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Posted Sunday March 16, 2014, About: Red Sox prospect reportedly flaunts paycheck during arrest
He plays in the Gulf Coast League where he batted .203 in 74 at bats. What a joke

Scouting Report: Athletic catcher with plus power. Very high ceiling. Good bat speed. Projects to have average to above-average hit tool. Defense lags behind the bat at this point, but the tools are there to be an above-average defensive catcher. Strong arm but throwing mechanics could use some work. Athleticism should allow him to move to a corner outfield spot in the future if needed.
Posted Wednesday January 15, 2014, About: 'Nothing left' in Braden's shoulder
Good for you, kid. No regrets...
Posted Saturday November 02, 2013, About: Reggie Jackson: Silly to call David Ortiz 'Mr. October'
5 and 3... what's your point? 8 combines world series is somehow not enough?
Posted Monday June 10, 2013, About: Panda bearing weight of DL stint
I think he should do the same thing A-Rod did: Have a painting done of him as a minotaur. Half horse... half disgusting fat body.

Is there any doubt why people think baseball players are the least "athletic" of all atheletes? For guys that -- unlike almost EVERY other sport -- only have to run for about 2 seconds at a time, they're also pulling hammies every other day. FAT AS-ES!!!
Posted Monday April 29, 2013, About: Umpire on Price: 'He's a liar'
Actually, it doesn't mean a "lack of neutrality." It may just indicate that "I'm sick of this kid's attitude and his bullsh-t". Pretty simple, actually. I hardly think it means he can never umpire ever, ever again, because he's lost all ability to call a fair game. These things happen all the time. Get over it.
Posted Monday April 29, 2013, About: Umpire on Price: 'He's a liar'
"He should never ump another game. Ever."

First of all, there are worse things to lose your entire career over than cursing.

Second, I don't believe it for one second. Why on earth would an umpire give a rats a-s and yell about throwing strikes? He's not your manager. What's more likely is someone yelled it from the stands and Price got confused. I'd like to think Price isn't just going to completely fabricate something like that, but I have no reason to think for one instant that an ump would do that.
Posted Wednesday April 24, 2013, About: Latest episode could finish Aceves in Boston
All the hitting in the world can't make up for 8 runs by the 4th inning... what a f-king scumbag. Hit the bricks!
Posted Tuesday January 01, 2013, About: Red Sox have spent what they saved
Exactly.... A-Gonz was a loss, but at least we essentially never spent the money. The article is misleading because it fails to account for the fact that long-term, Sox saved a TON of money... this year's cash is full of much shorter contracts. Papi 2 yrs... Victorino 3-yrs... Gomes 2-yrs.... None of this 7-year ****. They'll still finish better than 2012 -- albeit, probably neither they nor the Yankees will make the playoffs -- and will build a team moving forward like everyone else does... without the blank-check policy that Epstein, Cashman, even Minaya when he came to Mets, all had.
Posted Monday September 17, 2012, About: Valentine's latest confounding move
How does a manager "miss a sign?" Sorry.... that one eludes me. The manager doesn't RECEIVE signs, nor does he execute them, he delivers them. Who would be sending him signs and what the hell would him missing it have to do with anything? I believe the previous writer was regerring to IGLESIAS missing a sign... and I agree. The steal just prior was probably supposed to be a hit and run.
Posted Friday June 01, 2012, About: Thomas taking 2012-13 off?
That's moronic. First of all, that's EXACTLY what they're doing is REPORTING what Thomas SAID he is considering. Period. Nothing fabricated. Just quoting a player. And second, what the hell does your (not remotely witty) comment about "Ebonics" have anything to do with quoting a white hockey goalie? Are you just an attention seeker?
Oh an also... you're suggestion that Bruins trade Rask? A #1 goalie in the waiting, behind a soon-to-be 39 year old in his last year, who -- oh by the way -- just mentioned he may take a year off... and your solution is to TRADE Rask? Wow.... I guess I WON'T have whatever you're smoking. Stick to NASCAR, big guy...
Posted Wednesday January 05, 2011, About: Ex-Congressman believes Palmeiro
What a moronic comment.... Why would he "have to be a democrat ?" ... well he IS in fact, republican. Remember them? The same party whose congressmen were FAWNING over Roger Clemens at his testimony... patting him on the back.... ASKING FOR AUTOGRAPHS !!! Typical right-wing commentary... Let's take a conversation about baseball and use it as an opportunity to make a backhanded comment with no research or support whatsoever.
Posted Wednesday August 18, 2010, About: Ryan's dad, Buddy, fires back at Dungy
I bet Buddy washed Rex's mouth out with soap ONCE.... and he ate it.
Posted Wednesday August 18, 2010, About: Ryan's dad, Buddy, fires back at Dungy
Exactly.... I'm sick of this preacherman / "holier than thou" b.s. of Dungy.... No coincidence it began shortly after he won the big one with Indy, hangs them up, and now he thinks he's is the moral life coach of the NFL. NOBODY ASKED YOUR OPINION ON ALL THINGS "RIGHTEOUS!" How's that veiled ego...?
Posted Saturday August 07, 2010, About: Ref admits blowing Super Bowl XL calls
Yeah that makes sense.... "Sure they WOULD have won the game, but Steelers were better that year, so they should be handed the game...."

Posted Wednesday August 04, 2010, About: Dempsey 'very, very disappointed' after O's decision
On the one hand I'm thinking "Careful what you wish for, boys" These guys are a sinking ship....... But they have SOME young talent, and could be a decent team in 3-4 years. As long as there's some gradual improvement each year, the guy that rights the ship in 3-4 years is going to have GM's offering him blank checks.
Posted Wednesday August 04, 2010, About: Haynesworth's treatment wearing on 'Skins?
What? "He should BE ABLE to do this for the amount they're paying him????"

that makes ZERO sense.... if he were making league minimum and holding out, that's one thing.... You're backward on this one. On the contrary, "for the amount they're paying him" HE SHOULD BE WORKING HIS A-S OFF TO GET OUT ON THE FIELD!!!! What? The more you make, the bigger primadonna you're allowed to be?

either way, bottom line is (as usual): The bigger b-tch you act like, you'll ALWAYS win in the end.

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