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Posted Wednesday April 23, 2014, About: Love's deal clouds T-Wolves' hiring
Love will sign with the Lakers.
Posted Monday April 21, 2014, About: Report: Jim Cleamons interested in joining Knicks
I'm not surprised, Jim Cleamons have went every where that Phil Jackson have shown up. Look for other former assistants to show up in New York.
Posted Monday April 21, 2014, About: Hibbert: I'm the weak link
To fix the immediate problem with the Pacers, the team need to filter everything through Hibbert and take advantage of the advantage (Hibbert) the Pacers have. George and Stephenson should not be the beginning point for this team. Last season when the Pacers were outstanding and during a stretch of this season when the Pacers were great the success of the team flowed when Hibbert was allowed to be the force and set the table. When Hibbert is "on point" the team flows inside out and that's when West, George, Stephenson, and the point guard (Hill) can get into their game. I believe that Stephenson is attempting to do too much and taking the point guard (Hill)out of the game plan. The Pacers need to reach the "next" level and can't reach that "next" level unless the ball takes a direction towards Hibbert consistently. The Pacers need to use Hibbert more and allow George and others to feed off of Hibbert.
Posted Monday April 21, 2014, About: Jim Buss promised to step down if ...
I don't suggest Jim Buss should be that hard on himself. You have to have basketball in your DNA in order to successfully understand how the game is understood and accomplished. Jim Buss is dealing with an era of basketball when there are no Alonzo Morning's, Patrick Ewing's, Moses Malone's, Kareem Abdul Jabbar's, Robert Parrish's, Wilt Chamberlain's, Bill Russell's, Hakeem Olajawan's and others. This new era of seven footers playing behind the three point line and point guard dominence is incredibly hard to assemble a team because most of the smaller player are fakes where as centers are what you sea and get. It will be difficult to build a championship team with a lot of "want a be" Michael Jordan type players. When you look around the college ranks there's no sure fire player to hang your hat. I really don't know how the Laker will get any better and eventually win a title within the next 4 or 5 seasons. Things will be difficult for the Laker, Boston unless something unforseen happens.
Posted Friday April 18, 2014, About: Jennings says, 'Pistons were like, Whatever'
Jennings is not a point guard; he launches to many shots and can't lead. His defense is suspect and can't play without the ball. Detroit had a team that did not prosper this season considering they had a big front line and a crowed back court.
Posted Friday April 18, 2014, About: ... So, L.A. will line up for Love and Durant
Maybe Love but no way are they going to get Durant. Byron Scott will probably end up as the head coach; I don't see Rambis becoming head coach in LA after D'Antoni's time as head coach.
Posted Friday April 18, 2014, About: Nash on Lakers: 'They can't rely on me'
If Nash is sure about his condition; why don't he walk away from the game? Don't hurt the team anymore; his body is clearly not going to be NBA ready any more. The only way Nash completes a 82 game season is if he's on some kind of steroids at this point of his career. Not that he's old in standards of life; but old in terms of basketball. Come on Nash and just leave!
Posted Friday April 18, 2014, About: Kerr 'absolutely expects' Knicks offer
If he's offered the job; he'll take it. I don't suspect that he's making head coach money as an analyst. I believe he will be placed in a situation where he can win and he will be someone that Phil Jackson can pull strings with. A puppet so to speak, the team will have a make over. Looking at the graphics on television; its hard to believe that the Lakers, Celtics, and Knicks are not in the playoffs this season, things have to change.
Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: Odom's arrival in New York imminent
Fisher is a 40 year old guy and what Jackson believe is that the player that bridges the learning curve must also be able to run through the plays. Odom is not that drugged out or up; besides, if the league did a random drug test on the regular they would find more than half the players are using some form of drugs. Jackson understands (drugs) as a former player, partying is apart of a players life style, besides, Odom have never admitted he used; he left the impression by not responding to the media claims. I don't believe he would screw up and blow this opportunity.
Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: Can the Lakers woo Ollie out of UConn?
I don't think so. He just won a NCAA title and is pretty much enjoying the ride of college ball at this point. However, money does talk but I don't believe he will leave UCON
Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: Odom's arrival in New York imminent
This is something that Phil have done in the past; he reaches back to bring his philosophy forward in implementing the system he wants installed. With the Lakers he brought in Ron Harber and Horace Grant to bridge the learning curve of the "Triangle" to the Lakers system. He's doing the same thing now if Odom is seriously being considered as a possible addition to the Knicks. Next he will hire a coach from amoung his former players (Kerr) and the Triangle will be implemented along with other former assistant coaches from Phil's past.
I have 16 years of coaching experience and would love the opportunity to coach the Lakers. Most of my coaching experience is at the Pop Warner level but I have never lost a single game in 16 years. I have former gang bangers, pedophiles, car jackers, and a host of other street talented personnel. A couple of the guys are 7 years old and stand 6'7"; one of them have a hook shot just like Kareem and the other reminds you of Dr. J and Iceman combined. The good thing about this group is that they all are A+ students and excel in the classroom. Society however look at them with a certain amazement and wounderment because their acute blend of knowledge and menace. I've attempted on numerous occasions to get the information out to the media concerning my talent but to no avail. If I can go undefeated with this group I can go undefeated with the pros and hopefully shine light on the talents of my Pop Warner guys. "CAN I GET A JOB?"
Posted Monday April 14, 2014, About: Lakers reportedly interested in re-signing Jodie Meeks
One of the Lakers brite spot on a dismal team season.
Posted Monday April 14, 2014, About: Stoudemire: Knicks can be the NBA's best
Either Stoudemire or Chandler will have to leave. The Knicks will have to free up one of those big contracts in order to bring in new players and get better. The Knicks have a good core but Phil Jackson will put his imprint on the team next season and have reached out to Odom the same way he reached out to Harper and Horace Grant that allowed the Lakers to win 3 championships during the early 2000's.
Posted Monday April 14, 2014, About: D'Antoni out, Gasol in?
I don't see either returning. Gasol can't expect to win in LA, nor can D'Antoni expect to win in LA. The Lakers need a fresh start and that entails the team finding a new identity that does not include either Gasol or D'Antoni nor Nash or Kobe. The Lakers, however, do need to get better quickly and that involve some risk, spend wisely and find a coach that develops players because it will take the Lakers a while to get better.
Posted Monday April 14, 2014, About: Teammates irked by The Lillard Rules?
He's the "point" and a young "point" at that, and due to make mistakes that will hurt the team in decisive moments. The experience he's gaining now will help develope him for the future. It will hurt the Blazer more now than in the future but that is the nature of his maturity and it comes at some degree of pain. Everyone wishes for that guy that never have to experience mistakes, but that is not common for guys to go through life without learning.
Posted Monday April 14, 2014, About: 'Melo gushes over Chicago's Thibs
Don't believe that he would leave New York, but anything is possible.
Posted Friday April 04, 2014, About: Gasol done in L.A.
I don't see Gasol or the Lakers organization reaching an accord. It will be best for both gasol and the Lakers to part ways. The Lakers need to make drastic changes and ride the tide for a while because there's no game changers any where out there (High School, College, Pros) that will help the Lakers cause. Nash should also be forced to leave as well as Kobe and D'Antoni. This team have no solid pieces and time has past for Gasol, Kobe, Nash and D'Antoni.
Posted Friday April 04, 2014, About: Woodson's new answer to all matchups
Teams will begin to counter this "big" lineup with a small, perimeter lineup that draws the "Big" players into a territory that "Big" players don't like to tread. However, on the flip side if those "Big" guys can reak havoic on the inside then the Knicks have an advantage. You need to have a dominate center to play "Big."
Posted Wednesday April 02, 2014, About: Nash proving he has something left to give
The thrill is gone!
Posted Wednesday April 02, 2014, About: Jackson wanted Scalabrine gone immediately
It's Jackson's team, make the decision and move forward. Jackson don't need a coach that's not on the same page stabbing him in the back behind the scene. Scalabrine may want a head coach job; but the Warriors is not where he begin, apply some where else.
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