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Posted Friday October 18, 2013, About: Kaepernick fueled by snubs
The teams who snubbed him? Who does he think he is Tom Brady. He was taken right where he should have been. He can talk about snubs when and if he racks up a resume anywhere near Brady's
Posted Friday October 11, 2013, About: Cincinnati's next manager
Whay has one got to do with the other? Yes Pete Rose bet on baseball and yes what he did was wrong but that was as a manager not a player. He should not be re-instated and allowed back in the game but he should be in the HOF more than these roid boys.
Posted Tuesday June 18, 2013, About: Milbury fires more barbs at Jagr
But does he have a song "He's got the moves like Jagr"
Posted Wednesday December 12, 2012, About: Decision to play will be up to Dez
Cowboys need to win out and get help from the Seahawks and 49er's. I say have the surgery and be done with it. Of course Jones being Jones he will make the kid feel bad and he will play.
Posted Saturday December 08, 2012, About: Jacobs nearly pulled plug
The other owners, especially those in small markets, need to tell Jeremy Jacobs to shove it. Turn the team over to your son old man and get the hell out and retire. I am a die hard Bruins fan and you sicken me. That being said so do the Fehr brothers and Buttman. Do a 10 year CBA and be done with it. Make it as long as the contract with NBC and move on. Do we need mandatory arbitration? I think so
Posted Monday November 26, 2012, About: Troy Brouwer: Capitals teammates 'selling out' to owners
Unions in my opion have outlived their purpose. Yes as someone pointed out they have been responsible for many improvements but lets look on the other side. They have raised salaries but at the cause of raising prices so high that some companies are now going overseas. Loss of jobs loss of wage yeah unions you did a wonderful job. Now lets looi at professional sports raisning salaries so high that the average Joe can only get a ticket in the nose bleed section if that. Try taking your family to a game without blowing the monthly budget. So don't tell me unions are not to blame Open your eyes and look

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