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Posted Sunday March 10, 2013, About: Bulls GM denies rift with Derrick Rose's camp
Like the Lakers did, Bro
Posted Tuesday January 29, 2013, About: Miami's quarterback of the future
I'm betting that comment # 5 was accurate.

Beat UCF and USF before you talk your trash.
Posted Tuesday January 29, 2013, About: Miami's quarterback of the future
Sucks to be "U"

'nough said.
Posted Saturday January 26, 2013, About: Urban Meyer chasing Oregon commits
Witness the speed of the Chip trying to out-run the NCAA. Recruts (ALL RECRUITS) are fair game until they sign.
Posted Saturday January 26, 2013, About: Report: Lakers' Buss family feuding
What's to worry? The Lakers are ranked # 2 in the greater Los Angeles metro area.
Posted Sunday December 30, 2012, About: Jeff Van Gundy only interested in Nets under his terms
Please hire JVG and get him out of the booth. If he's the coach I don't have to listen to him!!!
Posted Monday December 10, 2012, About: Collins' patience for Bynum wearing thin
Don't guys like Bynum employ adult supervision..............................oops I meant agent?
Posted Monday December 10, 2012, About: Lakers debate demoting Pau Gasol
Jimmy should try to trade the entire Laker team and coach for San Antonio.
Posted Friday November 16, 2012, About: D'Antoni: Howard only 75 to 80 percent
The Lakers should trade Jimmy for a Jerry Buss bobble-head.
Posted Friday November 16, 2012, About: D'Antoni: Howard only 75 to 80 percent
Mike D' on a great day is 60 - 70% of PJ.
You go Jimmy!!!!!
Posted Wednesday November 14, 2012, About: Did Kupchak bail on Phil?
This all sounds very familiar. A few years ago (quite a few) the Lakers were way loaded with talent but were not winning. Enter a head coach that could get them to work together and the rest is history. Hummmmmmmm, what was that guys name? Is it possible that this has heppened more than once with the Lakers. Is it possible (make that probable) that it won't happen with coaching change. Yougo on about your bad self little Jimmy.
Posted Sunday November 11, 2012, About: Phil Jackson wants Scottie Pippen on Lakers staff
The Allen Wranglers allowed TO to sign-up with a stipulation that TO did not have to travel for away games. The only thing that sucked more than that arrangement was TO's performance.
Posted Sunday November 11, 2012, About: Tommy Tuberville denies slapping assistant
Who ya gonna believe? Tubs or your own lying eyes?
Posted Wednesday November 07, 2012, About: Kiffin down on dad's D at USC
Thanks to THE OSU and PSU: Nebraska becomes a "Write-In candidate."
Posted Thursday October 25, 2012, About: Contract weighing heavily on Harden's game
Make the BIG LEAP!! Take your talents to South Beach (pick-up a ring)
Posted Saturday October 06, 2012, About: Jerry Jones responds to Joe Theismann's rips
A whole lot about the Cowboys changed (for the worst) when this cowboy(Landry) was dismissed.
Posted Thursday September 27, 2012, About: Brady dares league with swoosh cover-up
Come on Man.........................thats not why Jim Brown "retired."
Posted Wednesday September 26, 2012, About: Is Foles' time coming?
When the time comes for Vick to turn the ball over to Foles, well ---------Vick will be fully prepared after all of the "In-Game Turnover" practice he has had.
Posted Monday September 24, 2012, About: Knicks closing on Rasheed
Passing on McG is ALWAYS a good choice.
Posted Sunday August 26, 2012, About: Cowboys set strict off-field rules for Dez Bryant
As Celo would say: Ain't that some ****.
Posted Monday August 13, 2012, About: Kupchak on keeping Howard: 'We'll take our chances'
Good thing the US won gold yesterday or Kobie would have traded Gasol.
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