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Posted Friday August 02, 2013, About: Coughlin curbs his emotions with Nicks
Hicks and Gmen are going to be just fine, thank you. We have discovered since Jerry Rice retired that receivers are a commodity. What you need for your team to hit the heights is an Eli, an Aaron, a Brady or a Brees.
Posted Saturday March 09, 2013, About: Report: Anquan Boldin must take pay cut or be cut
Hey Q: I know there is still a lotta love for you in Arizona. Larry needs some help, man. As usual, the Cards were dumb in letting you get outta town, but if you can make it happen, I know you'd find a warm welcome.
Posted Monday January 02, 2012, About: Teammate: Holmes quit on the Jets
This always happen in NY. The media hate the Giants because the G-men have proven they can do without them. The sportswriters were from the 60s generation and the Jets represented the "cool kids" while the G-men were the old NFL. The Jets won SB III and the G-men won nothing until 1986. The sportswriters are eager to pump up Gang Green, hoping that FINALLY they get off the schneid. That it never happens is a real hoot to us fans of Big Blue.
Posted Friday October 07, 2011, About: Landlord claims Lincecum trashed his apartment
It SF, man.... everything is inflated, including the sex toys
Posted Monday January 24, 2011, About: Ryan: Rangers' 2011 team better than '10
The Express missed last year's predictions by only 2 games (he predicted 92, they won 90) so why not go for 95 if he genuinely thinks they're a better club.

I'm a SF Giants fan for 60 years, but the Rangers and maybe the Angels are my AL teams. I went to the ballpark last summer, and it's a very nice experience. Not AT&T Park, but not bad.
Posted Sunday November 21, 2010, About: Jeter, Yankees $50M apart?
trouble is, they know the Yankees will pay it because everybody loves Jeter's a** in NYC. He and his agent won't even need a gun.
Posted Monday November 08, 2010, About: Diamondbacks eyeing Konerko
Yeah I like that idea! Paul Konerko, former Arizona high school POY from Scottsdale Chaparral HS.
Posted Monday November 08, 2010, About: Harris expects to be cut by Packers
Now THERE is a class individual. They sometimes have them in Green Bay. Al Harris is set to be a DB coach in some program. Great career. Great guy.
Posted Monday November 08, 2010, About: Cardinals to make a play for McNabb?
I don't want McNabb here. I KNOW he lives in North Scottsdale, along with every other professional athlete in the world, but the Cards can do well in the draft and get a good young QB that Fitz will like. Max Hall is a nice story, but he's Steve Beuerlein Jr. as far as I'm concerned. Derek Anderson should bulk up and become a linebacker. He's tough and will give you everything he has, but that's just it. He hasn't got it when it comes to being a top QB in the National Football-Passing League.
Posted Monday November 08, 2010, About: Stoudemire failing Knicks?
Hey, Knicks fans: Send him back to us in Phoenix. We LUVVV Amar'e.

We can have a very competitive team out here for years to come with the 2010 European model of the Nash Rambler (Goran Dragic) and Amar'e - who is still a young man.

I'm serious, Knicks. We'll trade you Sheriff Joe and as much drug cartel cash as we can seize in a weekend and you send Amar'e home, OK?

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