey, guys, look at me, look at me!!"
"i'm gonna take a year off to be with my family.. but when i come back, i'm going to the furthest place possible from them so i can make a 'come back' cause you know, that makes sense right? To hang them up for a year at the prime of my career all in some weak sauce way to make a 'come back'... guys, did i mention i'm looking for attention?"

yeah, i hate the Bruins, but somehow there was something about him that i liked. He did his job, didn't make a stink, and then they won the cup... Then all the ego came out of him and it reminded me of a spoiled kid.

he's pathetic!!!
Posted Friday May 24, 2013, About: 2013 NHL Awards Will Take Two Nights
one word : DUMB!!!d
Posted Thursday May 16, 2013, About: Avs taking their time
Roy wants to be in charge, he doesn't want JUST the coaching job. He's good at it in Quebec City with HIS junior team cause he's co-owner, GM AND head coach. He has a say in all aspects. Remember the Canadiens intervieweed him for coaching job?!? part of the problem : he wants a say in all aspects. I can't blame him, but most NHL teams DON'T want that, they want more of a seperation from the GM and the Coach.. too much to do for one person, and Roy is a control freak.

All that to say, i'd be shocked if he gets the Avs gig as coach.
Posted Thursday March 28, 2013, About: Pittsburgh Penguins may still be in play for Jerome Iginla
"still be in play" as in..... he's playing for them now!!!

Iginla in anything other then red is going to take some getting used to...
Posted Monday January 14, 2013, About: Habs make Gomez vanish
it'd be better then being a Leafs fan... but yes, it's comically pathetic to be paying that kind of money to a schlup.. i get it, he's a joke, but again, so are the Maple Laughs
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