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Posted Tuesday October 25, 2011, About: Michigan's Carr 'never liked Rich' Rodriguez
It wasn't a very solid team. Carr's retirement was done at that time very much on purpose, and it wasn't because of the loss to Appalachian State. That team was designed to make a serious national championship run (oops), and lost a lot of seniors and had a lot of holes. Carr didn't want to rebuild, so he retired. When RR took over, he really had very few pegs at all to use, which is why it was taking a long time to get back to where Michigan should be. Miles or anyone they would've hired instead of RR was in for 2-3 rough seasons.
Posted Sunday September 04, 2011, About: Commissioner: Schools have reached out to Pac-12
I heard someone say they could keep the PAC initials, but change them to mean "Pacific And Central"
Posted Thursday August 18, 2011, About: Notre Dame in the Big 12?
They would never join the Big XII. Besides the geography, the academics aren't there. I know people like to talk that football dollars trumps all, but research dollars are in the BILLIONS for many universities, like most of the B1G. If Notre Dame ever joins a conference, it will be the B1G because of the academic opportunities.
Posted Monday January 10, 2011, About: Miles speculation heats up
1. Michigan football was at a real low point when Bo took over. They couldn't sell out, consistently lost to OSU, and MSU was the dominant team in the state. Bo came in, upset Woody right away, and jumped started the rivalry and the program.
2. As far as the bowl record, Bo just didn't care. His goals were to beat Ohio State and win the Big 10. That's it. He saw a bowl game as a way to take his team on a vacation. Definitely a different attitude from the BCS era.
Posted Monday January 10, 2011, About: Miles speculation heats up
This is it. To most people it would probably be a lateral move, but this has been Miles's ultimate goal. He wanted to coach Michigan 3 years ago, but the timing with the SEC title game was wrong, and LSU locked him up.

The recruiting is a major problem, and Brandon screwed the whole situation up. Rodriguez should've been fired right after the Ohio State game. Now it's almost been a week and still no coach. This guy needs to go back to making crappy pizza and not running an athletic department.
Posted Tuesday November 09, 2010, About: Robinson ready to roll for Wolverines
Tate is more than good enough to lead UM to a win against Purdue. Then, RR might as well play Tate against Wisconsin and Ohio State, because UM has no chance against them. Let Robinson rest up until the Little Caesars bowl, have a huge performance, and save RR's job.

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