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Posted Monday March 03, 2014, About: Isiah-to-Detroit speculation on the rise
and Isiah has proven himself to be a good coach/gm/president where exactly?

Toronto? Knicks? FIU?

decent player does not automatically mean good executive.
Posted Wednesday September 04, 2013, About: Still no interest in Tebow
Montreal and the rest of the 3 Down, throw-the-dang ball CFL doesn't want a circus-sideshow -can't-throw-the-dang-ball QB like Timmy T.

The GM of the Alouettes even said so much when he said that any team that would sign him would have to re-design their whole offence around him.

It didn't work out for TT in the bigs-- it happens to lots of College QB's, Heisman trophy winners and bowl champs-- Eric Crouch, Tim Couch, Andre Ware, Jimmy Clausen- anyone whose played for the Raiders in the last decade... I could go on, but I won't.

Some make it to the big show, few get a real shot, and fewer still stick around for a long productive career. The kid would make a heck of a college coach, youth pastor or televangelist. He has proven that he's not a "stick around" kind of NFL'er.
Posted Tuesday April 30, 2013, About: Which CFL team offered Tebow a job?
Montreal owns his negotiating rights in the CFL-- they already have a QB- a record setter who has passed for over 72,000 yards. He'd be a back up, a clipboard holder in the CFL as well. Maybe the short yardage QB on 3rd down and 1, and all he'd have to do is basically fall forward for a first down.

He is a run first QB- the CFL is a passing game (3 downs not 4), more so than the NFL-- if his shortcomings are his ability to pass then he's better off taking a job in the UFL or hope someone in the NFL wants to deal with all the baggage that goes along with the Tebow Revival show when it rolls into town.
Posted Wednesday April 10, 2013, About: Jets coming up empty on Tebow suitors
why would any team want to trade for, at best, a third string player that creates such a distraction to the team??
Posted Tuesday April 09, 2013, About: Jets expected to release Tebow
and we care that the third string qb on a crappy team is getting released why exactly??
Posted Thursday February 28, 2013, About: Is Matt Cassel really the answer in Arizona?
if the question is how low will the Cards stoop to grab a veteran QB with one good year under his belt, then yes- Matt Cassel is the answer.

if the question is, name the free agent saviour for the Cards- the answer is certainly not Matt Cassel.
I'm not a Cowboys fan, I think Romo is one of the most over-rated QB's of our time. However, for a Owner/GM to say its okay for us to potentially invest millions into our QB without spending any time, money or effort into shoring up an offensive line is, well offensive.

A porous line doesn't help an offense with its run game, and if the game plan is "Ok Tony, buy some time and get the ball down to Dez", he's gonna get creamed.

I hate Dallas, I don't like Romo- but give the guy a break and spend some dough on line for the poor shmuck.
Posted Thursday February 14, 2013, About: New England needs Ed Reed
Ed Reed will remain a Raven- he's only got one more year in him anyways. He'll retire a Raven at the end of next year and won't be helping anyone get to the SB. He's clearly on the back side of his career- he's got his ring, he'll be on his way to Canton at some point, but it will be as that rarest of commodities in the free agent NFL- as a player who played his entire career for one team.
Posted Tuesday February 12, 2013, About: Dolphins hope to keep Hartline, Clemons
So instead of two weapons for Tannehill to use, they're gonna jettison Bush and only have Hartline to go to.

Who do these Dolphins think they are? Detroit ?
Posted Thursday January 03, 2013, About: Is it Tebow Time in Tampa?
Some owner will overpay for him, just because of the cache his name brings. He may be a stand-up guy, and a good teammate, lord knows he will sell jerseys- but Tebow is also a distraction for the real starters. How many backup qb's have Wednesday press conferences ? How many backup QB's are mentioned ahead of the starters by reporters speaking to the head coach?

Yes he had success in Denver, but how long did it take Fox and Elway to jettison him from the roster when they were able to sign a real QB with all the tools to win?

Some owner will sign him-- hopefully its not the owner of the team I cheer for.
Posted Wednesday January 02, 2013, About: The next Tebow?
no, the NFL showed that Tebow can play in a run-first, shotgun only offence- not offences that rely on passing, reading your progressions then running. Inaccurate passing by running qb's will only take you so far in the NFL.
Posted Monday November 26, 2012, About: Peterson in Frazier's doghouse
if its a habit, then there's an issue- if he overslept, if he missed his wakeup call, or had some other reason for missing the team bus, then its a non-story.

His taking a cab is not why he fumbled- he carries the ball like a loaf of bread... and his performance has nothing to do with Harvin being out. Mr. Migraine has missed plenty of games in his short career and its not stopped AP before.
Posted Wednesday November 14, 2012, About: Jets teammates rip 'terrible' Tebow
Tebow to the Jets was a terrible idea, and one that was ownership's doing not the coach or GM. In the same vein as T.O. to Dallas was Jerrah Jones' idea- this was not a decision made by those who have to utilize the player. Clearly Rex didn't want this guy from the get-go, which is why he never sees the field. He's a decent runner, apparently can sort of punt protect, but quarterback- no, and he!! no.

This was supposed to be a ground and pound team with some explosive receivers, but with a mediocre O-line, arena league rejects at wide out, and a running game that's going nowhere, Sanchez hasn't had the tools around him to succeed.
Posted Monday September 10, 2012, About: Isiah hesitant to take job with Knicks
it should the knicks who should be hesitant to want to sign up Isiah. He was a heck of player in his day, but has sucked as a coach, GM, advisor, consultant and owner since his playing days.

Every organization in the NBA should be hoping, praying and paying money to Dolan in the hopes that Isiah comes back- but only to the Knicks.
Posted Tuesday August 14, 2012, About: Tebow's top-secret Wildcat practice
I always thought that it was the wildcat when someone other than the QB was taking the snap. oh, silly me, Tebow's not a QB- he's just some guy from the punt team who's going to be running with the ball.

Very clever Sparano, very clever.
Posted Tuesday August 07, 2012, About: Marshall falling under Lovie's spell
Look at the teams that win, and what do you see? Consistency-- players and coaches together for periods of time so they can mesh, and become a unit rather than "pieces". That's something the Bears have not had for years- consistency in coaching. Lovie's there, but he changes OC and DC more than his socks. Last year the Bears had been with Martz' offence for 2 years and were getting it, so what does he do? Dump the OC. Brilliant.

How does he "fix" it? Brings in a receive that used to know Cutler. Sorry, but the pieces don't fit. Bears 3rd place NFC North. Pack #1, Lions #2, then Bears and the Vikes.
Posted Friday July 13, 2012, About: New logo for Fins coming?
sorry *who played less than 20 games
Posted Friday July 13, 2012, About: New logo for Fins coming?
Stephen Ross "We don't have any receivers, two rejects as QB and the future riding on a kid you played less than 20 games in the position; our o-line has more holes than swiss cheese and our defence can't stop the run or the pass. I know what we'll do-- let's change our colors and our logo!!"

Fix the fricking team first Ross, you idiot.
Posted Monday July 09, 2012, About: Team USA's greatest weakness?
so the absence of a real center is going to stop Team USA from beating up on Uzbekistan, Luxembourg, the Dutch Antilles, Kenya etc etc.???
please child, give them the gold, save the pros the time and expense of staying in the usual 5 star accommodations away from the athletes' village and let's move on to real sports news.
Posted Friday July 06, 2012, About: Toomer: Romo is better than Eli
to paraphrase NHL goalie Patrick Roy:

I'm sure that Eli couldn't even hear Toomer with his two Super Bowl rings in his ears.
Posted Thursday June 21, 2012, About: Notre Dame sports may ditch Big East for Big 12
ND will join the Big 12 for all sports as soon as the playoff format for football is finalized and approved by the major conferences. An independent school may get bowl game appearances, and if that's all the AD wants then they'll stay on the outside looking in at the championships.

Well assuming that ND football becomes relevant again in the discussions of top 10 or top 4 teams ever again.
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