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Posted Wednesday November 17, 2010, About: Packers vs Cowboys / the aftermath.
I would like to see the Packers take out the Vikings in the same manner we took out the Cowboys but I get a feeling that this is going to be a much closer, hard hitting game. the Vikings pass rush has been quiet most of the year but I see them ramping that up a bit in this game, if even to keep pace with Matthews and company.
Posted Wednesday November 17, 2010, About: Who will step up in the NFC?
Rodgers girl. I think of that old saying. 'any given Sunday'. Good example is the fact Dallas beat the Giants, last week the Browns beat the Patriots. Green Bay better come to play Sunday because this is a division game and the Vikes are desperate, they must take care of the football, score early, get that rabid Metrodome crowd out of the game. In the east, I see Philly making a huge statement this week by beating the Giants. The past few years the Giants seem to fade a little, they may drop 2 more after the Philly game, we'll see. Atlanta is top dog in the NFC in my opinion. Really looking forward to the Packers/Falcons game. that will tell us if Green Bay is ready to make some noise in the playoffs. The Bears puzzle me, they just don't seem like they have it all together but they keep winning, those kinds of teams are dangerous. The NFC west is a disaster. I think the NFL is wondering if they can put a couple Pac-10 teams in there instead.
Posted Wednesday October 27, 2010, About: The Packers vs Vikings Fan Nation bet
Favre will be hard pressed to make it through the whole game but he is a determined player and has played through pain before and done well. The Patriots don't rush the QB well and that may bode well for Favre but 2 stress fractures in a surgically repaired ankle is not what I would call an "optimum" situation for any player, let alone a 41 year old player. If the Vikings do rebound and start playing better, do they really want Favre put in harms way and risk his availability for the stretch run?
Posted Tuesday October 19, 2010, About: The Packers vs Vikings Fan Nation bet
Hi Shelly. I decided to join here and post with other Packer fans. Count Dooku, EJ tells me you're a big fan of the Packers. So am I. I have been a fan since 1964. The Packers cannot afford to lose to Favre and the Vikings again, especially at home. I think the team as had their eye on this game the past 2 weeks and is responsible for the poor execution on offense in both those games. I have a feeling Mike McCarthy has a special game plan formulated for Favre and the Vikings. From what I understand Matthews could have played sunday, but MM kept him out just so he will be 100% for this game. I also think the Packers have kept their offense and defense somewhat vanilla, so as not to give the Vikes any advance knowledge. The Vikings have not been able to do this because of the hole they are in and I doubt they have many special plays saved for this game. Moss is one weapon that will hurt Green Bay if they go to sleep on him. This game will be close, but I think the Packers will pull away at the end. 29 to 20 Packers.

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