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Posted Thursday May 24, 2012, About: Logjam for QB playing time at Michigan
The deuce package will fit right in when UM plays tO$U at the Horeshoe, which has an uncanny resemblance of a toilet
Posted Tuesday May 17, 2011, About: Hoke winning recruit battle vs. MSU
"The funny thing is FN has been devoid of Michigan guys for yrs and just now they are starting to come back in ones and twos."

Had this site been around during the Cooper years, same could have been said about tOSU fans. I don't blame tOSU fans one bit for dogging UM fans for all of the success they have had under The Vest. It's all part of the greatest rivalry in sports.
Posted Friday March 18, 2011, About: Pearl's days numbered: Down to one?
Go Blue!!! Most likely taking on Duke in the next round. Wouldn't mind seeing them play Hampton next though. Big Ten teams have lost some close ones so far. Hope the rest of the teams do well.
Posted Friday March 11, 2011, About: Rich Rod sticks up for OSU
Kicking them when their down is one thing. Bringing that up is just wrong.
Posted Friday November 19, 2010, About: Michigan CB daring Bucky to run up score?
You will never have a winning record at Meatchicken as long as Tressel is the HC. He gets what Cooper never did, go 1-11 and beat that team up north and you'll coach here next year, go 11-1 and lose....better get that resume on

Couldn't have stated it better myself. For a while, your time as the HC at either of these two schools came down to result of The Game. I can only hope that The Game comes to represent what it used to be, not what it has become lately.
Posted Tuesday August 24, 2010, About: Big Ten toys with sell-out of highest order
No way. No matter the circumstances, both teams and their fans look forward to The Game. As buck-i-girl mentioned, same division or cross division doesn't matter, just as long as both teams have a date to circle on the calendar.
Posted Wednesday August 04, 2010, About: Teammate: Wolverines may tune out Forcier
I don't care who gets the nod as the starter. I just want to see them go out and lead the offense to score enough to keep them in their games. As for the defense, see previous sentence.

Go Blue!!!

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